Energy Stocks List

List of Energy Stocks

The Bullish Bears break down a list of the largest energy stocks and ETFs list. Energy stocks are companies that produce and supply fuels and electricity needed to power the economy. These companies work in different areas, including renewable energy, oil and gas, and utility services. Investing in energy stocks can be risky because energy prices can change quickly. Still, there are ways to reduce risks, such as choosing companies with low-risk business models, strong financial profiles, and manageable capital spending programs.

Energy companies can also be good investments during economic downturns because people still need energy services, even if their income decreases. However, it’s important to diversify your investments and not put too much money into one energy stock or the entire energy sector.

Click symbols for a stock quote and overview of each company on our energy stocks list.

We are not affiliated with nor endorse any of these companies, and nothing on this site constitutes a recommendation to buy or sell. 

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XOMExxon Mobil CorporationOil & Gas Integrated
CVXChevron CorporationOil & Gas Integrated
COPConocoPhillipsOil & Gas E&P
EOGEOG Resources, Inc.Oil & Gas E&P
SLBSchlumberger LimitedOil & Gas Equipment & Services
OXYOccidental Petroleum CorporationOil & Gas E&P
MPCMarathon Petroleum CorporationOil & Gas Refining & Marketing
EPDEnterprise Products Partners L.P.Oil & Gas Midstream
PXDPioneer Natural Resources CompanyOil & Gas E&P
PSXPhillips 66Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing
VLOValero Energy CorporationOil & Gas Refining & Marketing
HESHess CorporationOil & Gas E&P
KMIKinder Morgan, Inc.Oil & Gas Midstream
WMBThe Williams Companies, Inc.Oil & Gas Midstream
DVNDevon Energy CorporationOil & Gas E&P
LNGCheniere Energy, Inc.Oil & Gas Midstream
ETEnergy Transfer LPOil & Gas Midstream
HALHalliburton CompanyOil & Gas Equipment & Services
MPLXMPLX LPOil & Gas Midstream
OKEONEOK, Inc.Oil & Gas Midstream

Energy Stocks Characteristics

Energy stocks have many rewarding and challenging characteristics for investors. Global and local market conditions greatly impact these stocks, as we have seen since COVID and the various wars. Before investing in energy stocks, review your risk tolerance. Here are some of the characteristics of our energy stocks list.

Energy stocks are often cyclical, closely tied to economic cycles. They may experience significant fluctuations in value based on global economic conditions and energy demand. Energy companies have posted record revenues in recent years due to increasing global gas prices. 

Many energy companies are known for offering attractive dividend yields. Investors seeking income may find energy stocks appealing due to the consistent cash flow generated by these companies. The stocks mentioned in the list below offer some of the best dividends on the stock market.

Energy stocks are susceptible to geopolitical risks, as many oil and gas reserves are located in politically sensitive regions. Conflicts, sanctions, or geopolitical tensions can lead to supply disruptions and impact energy prices. This is one of the main reasons we saw shortages and increasing oil prices. Geopolitical conflicts can have a huge impact, even overnight.

Energy Stocks List Exxon

1. Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE: XOM)

First in our energy stocks list is $XOM. Exxon Mobil is involved in oil and natural gas exploration and production. The company engages in locating, drilling, and extracting crude oil and natural gas reserves from the earth. In addition to exploration and production, Exxon Mobil is refining crude oil to produce various petroleum products. Exxon’s operations also include biofuels and alternative energies.

The company operates refineries that process crude oil into gasoline, diesel, and petrochemicals. Exxon has a notable presence in the US, Canada, and many countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

Dividend: 3.80%, $0.95 quarterly

2. Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX)

No energy stocks list would be complete without $CVX. Chevron is also actively involved in oil and natural gas exploration and production. The company searches for new reserves, drills wells, and extracts crude oil and natural gas.

Similar to Exxon, it also refines crude oil into many petroleum products. Chevron has also been investing in renewable energy and low-carbon initiatives. Hydrogen is one of its major alternative energy investments. Chevron also operates globally, with significant operations in Kazakhstan and Venezuela, which is unusual for many companies.

Dividend: 4.10%, $1.51 quarterly

3. ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP)

ConocoPhillips is another energy stocks list contestant. Their operations include the exploration and refinement of oil and natural gas. Unlike Chevron and Exxon, it separated its downstream operations (refining and marketing) into a separate entity, Phillips 66. As a result, ConocoPhillips is primarily involved in the upstream sector, exploring and producing oil and natural gas. The company operates in the usual markets, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Dividend: 4.13%, $1.15 quarterly

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4. EOG Resources Inc (NYSE: EOG)

EOG Resources primarily explores, develops, produces, and markets crude oil and natural gas. It is known for its resourceful and innovative approach to unconventional oil and gas resources. EOG has pioneered the development and application of advanced drilling technologies, emphasizing high-quality, low-cost assets and earning a reputation for financial discipline and efficient operations.

