Scanz aka EquityFeed Review

Scanz Review: EquityFeedhanged their name on 9/10/19 to Scanz. We know it’s a bit confusing but we will be referring to both names in this review. When I started testing Scanz- EquityFeed the first thing that stood out was the ease of use of the filter builder. And for good reasons. It was easier to use than most scanners I’ve tried in the past. At least from the point of view of the interface and its workflow. If you’re a total newbie and you’d like to learn the basic steps of scanning, you may want to give Scanz – EquityFeed’s filter builder a try.

Is Scanz AKA Equityfeed the Best Stock Screener? (Review Breakdown)

  • There are a lot of scanners in the industry but is Scanz – EquityFeed the best stock screener? That’s up to your trading style, however, they offer a real-time data and news scanner. They give you they ability to customize powerful filters for day trading. They say that it’s stock hunting at its finest. EquityFeed changed their name to Scanz on 9/10/19.

Here’s a preview of the workflow:

  • Select what to analyze (i.e. the analytics)
    1. Price
    2. Volume
    3. Fundamentals
    4. Technicals
  • Select the formula (i.e. the operator)
    1. is greater than or equal to
    2. is less than or equal to
  • Select the value (in $ or %)

Naturally, building your own scan using multiple filters requires a bit of knowledge of indicators and of some criteria affecting the equities. So if you are totally new to trading, the user-friendliness of Scanz – EquityFeed won’t help you until you learn the basics of technical analysis and to some degree, until you learn the fundamentals.

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EquityFeed Review

This EquityFeed – Scanz review looks at their real time alerts. What’s impressive with the EquityFeed scans is that the results are quasi-instantaneous even with multiple filters involved.

Because the results are rendered in real time, you’re always on top of what’s happening with your stocks. The market view window of Scanz – EquityFeed allows you to quickly identify stocks “live” that are hot.

For example, you could use this tool to sort the stocks by the number of trades occurring at any given time. You can then pick the stocks in play.

Those stocks, for example, with great liquidity and volatility. You can count on a multiple arrays of filters so that you can slice and dice your list any way you wish.

Scans incorporate pre and post-market data so that you can be well prepared before the market opens. Needless to say, checking the market direction, movement and sentiment before your trading starts and throughout the day goes along with the territory of trading stocks.

And once you have identified a stock to add to your playlist a.k.a. watch list, EquityFeed’s chart montage would likely be your next step in digging deeper into the opportunity it may offer.

Note that if you prefer not to be looking non-stop at your screen while trading, Scanz – EquityFeed trading alerts can notify you based on specific technical using “pattern recognition”.

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News Trading With the Streamer

For active traders, news catalysts can influence their trade entries and exits; particularly for scalpers and pre-market day traders. With Scanz – EquityFeed’s news and filings streamer, you can select the markets you want to monitor and the news type.

News will appear in real-time as it occurs. In fact, Scanz – EquityFeed’s reputation greatly precedes them when it comes to delivering news faster than most services.

As the news appears in the stream window, you can see the price of the stock and the current volume. From the filters menu you’ll be able to select news based on price range, volume and other technicals.

One feature you might like, if you choose your stocks based on news catalysts, is the Scanz – EquityFeed’s keywords and key phrases scanner within the news streamer window. Here’s an example of a dozen hot keywords you could be watching for using the feature: awarded, successful, positive, FDA approval, cancer, breakout, acquisition, launches, promising, contract, achieve, receive, etc. Check out a list of the top trading companies. Also, here’s a list of the top free trading brokers.

Personal Lists and Alerts: Equityfeed – Scanz Review

Over the years, I have watched many pros in action and one thing that many have in common is an ongoing watch list of preferred stocks they like to trade.

It’s like a carryover list of stocks that you constantly monitor for opportunities. Scanz – EquityFeed personal watch lists and personal alerts will do that monitoring for you.

Plus, it’s doing it taking into account news that can make your stocks move. If you have a stock portfolio you own, you need to have a personal watch list with proper alerts set up. That way you can react quickly to events that may negatively affect your portfolio.

Talking about your portfolio, you need to know that EquityFeed can connect to some brokers allowing you to trade directly from EquityFeed or to at least monitor your brokerage accounts. Check out our penny stocks list and our stock watch lists for more potential plays.

EquityFeed Review

Beginners or Experts? Equityfeed – Scanz Review

If you’re a novice trader, it’s normal when you start looking for a good stock scanner/screener/filter that you get a little lost among all the alternatives available to you. You’re wondering, “should I use thinkorswim, TC2000, Trading View, StocksToTrade, …” and the list goes on.

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If you’re an experienced trader, it’ll be hard not to like EquityFeed. But will experienced active traders prefer EquityFeed over the numerous others?

I’m not so sure. There are a lot of options out there like Trade-Ideas and, for less money, Finviz Elite.

No doubt however, that choosing a scanner that’s right for you involves trying a few. That you’re at the beginning of your trading carrier or even if you’re an expert already, EquityFeed should be on your list of scanners to try.

Granted, if you’re new to trading you must know first what to scan for. A little bit of training will go a long way in that department. And, you can count on the Bullish Bears community to help you.


Trying EquityFeed for a couple of weeks will at least initiate you on what type of scans are available. Just keep in mind that having too many stocks on your list to can lead to analysis paralysis (check out our different types of stocks page).

Maybe go for a dozen stocks. Practice slicing and dicing a list to boil it down to the best picks. Here’s a typical scan I ran when I got started:

  • Stocks on NASDAQ, NYSE or AMEX,
  • that are less than $20,
  • with volume greater than 100K,
  • a 10% + change since the last close,
  • and a 30% + ownership by institutions.

This type of scans should yield over a dozen stocks to look at. I should say, over a dozen charts to look at because having a list is one thing. Analyzing the price action is where the rubber meets the road.

The bottom line is that EquityFeed can feed you equities with the charts to analyze.  However, you will still need to understand charting and develop a strategy that works for you – and you can lean on the training you get here at Bullish Bears to help you out.

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How Much Does Scanz AKA Equityfeed Cost in 2021? (Pricing Review Breakdown)

  • SCANZ previously known as EquityFeed offers a 7 day free trial then $79 for “News”, $99 for “Scanner” and $149 for both “News” & “Scanner”.

Since around 2002, EquityFeed has been offering solutions for day traders. Over the years, they’ve taken advantage of the latest technology to develop, design and evolve their scanning platform.

What they’ve done better than most, in my opinion, is keeping the setup and interface user-friendly despite the sophistication of their scanner.

What may stop you from subscribing to EquityFeed isn’t the quality of the product but the cost of it. Especially if you’re new to trading and haven’t been trained yet.

With packages ranging from $135 to $220 per month at the time of this writing, you may want to make sure first that you have a good strategy developed and that the EquityFeed scanner will really help you with it.

Takeaway of Our Equityfeed – Scanz Review

Equityfeed Review

You’ll read on EquityFeed’s website that they’re offering to transform you into the most efficient and profitable trader you’ve ever been!

If you’re just starting as a trader and haven’t found a good scanner yet, it may look like an easy promise for them to fulfill.

But it is not that simple. No matter how good the scanner is, you must know what to look for. And then you have to know how to interpret the information.

This is where Bullish Bears comes in. This what they do best. Teaching you how to identify opportunities using technical analysis so that you become a systematic trader.

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