Esignal Review: Best Advanced Trading Platform?

Esignal Review: eSignal is one of the more widely recognized trading platforms. Mainly because it’s been around for many years. After years of expansion and innovation, eSignal, owned and operated by Intercontinental Exchange, Inc., offers a wide array of platforms and tools.

I know people who are trading based on the timing of the stars. It works for them. Yogi Berra said “You don’t have to swing hard to hit a home run. If you got the timing, it’ll go.”  I’m also a huge fan of WD GANN.

And for those who are less astrologically inclined like me, trading platforms like eSignal may help you get that timing right and trade like a stock market Nostradamus.

Is ESignal a Broker & Are They Worth It? (Review Breakdown)

  • eSignal is not a broker but their advanced trading platform allows you to integrate with the broker of your choosing. They integrate with over 40 FCM’s and offer you the power to connection with the futures broker of your choosing. In depth market data network: breadth, speed, and reliability.

Platforms: ESignal Review

Our eSignal review looks at the platforms they offer. All the platforms feature advanced charting and drawing tools, scanners, customizable studies, technical indicators, tick-level data, and alerts.

And now all the platforms, including Classic, provide the ability to view up to 500 symbols at once. Also, each platform comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

eSignal Review

Pricing Review: ESignal Classic

  • Our eSignal review looks at the classic platform.  It’s currently $56 per month or $546 a year. It features intraday data that’s 15-minutes delayed for stocks, Forex, and futures. I prefer real-time data. However, the platform is suitable for End of Day traders and perhaps even position traders.

ESignal Signature

  • The Signature platform is currently $183 per month or $1,681 a year. This platform is the most popular and great for day traders and swing traders.  You get real-time quotes for stocks, options, Forex, and futures. Additionally, Signature includes backtesting ability, one year of intra-day historical data, news, mobile apps, and more. And eSignal mobile apps work on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

Review of ESignal Elite

  • The Elite platform is currently $378 per month or $3,645 a year. This platform comes with all the bells and whistles. Elite includes everything in the Signature platform, then adds even more powerful features. For starters, you get even more historical data. And the platform provides advanced GET studies, over 20 GET indicators and tools to analyze trends, including AGET strategies. Elite is great for day traders and swing traders who do plenty of technical analysis or use harmonic patterns. Additionally, it includes membership in the eSignal free mentoring program.

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Add-Ons, Scanner, and Analytics

eSignal currently offers 45 add-ons ranging in price from $247 per month to free. More popular add-ons include a Bollinger Bands tool kit, fundamental data from Factset Research, harmonic pattern indicators, a histogram market profile, a StockTwits social media app, TAS Market Profile, and more. Visit eSignal to see all the add-ons.

Market Screener Plus+

eSignal’s screener comes with all the platforms and enables virtually limitless global scanning possibilities. Scan all symbols by technical, values, or fundamental data. Additionally, use their preset scans or create your own with this highly customizable tool.

Options Analytix

This platform provides an array of tools for options traders to run analyses before and after trading. The platform offers a 3-year history of historical options data, spread selector with 37 pre-built strategies, projection tool, decay tool, and more.

Meanwhile, eSignal keeps improving upon the platform. The latest addition is the Elliott Wave Turning Points tool with TSL (Tom’s Strength Levels) to identify tradeable pivots. Additionally, the Options Analytics package includes mentoring from options experts with a weekly webinar (watch us do trading live each day in our trade rooms).

eSignal Review

What Brokers Does ESignal Integrate With?

  1. eSignal integrates with over 50 online brokers, like Lightspeed and TD Ameritrade
  2. Interactive Brokers
  3. Infinity Futures
  4. Jitneytrade
  5. Global Futures
  6. Rithmic
  7. OEC
  8. Straits Financial
  9. Optimus Futures
  10. Newedge Group

The direct connection increases the speed of order execution, improving trading accuracy. When market prices move fast, latency or lack thereof can make or break your trade. Therefore, direct broker access is a powerful tool for serious traders.

Note that currently, the integration plug-in is not available to traders in Africa, Europe, or the Middle East.

eSignal provides customer support Monday through Friday via phone in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, and Australia. Likewise, eSignal offers support via chat or email. Find out more on their website.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re an active trader or position trader, beginner or highly experienced, eSignal has something for you. Granted that many traders would find eSignal too expensive considering that there are other costs associated with being a daytrader.  It all can add up to a few hundred dollars a month.

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