Ferrero and Barilla Stock Price

Ferrero and Barilla Stock Price and Symbol

What is Ferrero and Barilla’s stock price, and are they publicly traded? Investors cannot purchase shares of Ferrero and Barilla because they are a private company. PepsiCo (NASDAQ: PEP), Coca Cola (NYSE: KO), General Mills (NYSE: GIS), and Mondelez (NASDAQ: MDLZ) are food companies that traders can invest in.

Ferrero and Barilla are two different companies. But incredibly successful ones. Both companies are based in Europe but unfortunately for prospective investors, neither company trades on any stock market. Ferrero and Barilla are both family-run brands that have been private for as long as they have been in operation. For these types of legacy companies, there is often no urge for younger generations of the family to take them public. Food and beverage conglomerates often make for safe investments with high floors. Unfortunately, we will have to look elsewhere if we want to invest in the chocolate industry!

So they’d probably have successful stocks. After all. who doesn’t like sweets? And hazelnut has really taken off. Nutella anyone? 

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With the holiday season upon us, it just seems fitting to take a look at one of the world’s largest chocolate makers. Ferrero is an Italian company that produces confectionery and chocolate treats. It was founded way back in 1946 and currently operates nearly 20 factories with 40,000 employees around the world. In terms of European and global chocolate makers, Ferrero is on the Mount Rushmore of brands.

Christmas is an especially fun time for Ferrero loves, with some special products that we will talk about later! In fact, just go to Costco and you can buy Ferrero in bulk.

Therefore, if you’re a chocolate lover, you can get a nice big amount of chocolate to keep you happy for the winter break.

What Is Barilla?

Barilla is another Italian company that is currently the largest producer of pasta products in the world. It was established back in 1877 by Pietro Barilla Sr., and still remains in the Barilla family with current Chairman Guido Barilla. The company also produces bakery products, brioches, cereals and other confectionery, which is where the rivalry with Ferrero exists. Barilla owns over 20 different brands and operates in markets around the world. 

Head to Head Spreads

What brings these two major food brands together? The ongoing battle over the global dominance of the hazelnut spread industry. That’s right, Italians and other Europeans eat hazelnut spreads like we eat peanut butter and jelly.

Ferrero has a dominant share of the Italian market, with about 80% of the population choosing its world-famous Nutella spread. Barilla has its own hazelnut spread called Crema di Pan de Stelle. 

Another battleground, which is more even than the spreads, is the hazelnut cookie market. Barilla dominated this with its cookie Biscocrema.

But Ferrero has introduced Nutella cookies and other products that feature its flagship spread. A battle of the Nutella cookies if you will.

The two companies basically own a duopoly on global hazelnut spread sales. Italians commonly eat these biscuits for breakfast, whereas much of the world sees these as snacks. It remains to be seen how well these products will sell outside of the domestic Italian market. 

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What Else Does Ferrero Make?

Isn’t Nutella enough? There are few things more addictive than Nutella, but I digress. There are plenty of other products that Ferrero makes that I am sure you will recognize. While Nutella is its most famous product on a global scale, there are a few other brands that could give Nutella a run for its money!

You knew it was coming! There are few chocolates that have the same identity as the golden balls of hazelnut chocolate.

Ferrero Rocher was first introduced in 1979 and the popular chocolate has never looked back. It has one of the strongest brand identities with Christmas.

As a result, is one of the company’s best selling products. It’s sold on nearly every continent in the world, with over 4 billion Ferrero Rochers sold each year.

Just try and pass one up if you are offered that tray of golden praline balls! You know you won’t be able to! They’re addicting! And they’re everywhere at holiday parties, secret santas, and more.

Too bad we don’t have a Ferrero and Barilla stock we can buy for Christmas too.

1. Kinder and Bueno

There aren’t many kids I know that don’t know what a Kinder Surprise egg is. The popular treat features a thin chocolate egg with a surprise toy inside the patented yellow capsule. The chocolate itself became so popular that Ferrero released a hazelnut-cream filled chocolate bar called Bueno. There has been some controversy with Kinder Surprises in some markets as children have choked on the small parts that come with the toy. Still, it remains one of the most beloved children’s chocolates in the world today.

