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Five Guys Stock Price and Symbol

What is Five Guys stock price, and are they publicly traded? Investors cannot purchase shares of Five Guys because they are a private company. McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) and Shake Shack (NYSE: SHAK) are publicly traded burger restaurants.

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Can you buy Five Guys Stock? Nothing quite says American like a nice juicy hamburger with fries. It’s a meal for comfort, celebrations, and when you’re in a rush. But there are burgers, and then there are burgers. Do you know what I mean? Some burger chains do it right. Does that mean there’s Five Guys stock? As an investor, when you notice a brand with that much loyalty, you should wonder if you can invest in it. Do popular chains like In-N-Out Burger or Five Guys have stocks? Unfortunately, these companies don’t publicly trade on the stock market.

Unfortunately, there isn’t Five Guys stock to trade. I’m unsure how this statistic is calculated, but Americans eat an estimated 50 billion burgers annually. That’s nearly 20 times the number of pizzas consumed in the U.S. yearly. There may be no food that represents Americana or a burger and fries. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could invest back into the culture of our own country with Five Guys stock?

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How Much Is Five Guys Worth Now?

It’s staggering when it comes to how much money the family that started Five Guys has made. Could you imagine being worth a billion dollars because of hamburgers, fries, and shakes? Maybe I should rethink stock market trading and open my burger joint. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be worth a billion dollars? And because there’s no Five Guys stock, they get to keep the money and decide how to run the company. There’s no board of investors to answer to.

Five Guys Stock Competitors

Just because you can’t buy Five Guys stock doesn’t mean you can’t invest in burgers. Several iconic hamburger makers trade publicly, and you can buy shares in other companies to get exposure to the industry.

Investing in a specific sector doesn’t always mean investing directly in consumer-facing businesses. Sometimes, you must get creative with the companies you invest in. Look at some stocks you can buy today to invest in the hamburger industry!

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1. McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD)

The undisputed global fast food sales and brand power leader. Some investors choose not to invest in companies like McDonald’s because they believe the company normalizes eating unhealthy food.

Others recognize just how strong of a brand it is and have no concerns about owning the blue-chip stock. With nearly 40,000 locations worldwide in 120 countries, serving hamburgers is truly a global phenomenon.

The golden arches are one of the most recognizable logos in the world. I dare you to find someone who doesn’t love chicken McNuggets. On top of all of this, the stock has been a great performer.

If you bought shares of McDonald’s at its IPO, your investment would now be up over 16,000%, not including dividends, of which McDonald’s pays a 2.11% dividend yield. 

So, while you can’t buy Five Guy stock, McDonald’s is always an option. And maybe one day, they’ll figure out how to fix their ice cream machines so you can enjoy that with your burger.

Five Guys makes great milkshakes, and the ice cream machines always seem to be fixed.

2. Shake Shack (NYSE: SHAK)

One of the few new-generation gourmet burger chains that trade on the public markets. Shake Shack took the East Coast by storm after its humble beginnings as a hot dog stand inside the Madison Square Garden arena. The clientele isn’t the same as a McDonald’s. The menu is higher in price than most fast-food chains. But the burgers have received rave reviews across the board.

Their famous shakes are known as some of the best in the industry. Shake Shack is an international hit with nearly 250 locations in 2021, including nearly 90 outside of the U.S. Oh, and the stock has more than doubled since its IPO in 2015, rewarding its early investors. Five Guys stock would probably do the same.

3. Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO)

Is there a combination more magical than fresh fries and a Coke? For decades now, Coca-Cola has been the go-to beverage to accompany burgers. Much of this stems from its long-running relationship with McDonald’s and other fast-food chains. Coca-Cola is perhaps one of the only brands more recognizable worldwide than McDonald’s.

Which is an impressive feat in itself. Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are members of the blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average. Why is that significant? Because the Dow Jones was created as the most influential American stock with a pulse on the fabric of American culture. There aren’t many companies more American than McDonald’s and Coca-Cola.

Five Guys Stock Competitors We Wish Were Traded

Whataburger: Texans will argue that their local burger chain, Whataburger, deserves to be on this list. And it’s hard for us to argue.

