Finviz Review

FinViz Stock Screener Review 2024

In this FinViz review, you’ll find how this screener & scanner tool is a great time saver the next time you’re looking for that special stock that fits specific criteria. Let’s face it. We are living in a unique time. A time in which everything you ever wanted to know was available to you. All it takes is a few simple strokes of the keyboard. 

Within 10 seconds, you can type in your question. As a result, an answer magically appears on your screen. More often than not, it can feel like you’re drinking from the proverbial fire hose of information with no idea whether or not the water is safe to drink. I can recall in my early days of trading. So much information is coming at me. As you can imagine, I was almost paralyzed with inaction. How does one go about filtering all the information on a stock? Finviz stock screener is the answer. See for yourself and download the Finviz App.

Finviz Website

FinViz, short for financial visualizations, is one of the most popular browser-based stock screeners and research sites for the stock market. Our Finzviz review found that the free version is very useful to traders and investors. Users can access the elite version of the Finviz app for a fee. 

It offers a wide array of scanning functionality. Fundamental filters include EPS growth and insider ownership. Technical filters include candlestick patterns and distance from moving averages. Descriptive filters include short interest and analyst consensus.

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Why People Use Scanners

The job of stock trading scanners is to narrow down the stock list that corresponds to your exact needs. Maybe you’re only interested in stocks up 20% from the opening. Scanners and watch lists are very helpful for helping you FOCUS on your trade. Do not overlook them, and try it before you knock it.

Maybe it’s stocks under $10 or stocks with earnings in the next week. The Finviz app can help you eliminate unsafe stock options, preventing you from missing out on profitable opportunities that are your style.

However, there are plenty of stock screeners out there. Therefore, knowing which one to choose can take time and effort. Because of this, we will do a stock screener FinViz review and show you why the Finviz app rocks.

The Finviz scanner has been attracting a lot of attention lately. We thought exploring how it can help you turn down the firehose of information is only appropriate.

Finviz Heatmap

Macro View of the Market

FinViz scanner boasts that many investment banks, such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase, use its platform. Hedge funds like SAC Capital also use them.

It has great tools to establish a macro view of the market quickly. A FinViz review shows beautiful charts and advanced technical analysis tools. Keep reading to see how this screener can work for you! Check out a list of the top trading companies

60 Individual Criteria

The Finviz review of the scanner feature is where they shine. What impressed me the most was the number of filters one can apply for FREETraders and investors can easily choose from over 60 individual criteria. As a result, you’ll receive every stock that fits their criteria.

You can search based on price, beta, specific candlestick pattern, market cap, RSI, average volume, float short, sector, or shares outstanding. The signal drop-down includes patterns, Top Gainers/Losers, Insider Buying, Unusual Volume, and more.

The charts show trend channels and 50/200-period simple moving averages. Results can be displayed through symbols, charts, or snapshots. These include fundamentals, news, company summaries, and technical charts.

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Save Time

The list goes on and on, depending on your specific investing style. The best part is that you can save your search criteria for later use. Build your custom scans and save them for later, or share them with your friends! Here’s one of my favorite settings for “pinch plays.

This saves traders countless hours they would have spent performing manual chart scans. This powerful tool is for investors buying and selling stocks at optimum times. Let’s keep reading our Finviz review. 

Finviz Technology Heatmap

Finviz Heat Map Review

FinViz scanner has a feature known as a heat map. It is on the homepage; you can’t miss it. It gives users a quick, birds-eye view of what’s going on in the market. It’s divided into various sectors, from tech, financial, and services to healthcare.

If you want to know how a particular company, such as Apple, is doing, hover over the AAPL ticker in consumer goods. Then, double-click to get all the stock information. You can even zoom in and out with your mouse too!

FinViz review of the scanner also provides the user with news headlines from industry-leading news providers like CNN, Bloomberg,, BBC, The New York Times, and CNBC. So, all the big-name news sites will keep you up to date.

On the same page, you have news from industry-leading blogs such as,, and Calculated Risk. These sources can provide useful information; there’s plenty to sink your teeth into whether you are a bull or a bear.

Finviz Screener Review

Search By Pattern – Float – Sector

Our Finviz review shows that the photo below is the most popular image that comes to mind when you think of Finviz. You can scan by sector, stock, and float. This shows you which of the three are bullish or bearish

Who Uses Finviz?