2. Tic Tacs

From rich chocolate hazelnut cream to small pocket mints, Ferrero does it all! Tic Tacs are popular around the world for their famous plastic container and small oblong mints. These mints were first introduced in 1969, and are sold in countries around the world. Nearly half of all Tic Tac mints in the world are produced in the Ferrero factory in Ireland. Freshen up with a Tic Tac mint after you finish with your Ferrero Rocher chocolates!

3. Barilla

Ferrero does have an edge over Barilla in the fact that the latter is not strictly a chocolate maker. In fact, confectionery really makes up a small part of Barilla’s overall sales. Instead of hazelnut spreads or chocolates, you probably know Barilla for some of these other products.

4. Pasta

As I mentioned earlier, Barilla is the world’s leading producer of pasta and pasta products. If you think hazelnut spread is popular in Italy, wait until you see how important pasta is.

Barilla currently owns over 25% of the Italian pasta market and makes it in over 160 different shapes and sizes. The company operates thirty different production facilities, 15 in Italy and 15 scattered around the world.

Barilla has acted as a sponsor for Italy’s national sports teams as well as an ongoing partnership with tennis star Roger Federer. The brand even released a special Spotify playlist of songs that are all timed to be the same length as cooking the perfect pasta! 

That’s pretty cool! Especially if you like to cook pasta.

5. Wasa Crackers

Wasa crackers are a staple in Scandinavia but are sold around the world as well. They are often referred to as rye crackers, but are actually based on a special kind of Swedish crispbread. The products were first introduced in Sweden back in 1919, and was acquired by Barilla in 1999. 

Food Stocks You Can Invest In

The usual food conglomerates that trade on the US markets are all safe investments with steady dividends and growth. If you think Ferrero or Barilla would make for a great investment, then check out these stocks to add to your portfolio!

And since there’s no Ferrero and Barilla stock, we have a list of other food stocks you can invest in or trade. That way you can make money on food as well as spend money on it ha.  

1. General Mills (NYSE: GIS)

It is not nearly as large as Coca Cola or Pepsi, but General Mills produces some pretty well known global brands. Its cereals include Cheerios, Chex, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Golden Grahams, Lucky Charms, and Wheaties. Other products from General Mills include Betty Crocker baked goods, Hamburger Helper, Bugles, Haagen Daz ice cream, Pillsbury, and Nature Valley granola bars. General Mills pays out a 3.11% dividend yield and has only returned about 5.5% to investors over the past five years. 

2. Mondelez (NASDAQ: MDLZ)

Never heard of Mondelez? That’s okay! Like Ferrero, this is the name of the conglomerate that owns all of the brands under its umbrella. We are sure you have heard of these brands though: Cadbury, Chips Ahoy!, Clorets, Halls, Maynard’s, Milka, Ritz, Philadelphia cream cheese, Toblerone, and Trident. Mondelez was founded in 1923 and is based out of Chicago, Illinois. The stock pays out a 2.16% dividend yield and investors have seen a nice 44% over the past five years. 

3. Coca Cola (NYSE: KO)

You can’t talk about Pepsi without talking about Coca Cola! While Coca Cola has shied away from the snack industry, it remains one of the largest beverage producers in the world. It arguably has the strongest brand awareness of any product, and continues to add other brands and products to its portfolio.

Coca Cola pays a 2.89% dividend yield to investors and has returned about 40% over the past five years. Soft drinks like Coca Cola and Pepsi have definitely battled ongoing criticism against the consumption of sugar and corn syrup. While it has not done much to damage revenues, both companies have had to diversify their portfolios accordingly. 

4. PepsiCo (NASDAQ: PEP)

PepsiCo is probably one of the closer American comparisons to Ferrero as it is a purveyor of different types of snack foods. Obviously it has its flagship Pepsi beverage, but also owns the Frito Lay and Quaker Oats brands. PepsiCo pays out a nice 2.54% dividend yield and has returned 61%, not including dividends, over the past five years. 

Final Thoughts: Ferrero and Barilla Stock

Ferrero and Barilla are two food conglomerates that dominate the market share of their domestic Italy. Both brands are also prominent all over Europe, particularly with their products that are targeted at specific markets. The long list of Ferrero products are definitely well known to chocolate lovers.

Meanwhile, for those that love a good spaghetti or lasagne, Barilla is probably more down your alley. Both companies would make excellent investment, but neither can be found on any stock market, not even in Europe. For now, you’ll have to settle for investing in some of the American food companies like PepsiCo or Mondelez instead! 

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