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Epic Games Stock Price and Symbol

What is Epic Games stock price, and are they publicly traded? Investors cannot purchase shares of Epic Games because they are a private company. However, Sony Corporation (NYSE: SONY) did make a strategic investment of $250 million in Epic Games. With the wild success of Fortnite, many are clamoring to get their hands on Epic Games stock. Unfortunately, you can’t because N.C.-based Epic Games isn’t publicly traded. 

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In case you’ve hadn’t heard, Fortnite is a huge deal. So much so that Tim Sweeney, the 47-year-old founder and CEO of Epic Games, is now a billionaire due to its sweeping global success. Right now, Epic Games is valued at about 17.9 billion dollars. Want to make money off the “Fortnite” video game? Buying stock in Epic Games seems to be the logical first step.

Epic Games is a leading entertainment company that provides users with state-of-the-art 3D engine technologyFounded in 1991 by Tim Sweeney, Epic designs, produces, and retails high-end action games for consoles, personal computers, and mobile devices. 

Beyond that, Epic operates Fortnite, the world’s largest game, with over 350 million accounts and 2.5 billion friend connections.

Fortnite would have been a huge boon for the company if an Epic Games stock existed. Many investors are clamoring to invest in them.

Epic Games Stock Fortnite

What Is Fortnite?

Before researching for this blog post, I had only vaguely heard about the Fortnite game from my little cousin. Before that, the extent of my Fortnite knowledge was from the high school days of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. A fortnight is a common English word used all the time, which means fourteen days. 

​Anyway, I digress. The fun started around 2011 during an internal game jam at Epic Games following the publishing of Gears of War 3. Although it wasn’t one of the original games created during the jam, the concept of merging the construction game genre, representing games like Minecraft and Terraria, and shooter games arose, leading to the foundation of Fortnite.

It’s been a dizzying ride for Fortnite fans, between major news drops and a growing interest among popular streamers. But we realize you might not be entirely caught up – like me. 

Fortnite is an online fight-to-the-death battle and survival video game that’s exploded in popularity.

Build, battle, and barter through the ages to develop your empire in this award-winning strategy game. Fortnite, in its most basic form, is a survival game.

You have 100 players fighting against each other in player-versus-player combat to be the last one standing. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed game, unlike The Hunger Games, where strategic thinking is a must to survive.

All while under the constant threat of enemy fire, of course. It’s a little like trading Epic Game Stock, I’d imagine. 

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Numbers of Epic Games Stock

Without a doubt, Epic has become an absolute beast. With over 350 million players and over 3 billion hours played each month, Fortnite is unarguably one of the biggest games on the planet.

Over the past few years, it’s been a wild ride for Fortnite. According to Superdata stats, Fortnite earned Epic Games a staggering $1.8 billion in revenue in 2019.

It has been reported that Fortnite rakes in a whopping average of 2 million dollars a day, according to stats from Superdata. All in all, Fortnite has earned Epic Games over $1.2 billion.

Recently, Epic Games is finalizing a deal to raise $750 million from T.Rowe Price Group Inc (TROW) and a few others. All in all, the round of funding would value the gaming giant at 17 billion dollars.

For starters, Epic’s stakeholders vary from venture capitalists (KKR, ICONIQ Capital, Smash Ventures, Xiomatic, Vulcan Capital, Kleiner Perkins, and Lightspeed Venture Partners) to Disney, that Endeavor Group (which owns everything from talent agencies to UFC) and Tencent.

Who Is Tim Sweeney?

Then there’s Tim Sweeney, who many still believe is Epic Games’ majority shareholder. For those of you hoping for an IPO, don’t hold your breath. He and his team have clarified that they, not the investors, guide the company’s course. Gamers, you may have to look at Roblox Stock instead.

Let’s brighten things up a bit. 

In 2012, Sweeney sold 40% of his company to Chinese internet giant Tencent Holding. So, to get a piece of the Epic Games pie, you can buy shares in Tencent stock.

It’s surprisingly easy to buy Tencent stock (OTC: TCEHY). OTC-traded shares of TCEHY can be purchased from the domestic market, and the original Hong Kong-listed shares can be bought through a broker. Just make sure your broker offers international share trading. 

What’s This Big News I Mentioned? 

Sony Takes a Minority Stake in Fortnite

Sony Corporation (NYSE: SONY) invested $250 million in Epic Games a few weeks ago. Overall, they will own a 1.4% stake in the company.

The investment is not exactly shocking, considering just how monstrous Epic Games has become. For those of you who are comfortable buying shares of TECHY, you can easily purchase Sony (SONY) shares to get a piece of Epic Games stock. At the time of writing, shares of SONY are trading at $76.42. You can pick up shares on Webull right now. 

Final Thoughts on Epic Games Stock

Whether suitors successfully court the company or Epic Games stock doesn’t exist. It remains independently owned, but one thing is certain: Sweeney and his team are holding on to control of their company. And it’s not likely to shift back anytime soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Epic Games is not a publicly traded stock because it is a privately held company. There is no stock symbol for investors to purchase.

As of 2023, Epic Games is a privately held company and does not have a stock symbol for investors to purchase.

There have been no talks of Epic Games having an IP as of 2023. They are currently a privately held company.

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