Its operations are in prolific shale basins, including the Eagle Ford in Texas, the Permian Basin, and the Bakken in North Dakota. Therefore, we’ve added them to our energy stocks list.

Dividend: 3.14%, $0.91 quarterly

5. Schlumberger Limited (NYSE: SLB)

Schlumberger Limited is a unique entity in the energy sector. It operates primarily as an oilfield services company. It offers the upstream oil and gas industry various technologies, solutions, and expertise. The company plays a crucial role in assisting oil and gas exploration and production companies in optimizing their operations, so we’ve added it to our energy stocks list.

The company’s international reach allows it to serve diverse clients and participate in projects across various geographical regions. Schlumberger also leverages digital technologies, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to provide advanced solutions for reservoir management, drilling optimization, and production enhancement.

Dividend: 2%, $0.25 quarterly

6. Occidental Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: OXY)

Occidental Petroleum is a multinational energy company with gas exploration, production, refining, and marketing operations and assets in various regions globally. Its diversified international footprint includes activities in the United States, the Middle East, Latin America, and other regions. Thanks to its expertise in enhanced oil recovery techniques, it increased production, demonstrating a commitment to innovative and environmentally conscious practices. Finally, Occidental Petroleum’s subsidiary, OxyChem, focuses on chemical manufacturing. 

Dividend: 1.24%, $0.18 quarterly

7. Marathon Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: MPC)

Marathon Petroleum is involved in refining, marketing, and transporting petroleum products. This includes refining crude oil into various products, distributing refined products, and operating retail fuel stations. Thanks to its Speedway acquisition in 2021, Marathon created points of direct interaction with consumers in the US, providing fuel, convenience items, and various services. 

Dividend: 2.10%, $0.83 quarterly

8. Enterprise Products Partners L.P. (NYSE: EPD)

Enterprise Products Partners is unique within the energy sector as it operates as a midstream energy company. It primarily involves transporting, storing, and processing energy commodities thanks to its many pipelines, storage terminals, natural gas processing plants, fractionation facilities, and other infrastructures. EPD is also involved in natural gas processing, which includes separating natural gas into its components, such as methane, ethane, propane, and butane. The company offers regular cash distributions and attractive dividends.

Dividend: 7.62%, $0.51 quarterly

9. Pioneer Natural Resources Company (NYSE: PXD)

Pioneer Natural Resources specializes in oil and natural gas exploration, development, and production. It is a major player in the Permian Basin, one of the most prolific oil and gas basins in the United States. Pioneer has been at the forefront of many technological innovations to optimize well performance and increase hydrocarbon recovery. This has led to significant production growth in recent years.

Dividend: 6.45%, $3.49 quarterly

10. Phillips 66 (NYSE: PSX)

Phillips 66 is an integrated energy company involved in various segments of the energy value chain, including refining (US, UK, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), marketing, midstream, and chemicals. This integrated approach allows the company to capture value across different energy production and consumption stages. 

Dividend: 3.24%, $1.05 quarterly

Energy Stocks List Dividends

As you may have noticed, many energy stocks offer very attractive dividends. On top of that, they have rewarded their shareholders with a lot of growth over the last few years.

We are still far from abandoning fossil fuels, which means these companies will still be heavily relied on. On the bright side, many are gradually shifting their focus towards renewable energies, and an increasing portion of their activities focus on them. Let’s look at an enegery stocks list of dividends

