Falcon Trading Computers Review: Worth the High Price?

Falcon Trading Computers Review: Falcon Trading Computers are made for traders by other traders. Each of their computers are tested and designed to produce the ultimate trading computer hardware. Their pricing is a bit on the higher side, but they build quality hardware. Companies like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch are among their clientele.

Is Falcon Trading Computers Worth the Pricing (Review Breakdown)

  • Falcon Trading Computers are made for traders by traders. Each computer is carefully built and tested to produce the ultimate trading hardware. Companies like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch are among the clients of Falcon Trading Computers. These computers meet the standards of the most demanding customers, like hedge funds and trading firms, but are also used by individual traders.

Choosing a Computer

Traders spend a lot of time looking for the best trading software, but not all of them take their hardware into account. Trading computers offer the benefit of speed, stability, reliability, and flawless multi-monitor support. Hook too many monitors up to the average computer, and things could get glitchy, but not with a solid trading computer.

Enhanced cooling systems, state-of-the-art motherboards, more cores, and more voltage regulators make for a much faster and more stable computer. Falcon Trading Computers have taken all of this to the upper limit while still creating computers that remain within safe operating parameters.

What Do Falcon Trading Computers Cost? (Pricing Review)

  • At the time of this Falcon Trading Computers review, they offer 5 desktop models, ranging in price from $1,360 to $5,530. The P-32 is their budget model, but still fast and reliable and able to support up to 8 monitors. Their most powerful model is the Falcon F-1 Blue Max with a custom water cooling system and up to 18 cores, enabling it to reach top speeds. It supports up to 16 monitors. Their most popular model, the F-52GT, goes for $2,114.

It exceeds its once highly popular predecessor, the F-37GT, and boasts the following features:

  • Phase Change Cooling
  • Intel X299 Chipset
  • Intel Workstation Core i7 or i9
  • Up to 18 Cores, 32 threads
  • Up to 4.5 GHz Turbo 3.0
  • F-Series Support
  • Up to 12 Monitors

Laptops and Arrays

Falcon Trading Computers review

Laptops – For serious traders who travel, Falcon Trading Computers has made it possible to take a high-powered office along for the trip.

Currently, they offer 3 laptop models, ranging in price from $1,609 to $2,640, and each of their laptops can support up to 6 monitors. This is AWESOME for a serious nomadic trader. I know a lot of you are dreaming right now of hitting the road and trading…this is what you’re looking for.

Arrays – Falcon Trading Computers offers arrays in matrices of 2 to 8 monitors. Sizes available are 24″ or 27″. All their monitors are Twisted Nematic. They avoided using Vertical Alignment monitors due to issues with side angle viewing quality. And they don’t use In-Plane Switching monitors, because the response times aren’t as fast.

Customizing and Bundling

Falcon Trading Computers Rewview

All Falcon Trading Computers are customizable. A comprehensive list of possible upgrades is available for every computer. Maybe you want more memory or a bigger hard drive. Maybe you just want your computer in a different color. Give them a call or shoot them an email if you need something or have a question. They have great support and service.

Many options are available to make your computer exactly the way you want it. You have your choice of many accessories as well. Falcon Trading Computers offers bundles for people who want to get their entire set-up, computer, monitors, stands, cables, even keyboard, and mouse, all in one package.

Backups and Warranties

If you’re worried about losing your data due to a virus or some other catastrophe, all Falcon Trading Computers do regular daily backups using Paragon software. So you can restore your computer back to its working state if the unthinkable should ever happen. A little piece of mind goes a long way here.

The company gives you a choice of warranties to cover issues, like accidental damage and parts replacement. In addition, it includes options, like on-site labor and lifetime phone tech support.

Options at Your Disposal

Falcon Trading Computers review

Falcon Trading customers can receive up to 100% refund for their computer, monitors, and accessories if they open an account with their participating broker. Indeed, TradeStation will discount their fees by 20%, until the customer gets their money back.

They even make it possible to “double-dip” by actively trading at more than one participating broker. Not a bad perk.

It goes without saying that you could build your own computer for less money than you would pay for a Falcon machine. Busy active traders likely don’t have time to worry about saving a few bucks. They want performance and service. When you’re making billions and billions in the market like Warren Buffet, you can afford to get yourself some high performance gear 🙂

Alright, well if you have the time and the inclination to shop around, there are suppliers that may be able to provide you with similar specs that Falcon would. Companies like Orbital Computers, Blue Aura PC, EZ Trading, and even Dell. Falcon Trading Computers will have the power you need. In fact, you also have the power… to choose!

Takeaway of Falcon Trading Computers Review

Falcon Trading Computers

I must admit that it feels good to have a super powerful machine when trading. Heck, it feels good having a powerful machine even when you’re not trading. For guys like me, it’s as much a toy as it is a tool. Having the perfect machine built for you with all the ingredients you need for trading is one less distraction to worry about.

It can be costly, but it’s about peace of mind really. I’ve always had very powerful PCs, but that never stopped Google Chrome and all the windows, browsers, and tabs opened all at the same time from slowing down my computer at the most inopportune time. When opportunity knocks, as they say, you have to be ready to open the door.

Opportunity knocks every day in the Bullish Bears live trading room, and not only do we answer, but we also teach you how to answer. You don’t need to have the perfect computer to be a trader, but you need to be prepared, coached and trained.

The Bullish Bears service is the best place for you to become a profitable trader. One that can make your family and your peers proud of you. We believe in sharing to help people learn and grow and in paying it forward when we succeed. I hope you enjoyed this Falcon Trading Computers review and that you will share your “trade station with us on Instagram (icon below) or in the trade room. We love that kinda stuff. Cheers!

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