Ergonomic Mouse Pad For Traders Who Don’t Want To Be Sore

An ergonomic mouse pad is more than just a little luxury. Being traders mean we impact our bodies in many different ways. The slightest movement or constant positions we keep our bodies in can do much more harm than you would imagine. It’s a little known fact that the normal position in which you keep your hand when controlling a mouse actually bends the bones. When these bones are bent for a long period of time they can cause damage to the muscle structure in your lower arm.

Here we are going to discuss a couple of the premium ergonomic mouse pads to assist in alleviating the pains you may feel in your hand and wrist after a long training session.

Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Trading can be pretty stressful. You need to make split second decisions to get in and out of trades. Especially with day trading.

As a result, our trading service is all about providing you with the tools needed to be a great trader. Whether it’s online trading courses, a penny stocks list or a stand up desk chair, we’ve got you covered. 

An ergonomic mouse pad can help you feel comfortable whether you’re trading bitcoin stocks or from an oil stocks list

Having the best trading station setup helps more than you know. Let’s take a look at some options available for you.

The Basic Mouse Pad

1. Vipamz ($9.99)
Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Vipamz has been in the industry for a while. If you’re finally taking the steps to an ergonomic trading style then you really can’t go wrong with this vipamz ergonomic mouse pad. Much like a standard mouse pad, with a few exceptions, it will fit simply into any trading work space.

A couple great key points of this ergonomic mouse pad are that it has a compact design. It also works with any optical mouse.

Many of the reviews back up the claims of how comfortable this mouse pad is. With its slightly raised bump at the back it helps lift your wrist into the appropriate location.

At first it can seem a bit awkward. However, in a short time you’ll begin to notice a difference in the way your hand feels at the end of the day.

The only major drawback of this pad is that the active work area can be small. Although, if you’re not a mouse flicker then it should be more than satisfactory. Some users have reported that after a long time of use the edges of the mat can begin to fry.

For the price point this is a very good organic mouse pad that can help relieved at least one of the nuisances and trading. 

Ergonomic Mouse Pad Great Feel and Design

2. Kingston Duo Gel ($16.99)
Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Long hours at the trading desk can leave your hand feeling tired and stressed. The Kingston Duo gel mouse pad with wrist rest can drastically change the situation.

With a variety of colors to choose from you will be able to match this with almost any desk decor. Your significant other may call this a cute ergonomic mouse pad.

However, this ergonomic mouse pad is much more. The gel in the support will keep the shape of your wrist no matter how tense the situation becomes.

With its specially designed ventilation channel, your hands will stay cool when scouting for new setups. The mouse space, while not an extra large variant, still has plenty of room to get the work you need done without running off the pad.

The only major drawback is the material the wrist rest is made of. If it were to be dropped, the section containing the gel stands a chance of coming out.

So I would advise no hardcore gaming when using this ergonomic mouse pad. However, your typical day to day situations like being in our live trade room should have no adverse effect on it.

Modern Design for the Modern Trader

3. 3M Precise ($20.68)
Ergonomic Mouse Pad

The 3M precise mouse pad comes from a manufacturer who is well known for their quality products. This ergonomic mouse pad, with its built-in gel wrist rest, is top quality.

Just by the way it feels and the performance you receive out of it you’ll find this evident quickly.

Unlike many cheaper mouse pads, this one was designed with optical mice in mind. The surface is coated and woven in a particular fashion to assist the optical mouse in enhancing its abilities.

The coating is antimicrobial so you’ll have one less thing to worry about when keeping a clean work space.

Another great quality of this design and manufacture is getting this mouse pad in varying sizes. Two of the most common sizes are 8.7″ x 9.2″ and 13″ x 11″.

The wrist pad is firm enough to assist you in keeping good mouse posture yet still managing to not be a hassle to rest on.

This mouse pad is particularly designed for a work space not a gaming space. As a result, it will benefit you immensely as a day trader. Although, not recommended if you’re a hardcore gamer.

Over all, this is a great product and comes highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take that extra step to preserve themselves. Think of it like preserving your investments.

Ergonomic Mouse Pad Last Tips and Thoughts

At the end of the day we’re all after the same green trading days. We can’t enjoy our wealth if we are too sick to do so.

The main point being why would you want to continue your endeavors as a trader with pain when it can be helped so easily?

Protect your body by finding the best ergonomic mouse pad that fits into your trading environment. Combine this with your favorite pair of computer screen glasses.

This will increase the pleasure you receive from your passion. You can be outfitted with the best equipment to trade our stock alerts.

Stock market trading is enhanced by protecting your health and expanding your mind through study. It takes time. Study and practice and you’ll become a successful trader. 

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