Professional traders and investors will find FinViz useful for regular information and a powerful tool for finding stocks. Sometimes, it could be stocks in the news, and sometimes, stocks seeing increased volume or volatility. Hence, our Finviz review.  

The FinViz scanner is most valuable as a stock screener to stock and equity index traders. While it’s of far greater value to traders of individual stocks, those who trade index futures, options, and ETFs find it useful. They can see what is driving index price levels.

Screening Based on Strategy

If you’re a trader who likes to trade based on certain news (think a stock that had a sudden rise in institutional ownership) or likes to find stocks that conform to certain fundamental characteristics (i.e., earnings date), FinViz excels. Investors can also use the site to combine technical and fundamental criteria or to time their entries and exits using price action. Take a look at how FinViz can be used based on your investment style:

  • Value investors can identify undervalued stocks using price-to-earnings ratios, price-to-book ratios, and other similar valuation measures.
  • Growth investors can use the stock market trading scanner to find stocks with high-earning growth rates or stocks that have been recently upgraded.
  • Momentum investors use price performance to identify stocks with momentum and filter by quality, earnings growth, or value. This can be helpful for investors to find new trading ideas.
  • Penny stock investors focusing on small companies can use FinViz as a penny stock screener. They can use the stock market scanner to find the best penny stocks.
  • Dividend investors can find stocks with high dividend yields and filter a list further to weed out low-quality stocks. This is ideal for investors looking to build a portfolio for passive income.

Finviz Pricing Review

Finviz Elite is $24.96 per month. Their yearly pricing is $299.50. Yearly discount available.

There are three types of membership plans: Free, Registered, Free, and Elite. The free and registered plan provides 3-5 minute maps with a delay, group screens with no intraday charts or portfolios, and screener presets. It’s free to register, and you have access to 50 screener presets, portfolio tickers, and daily charts. 

At the time of this review, the prices are as follows: for $39.50 a month or $299.50 for the annual pre-payment plan, you can access the FINVIZ*Elite Plan.

With this, you get real-time and pre-market quotes, advanced charting, screening with intraday charting, technical studies, backtests, correlation tracking stocks, e-mail alerts, and up to 100 portfolios, tickers, and screener presets. Paying this also hides the pesky advertisements. This is a fantastic stock training tool.1. Areas for Improvement for Finviz.

One of the main disadvantages of FinViz is the inability to customize the screening parameters. If you want to run a scan for stocks up a certain percentage in the day, you’re limited to choices such as +5% and +10%. You cannot scan for values such as 3% like you can in Trade Ideas.

Final Thoughts: Finviz Review

The Finviz app is a user-friendly stock scanning tool that all new and seasoned traders and investors should have in their trading toolbox.

As you advance in your trading journey, you’ll probably want to consider forking out a bit of cash for access to additional screening parameters and real-time data. In today’s day and age, it’s all about the user interface and data. And Finviz is a leader in both regards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finviz is a good scanner overall. It’s more of a mid-range priced scanner, but it does the trick. They have both a free and paid scanner. It offers the necessary customization that’s required for scanning.

Finviz Elite is only $24.95 per month, so it’s worth the cost for what it offers. Other scanners cost $150+ monthly, so this screener is great for budget-conscious traders. For momentum day traders, you may find FinViz is limiting due to their data speed. It’s great for nightly scanning, but their data feed may keep you out of the quick intraday movers. On a side note, FinViz can’t run historical scans, so you cannot back-test your strategies. I also wouldn’t mind further drilling down on the elite version. Let me scan just for “potstocks“. 

Investors cannot purchase shares of Finviz because the company is privately held.

Finviz is a reliable source for traders and investors. They are a really solid swing trading stock screener that is user-friendly.

In regular Finviz, Nasdaq stock quotes are delayed by 15 minutes. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Amex futures data are delayed by 20 minutes. Finviz Elite stock quotes are refreshed in real-time at a refresh rate of several seconds.

  • Use its custom scanning for day trading or swing trading
  • The Heat map is useful for tracking stock sectors and finding a focus
  • Use the top Gainers scanner for building daily watch lists
  • Fundamental filters for EPS growth and insider ownership
  • Utilize all 60 individual criteria filters to narrow it down to the perfect setups

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