Fintel Review

Fintel Review 2024

Our Fintel review breaks down this financial intelligence company, which you can add to your trading tool bag. This is a company that tracks hedge funds and securities all over the world. So if something big is happening, you will know about it.

Fintel.IO is a platform that provides advanced research tools for investors looking to find an edge in the market through quantitative data analysis. At its core, Fintel.IO is a stock screener that provides specific information to investors normally used by institutional investors and hedge funds. Hence, our Fintel review.

Users can select from any number of screens to help target how certain stocks or funds perform over time. But where Fintel.IO shines is providing specific screens that target heavily shorted stocks. In case you haven’t heard, short squeezes are in these days. Fintel.IO finds stocks with high short interest and high institutional trading volume.

Fintel Website Review

Beginner investors may feel overwhelmed when they login to Fintel.IO for the first time. The layout isn’t flashy. The dashboard is quite plain-looking, but it does require some work to establish which screens and settings you want to search for. Let’s take a look at some of the main features that the platform offers.

We’ll skip the API and Developer Hub. That lets you publish Fintel.IO data on your website using their patented API. It’s just a helpful way to beef up the legitimacy and feel of your website by adding real live data directly into your interface.

Short Interest Data

This feature is probably the most highly sought-after data in the investing world. After the coordinated short squeezes of stocks like GameStop and AMC, retail investors are searching for other stocks with high short interest. Fintel.IO provides the information to users before a short squeeze begins to take place, allowing you to potentially make massive gains by getting in before the market. 

You can use one of the many screens Fintel.IO offers to find the short interest data. We love looking at the Short Squeeze Explorer. This gives a grade on the likelihood of a short squeeze happening shortly. Here is what it looks like.

Fintel Short Squeeze Explorer

As you can see, Fintel.IO provides the short interest % float and the borrow fee rate, which shows how many shares are being borrowed by a fund to short the stock. The last column shows Fintel.IO’s short squeeze score. This gives the likelihood that this stock may be squeezed. It should be no surprise that Clover Health is at the top of the list. Redditors recently tapped the stock as a short-squeeze target.

Fintel Insider Trader Activity

Insider Buying

Taking a look at the insider buying screen provides a nice look at stocks that people inside the company are personally buying. This is often a key indicator that insiders know that something is about to happen. Insider buying is infinitely more useful than insider selling.

As a result, keep an eye on which companies are buying up their shares. Using a real-life example, the third company on this list is Cyclo Therapeutics, and at the time of this writing, this is what the stock was doing. 


That massive surge came when insiders bought up shares, which could mean something was coming, like an FDA approval for a biotech company. This is another great screener for searching for stocks flying under most investors’ radar!

Insider Transactions

This also appears on your home dashboard and provides insider activity for the stocks you follow. Check out the CEO of AMD selling a bunch of shares within the past three hours! Very cool stuff!

Dividend Yield

Fintel.IO also offers more traditional stock screens like Dividend Yield, which income investors will be more interested in. The default setting on Fintel.IO is to search for stocks or funds that pay out an annual dividend yield of 4% or higher. 

Dividend Yield Snapshot

This is just a quick snapshot of an example of how you can sift through equities by dividend yield! Very handy!

SEC Filings

You can access any recent or historical SEC filings for companies or funds you follow. There is a quick link in the menu, and it appears later on your home dashboard page. While these are available elsewhere on the internet, it’s a convenient feature to have them available as soon as you log in to Fintel. IO.

SEC Filings

Fintel Institutional Ownership Data Review

Want to see if the stocks you follow are being bought or sold by large institutional investors? Check out the institutional trading activity chart on your home dashboard to give you a detailed look into which of your stock’s hedge fund managers are actively trading.

Fintel Ownership Transactions

Portfolio Tracker

This is not your portfolio; this feature tracks the aggregate performance of the most commonly held stocks across ETFs and Funds. This is an example of a large-cap U.S. list that shows how large funds are trading some of the biggest companies on the U.S. markets. It is a very interesting feature, for sure!

Fintel Pricing Review

Surprisingly, not that much! Fintel.IO offers competitive pricing in terms of stock screeners and data analytics platforms. There are two price points for accounts: charged quarterly or charged annually. The paid account provides premium features like no ads, Insider Trading Data, SEC Filings, custom dashboards, Ownership Filings, and real-time alerts

If you want to pay quarterly at Fintel.IO, the subscription fee is $29.75 per month, but you will be billed per quarter, so it is an upfront payment of $89.25. 

If you want to pay annually at Fintel.IO, the subscription fee is slightly cheaper at $24.75 per month, and you will be charged an upfront payment of $297.00.

Is it worth it? That’s up to you to decide! Unlike other financial data platforms, Fintel.IO does not have a mobile app, so you must use your computer or mobile browser to use the site.

Fintel Portfolio Overview

Custom Dashboard

Did we forget to mention that you can fully customize your dashboard the way you want, with the screens and stocks of your choice? Personalize your watch list by the stocks you want to follow, and then add more stocks to the multiple tab options, including News, Sentiment, Institutions, Insiders, Filings, or Fund Tracker. 

If you notice certain stocks have more active insider trading or are waiting for news on an SEC filing for a SPAC IPO stock, add those to the respective tabs! Fintel.IO can create the dashboard that you want without ever having to leave the site!

Here’s what it looks like:

Fintel.IO Notebook

Fintel.IO even adds a personal notebook you can refer to if you need to jot things down or copy and paste notes from an SEC filing. This is especially helpful when you have a large influx of data or your stock watchlist gets so big that you must start jotting things down to keep on top! 

Final Thoughts: Fintel Review

We hope this Fintel review helped you. Fintel.IO is an extremely helpful data analytics platform that gives retail investors the tools and information usually reserved for institutional investors. The stock screener is incredibly thorough and provides investors with a rare insight into the short-selling side of the stock market.

Of course, given the events over the past few months with short squeezes, Fintel.IO may be just the tool you need to take advantage of the massive gains from being in a heavily shorted stock. 

Is it necessary for most traders? That’s totally up to you and your preferences. Some investors don’t like spending extra money on screeners or other tools. Whereas some will take any advantage, they can get over the pros. If you own a website, adding Fintel.IO’s API to your code can beef up the quantitative data you can make available to your visitors.

In the end, a subscription to Fintel.IO is hardly breaking the bank, especially considering the cost of some of the available higher-end platforms. If you’re signing up for it to find the next GameStop or AMC, you can probably find that data on your own without Fintel. IO. But if you are a serious trader who knows how to use the data, Fintel.IO can be a worthy tool to add to your investing arsenal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors cannot purchase shares of Fintel because the company is privately held.

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