Energy ETF List

XLEEnergy Select Sector SPDR FundOil & Gas Exploration & Production
VDEVanguard Energy ETFOil & Gas Exploration & Production
ICLNiShares Global Clean Energy ETFClean Energy
XOPSPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETFOil & Gas Exploration & Production
EMLPFirst Trust North American Energy Infrastructure FundMLP
OIHVanEck Oil Services ETFOil Equipment & Services
AMJJ.P. Morgan Alerian MLP Index ETNMLP
TANInvesco Solar ETFSolar Energy
IYEiShares U.S. Energy ETFOil & Gas Exploration & Production
IXCiShares Global Energy ETFOil & Gas Exploration & Production
FXNFirst Trust Energy AlphaDEX FundBroad Energy
NRGUMicroSectors U.S. Big Oil Index 3X Leveraged ETNOil & Gas Exploration & Production
FENYFidelity MSCI Energy Index ETFOil & Gas Exploration & Production
QCLNFirst Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy Index FundClean Energy
FTXNFirst Trust Nasdaq Oil & Gas ETFOil & Gas Exploration & Production
IEOiShares U.S. Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETFOil & Gas Exploration & Production
MLPXGlobal X MLP & Energy Infrastructure ETFMLP
FCGFirst Trust Natural Gas ETFNatural Gas
PBWInvesco WilderHill Clean Energy ETFClean Energy
GUSHDirexion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. Bull 2X SharesOil & Gas Exploration & Production
TPYPTortoise North American Pipeline FundBroad Energy
RYEInvesco S&P 500® Equal Weight Energy ETFOil & Gas Exploration & Production
ACESALPS Clean Energy ETFClean Energy
ERXDirexion Daily Energy Bull 2X SharesOil & Gas Exploration & Production
LCTDBlackRock World ex U.S. Carbon Transition Readiness ETFClean Energy
DRLLStrive U.S. Energy ETFBroad Energy
IEZiShares U.S. Oil Equipment & Services ETFOil Equipment & Services
CNRGSPDR S&P Kensho Clean Power ETFClean Energy
ERTHInvesco MSCI Sustainable Future ETFCleantech
XESSPDR S&P Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ETFOil Equipment & Services
PXEInvesco Dynamic Energy Exploration & Production ETFOil & Gas Exploration & Production
FANFirst Trust Global Wind Energy ETFWind Energy
PXIInvesco DWA Energy Momentum ETFOil & Gas Exploration & Production
MLPBETRACS Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index ETN Series BMLP
NZACSPDR MSCI ACWI Climate Paris Aligned ETFClean Energy
PBDInvesco Global Clean Energy ETFClean Energy
SMOGVanEck Low Carbon Energy ETFClean Energy
UMIUSCF Midstream Energy Income Fund ETFMLP
NRGDMicroSectors U.S. Big Oil Index -3X Inverse Leveraged ETNOil & Gas Exploration & Production
DIGProShares Ultra Oil & GasOil & Gas Exploration & Production
ENFRAlerian Energy Infrastructure ETFEnergy Infrastructure
PSCEInvesco S&P SmallCap Energy ETFBroad Energy
FILLiShares MSCI Global Energy Producers ETFOil & Gas Exploration & Production
CTECGlobal X CleanTech ETFCleantech
DRIPDirexion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. Bear 2X SharesOil & Gas Exploration & Production
RNRGGlobal X Renewable Energy Producers ETFYieldCos
AMNAETRACS Alerian Midstream Energy Index ETNMLP
PXJInvesco Dynamic Oil & Gas Services ETFOil Equipment & Services
AMTRETRACS Alerian Midstream Energy Total Return Index ETNMLP
NLRVanEck Uranium+Nuclear Energy ETFNuclear Energy
JZROJanus Henderson Net Zero Transition Resources ETFClean Energy
USAIPacer American Energy Independence ETFOil & Gas Exploration & Production
DUGProShares UltraShort Oil & GasOil & Gas Exploration & Production
ERYDirexion Daily Energy Bear 2X SharesOil & Gas Exploration & Production
MLPRETRACS Quarterly Pay 1.5x Leveraged Alerian MLP Index ETNMLP
CRAKVanEck Oil Refiners ETFOil & Gas Exploration & Production
AMNDETRACS Alerian Midstream Energy High Dividend Index ETN due July 19, 2050Energy Infrastructure
FRNWFidelity Clean Energy ETFClean Energy
HDRODefiance Next Gen H2 ETFClean Energy
HYDRGlobal X Hydrogen ETFClean Energy
EINCVanEck Energy Income ETFEnergy Infrastructure
KWTiShares MSCI Kuwait ETFSolar Energy
MLPOCredit Suisse S&P MLP Index ETNMLP
HJENDirexion Hydrogen ETFBroad Energy
PYPEETRACS NYSE Pickens Core Midstream Index ETNOil & Gas Exploration & Production
CHIEGlobal X MSCI China Energy ETFBroad Energy
GCLNGoldman Sachs Bloomberg Clean Energy Equity ETFClean Energy
BNEBlue Horizon BNE ETFClean Energy
KLNEDirexion Daily Global Clean Energy Bull 2X Shares ETFCleantech
CTEXProShares S&P Kensho Cleantech ETFCleantech
NTZGNuveen Global Net Zero Transition ETFCleantech
SOLRGuinness Atkinson Funds SmartETFs Sustainable Energy II FundClean Energy
RAYSGlobal X Solar ETFSolar Energy
WNDYGlobal X Wind Energy ETFWind Energy
VCLNVirtus Duff & Phelps Clean Energy ETFClean Energy
ENRGSoFi Smart Energy ETFClean Energy
KGHGKraneShares Global Carbon Transformation ETFClean Energy
BSEAETFMG Breakwave Sea Decarbonization Tech ETFCleantech
ERUSiShares MSCI Russia ETFBroad Energy

