This FAQ sheet is here to help our members with some common and frequently asked questions.

Q. I just signed up, how do I access the trade room?

A. If you are on a desktop computer, login on the sidebar to the right of the screen, with your email address that you used to sign up, and your password. If you are on mobile, you need to navigate to the bottom of the page to sign in. Once you are signed in, you will see: Welcome! And your name. Click on the trade room tab, and you will now see the trade room.


Q. I can’t get into the trade room even after I am logged in. (error message)

A. Try a different browser, clear your cookies. Make sure you are signed in or out of chrome sync. Try an incognito browser.

B. Have your co-worker, boss, significant other, or yourself check your firewall settings on your router or computer software. This can interfere with our RumbleTalk powered Chat Room.

C. Login on your cell phone data instead of using WiFi to test another way of connecting.

Q. I am not getting emails after I signed up for your watch list.

A. Check your spam, and promotional folder, make sure you white list us so you can receive our email.

B. Make sure you entered your email in correctly when you signed up.

C. Make sure you white-list us and your work email/email provider is not blacklisting our email address. Also check email Firewalls.

D. Also you can change your email address under MY ACCOUNT, under MEMBERS ONLY.

Q. How do I use your watch list to trade? Do you send out mid-day trade alerts?

A. Please read our trade alerts page for a total explanation of how to use our lists, how we are different, and why were are different. Also, no, we do not send out text or email alerts to buy stocks. We are casual and non-pumper in nature, so our swing trades are based off support and resistance and you must be able to understand support and resistance to use our technical research to trade.


Q. Do you call out trades in the trade room?

A. We occasionally give you support and resistance via shared charts in the trade room throughout the day, the community also watches Trade Ideas scanner and together we find stocks that are moving and find support and resistance areas.

Occasionally we do audio on our join.me sessions in the morning or midday, where we draw support and resistance on charts and talk about areas we are watching for breakouts, and profit zones. We do not want to get in the habit of calling out exact entries and exits, as this causes a herd mentality.

Please read our trade alerts setups page to see our philosophy on why, and why we want you to LEARN from us in our trade room, and via our free stock market courses so that you can become an effective trader without waiting for signals to enter or exit.

Q. How do I cancel?

A. Simply navigate to “MY ACCOUNT” under the members only page and select cancel. You will no longer be billed by the Bullish Bears. You can edit your info here as well.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. 14 days on our $99 yearly service. No refund on the $9.99 per month membership.

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Q. Are my membership rates locked in for life?

A. Any member that signs up after 2/15/18 will be subject to potential membership rate increases at any time. Anyone that signed up before 2/15/18 will be grandfathered into their current membership rates. However, if we add additional membership offers in the future then the member will have the chance to upgrade to the new offer, and their grandfathered offer will expire.

Q. Where do we find out what options you are swinging/watching?

A. Head over to the members only section of our website (only viewable if logged in and a paid subscriber) here you will find charts, commentary, options swing trade ideas, and other information for members only throughout the year. Our options trades are ideas, and not guarantees that the stock will perform the way we expect.

We use technical analysis to make our trades. We have support and resistance mapped and have an exit zone planned, we don’t send out alerts and we don’t tell you when to get in and out of a options trade. You should make these choices for yourself. Set a stop loss, set alerts for when profit zones are reached.

A. Make sure you take our courses and have learned, and paper traded A LOT before making any real trades! Our whole website is built around education and empowering you.

B. Tim also will do weekly – bi-weekly portfolio reviews, this is an opportunity to get direct insight to what Tim is trading, watching, what he has closed, and how he picks his options trades. Learn and attend!

Q. Are you licensed brokers or investment advisers?

A. The Bullish Bears team are not licensed brokers, or investment advisers. You’re 100% responsible for any investments that you make. We’ll let you copy our trading strategies but we don’t make money 100% of the time. Read our full disclaimer before making any trades.

Q. I can’t view your pictures in your nightly email!

A. Please try a different browser, open your email in a new tab, save the picture to your downloads folder, or view our nightly watch list here.

Q. I can’t sign up on your website. It just keeps reloading.

A. This is a problem with Internet Explorer or Edge browser. Try chrome or Firefox. Check your software security settings, firewall, etc.

Q. My credit card payment keeps rejecting when I try to sign up!

A. Try adding a new credit card from the MY ACCOUNT page.

B. Try a different browser.

C. Make sure you are entering your CVC number and credit card number correctly.

D. Call your credit card provider and make sure they will allow charges from “Bullishbears.com” and “WePay”

30-days of full access to MarketClub – only $1!
Test the signals, analyze your portfolio and more

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