Whataburger’s famously massive burgers with multiple patties are exactly what the state is about.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the burgers. Finally, where else can you order your burgers on thickly sliced Texas-style toast?

Whataburger isn’t the national name that Five Guys is, but it is the burger chain of choice for the Longhorn State.

White Castle: The brand made famous by Harold and Kumar, White Castle’s reach expands from the East Coast to the Midwest.

White Castle is best known for its bite-sized sliders, with a soft white bun that absorbs the flavor of the beef.

Why would we buy stock in White Castle? Their fans are devoted! Weddings are a regular thing at White Castle locations, which could have to do with each restaurant being built to look like an actual castle. 

Fatburger: This Beverly Hills-based burger chain makes no bones about its name or product. The chain has since gone national and international in countries across Asia and the Middle East.

Fatburger is known for its extravagant and messy burgers, with a long list of add-on toppings. The menu is pricier than other fast-food chains, but Fatburger prides itself on being a sit-down burger bar. 

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Burger Joints We'd Love to Invest in

In case you haven’t noticed, hamburger chains have some fiercely loyal fans. Very rarely will you find someone who loves McDonald’s as much as Wendy’s. Or In-N-Out as much as Five Guys.

When you are loyal to a certain brand, what better way to support the company than by becoming a shareholder? However, just like there’s no Five Guys stock, these are burger joints we wish we could invest in.

In-N-Out Burger: Primarily a West Coast chain, In-N-Out is famous for its cheap menu and freshly made burgers and fries. Rarely will you find an In-N-Out location without a line out the door. This is why we think it would make a great investment.

In-N-Out has geographic exclusivity, an extremely loyal fanbase, and the ability to make animal-style fries. Just how popular is In-N-Out? It was Anthony Bourdain’s favorite fast-food restaurant.

He called it the best restaurant in Los Angeles. Other famous chefs agree as In-N-Out was a long-time favorite of Julia Child, Mario Batali, Gordon Ramsay, and Thomas Keller. 

Five Guys: Now we head out to the East Coast, where Five Guys was founded in Virginia. Five Guys has expanded to over 1,400 locations in the U.S. alone in just thirty-five years. And there are hundreds more around the world. Like In-N-Out, Five Guys is known for its freshly made burgers with nearly endless customizable ingredients. Get Five Guys to go, and you get the patented extra scoop of fries in your bag!

Vegan Hamburgers

Beyond Meat (NASDAQBYND): Burger purists might scoff at the thought of a plant-based burger. The plant-based industry is growing and growing fast. It’s already valued as a nearly $10 billion market. It has an expected compound annual growth rate, or CAGR, of 12% annually until 2027.

Plant-based meat already makes up more than 3% of all meat products sold in America. This is impressive because only an estimated 2% of Americans are vegetarian. Have a craving for a plant-based burger? Beyond Meat can be found at McDonald’s, Yum Brand restaurants, A&W, Carl’s Jr., and Dunkin’, to name a few! You can’t trade Five Guys stock, but you can trade vegan burgers.

Final Thoughts on Five Guys Stock

As popular as burger chains like In-N-Out Burger and Five Guys are, most aren’t publicly traded. So, there is no Five Guys stock to trade. These restaurants have extremely loyal customers, high margins, and long lineups out the door. I can’t think of any reason they wouldn’t be excellent stock investments if they ever make it to Wall Street! As we can see with stocks like McDonald’s and Shake Shack, the appetite for burger chain investors is fierce!

But what’s our favorite reason for investing in burger chains? Hamburgers are a staple food in American culture. The wonderful thing about Americana is that countries worldwide embrace it, too! As you probably noticed, many of these burger chains aren’t even in every American state but have locations in countries as far away as India. An investment in hamburgers is an investment in America, and as long as people fire up their grills and continue to make mouth-watering burgers, it is an industry that will always have high demand. If you’ll excuse me, writing this article has made me hungry!

Frequently Asked Questions

Five Guys parent organization is currently Five Guys Holdings, Inc.

Five Guys is a private company with no plans to go public. 

Five Guys currently don't have stock to invest in, but they are a good franchise investment. Sales can exceed as much as $1.18 million per year.

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