Energy Stocks List ETFs Breakdown

Let’s take a look at the energy ETFs you can trade. Energy ETFs typically hold a diversified portfolio of assets within the energy sector. They can include oil, natural gas, and sometimes even renewable assets. The energy stocks list of ETFs includes broad energy, sector-specific, and commodity funds. 

XLE’s top stocks are focused on the ones we mentioned in the first section. Exxon (22%), Chevron (17%) and Conoco Phillips (8%) represent almost half of the fund’s allocation. This fund is a pure oil, gas, consumable fuels and energy equipment stock. 

Dividend: 3.70%

VDE’s funds follow a similar structure to XLE but the top stocks weigh slightly less. 

Dividend: 3.50%


AMLP is focused on energy infrastructure and other midstream activities. Plains All American Pipeline LP (12%) is the top holding followed by other pipeline transportation stocks. None of them appear on our list. Unfortunately, this unique ETF hasn’t performed well in the last few years, but at least it offers an attractive dividend.

Dividend: 7.86%

ICLN is a clean energy stock, which gathered a lot of hype a few years ago. Unfortunately, clean energy may be good for the environment, but it doesn’t perform well in the stock market. The majority of stocks are outside the US and are in the utilities and tech sectors. First Solar is the top holding but represents a mere 8% of the entire fund. In 2023, the fund lost more than 30% of its value and more than 70% since its inception in 2008.

Dividend: 1.80%

XOP is a mix of oil and gas, exploration and production stocks. Some of the stocks we mentioned can be found in the top holdings, namely Marathon (top holding at 2.71%) and Phillips 66 (2.61%).

Dividend: 2.80%

More Energy Stocks ETFs Breakdown

EMLP is invested in US and Canadian energy companies. Enterprise Products Partners is its top holding (8%).

Dividend: 4.02%

OIH is invested in companies that provide services, equipment and support to the exploration and production activities of oil and gas companies. Schlumberger is the top holding, representing more than 20% of the entire fund. Unfortunately, investors have been disappointed with returns in the last 5 years (-14%) and the fund’s low dividend yield.

Dividend: 1.47%

AMJ invests in MLP companies, which are a type of business structure that combines elements of partnerships and publicly traded corporations. MLPs are commonly used for companies engaged in midstream activities, such as transportation, storage and processing of energy commodities. Magellan Midstream Partners LP and Enterprise Products Partners LP are the fund’s top holdings, both weighing just over 10%.

Dividend: 6.43%

Invesco’s TAN fund follows a similar pattern to its clean energy fund. Coincidentally, First Solar is also among the top holdings. Unfortunately, these stocks haven’t performed very well recently and their dividends are also below this sector’s average.

Dividend: 0.11%


We conclude this list with IYE, which includes many stocks we mentioned earlier in this article. It is another pure energy fund.

Dividend: 3.14%

Final Thoughts: Energy Stocks List

Energy stocks have many rewarding and challenging characteristics for investors. Global and local market conditions greatly impact these stocks, as we have seen since COVID and the various wars. Before investing in energy stocks, review your risk tolerance. Here are some of the characteristics of our energy stocks list.

To conclude our energy stocks list, energy keeps us moving and brings money into investors’ pockets. This sector has grown tremendously and increased dividend distributions in the last few years. We can’t live without oil, natural gas, and other essential commodities, but their usage will evolve in the coming years and decades. A switch to renewable and clean energy is inevitable.

The companies and ETFs we mentioned in this article must adapt to the world around us and its limited resources. As they evolve, energy investors must change their expectations of energy stocks

Frequently Asked Questions

Our energy stocks list top 3 stocks are Exxon Mobile, Chevron, and Shell. 

Rising energy costs will always help energy stocks to do well. You may as well make money on your increased costs. You can use our energy stocks list or make one to watch and trade. 

Energy stocks can be risky due to government regulations, political interference, and economic risks. Read the charts to ensure you get the best entry on an energy stocks list.

Energy stocks will always be in demand because we need energy to live. Make sure you have a good energy stocks list to watch and trade.

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