Bullish Bears FAQ

Q. I just signed up, how do I access the trade rooms?

A. Our trade rooms are hosted on discord. Discord is a popular, but separate communication service used by millions of users around the world. To access them, you’ll need to make a discord account (much like you would a skype account), sign in, and navigate to our Trade Rooms Page and follow the directions from there. If you need help, email bbteam@bullishbears.com and we will assist you with getting access.

Q. I am not getting emails after I signed up for your website.

A. Check your spam, and/or promotional folder, make sure you white list us so you can receive our email. If you OPT-OUT of our emails now, or in the past, we can’t send you emails. If you signed up and are still not seeing an email from us, you may of entered a typo in your email, or there is some other technical reason. Please email us right away so we can help you at bbteam@bullishbears.com

You can change your email at any time under my account on the dashboard. You can also email us to help you change your Bullish Bears email.

Q. How do I use your watch list to trade? Do you send out mid-day trade alerts?

A. Please read our trade alerts page and our stock alerts for a total explanation of how to use our lists, how we are different, and why were are different.

Q. Do you call out trades in the trade room?

A. We are not stock pumpers or stock promoters. We occasionally give you support and resistance via shared charts in the trade room throughout the day, or in the community. We are very careful not to give out specific entries and exits because this is dangerous for traders. Most will lose in this type of environment, so we created a different environment focused on learning.

We do live streaming daily, where we draw support and resistance on charts and talk about areas we are watching for breakouts or breakdowns. We do not want to get in the habit of calling out exact entries and exits, as this causes a herd mentality and is a real problem in the trade room world. We do not encourage mirror trading for anyone.

We believe everyone needs to learn how to trade on their own without needing to be told what to do. You can learn technical analysis from us in our trade rooms, and via our free stock market courses so that you can become a self sufficient trader without waiting for signals from someone else to enter or exit.

Q. How am I billed?

You are billed each monthly or each year, depending on the date that you signed up. We make attempts to send members Yearly reminders of your upcoming payment. We encourage you to keep track of your account renewal date in the dashboard under “My Account”.

Q. How do I cancel?

A. Simply login to our website,  navigate to “My Account” under the dashboard, and select cancel. You will no longer be billed by the Bullish Bears. You can edit your info here as well.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. Please read our Disclaimer for full details.

Q. Are you licensed brokers or investment advisers?

A. The Bullish Bears team are not licensed brokers, or investment advisers. You’re 100% responsible for any investments or trades that you make. We’ll let you learn from our trading strategies but we make no guarantee of results from our trading strategies or any of the materials, videos, blogs, or content provided from our website, emails, discord, or social media accounts. No trading strategy will make money 100% of the time. Read our full disclaimer before making any trades.

Q. I have a billing issue. How can I get help?

A. Just let us know. Email us at bbteam@bullishbears.com and we will support you.