FlowAlgo Review

FlowAlgo Review 2024

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We’re doing this FlowAlgo review to look at how this company uses data and information from unusual options activity. If you love block trades, then you’re going to love this. Big money is hidden from retail investors. But with a company like FlowAlgo, you can see where the big money is going. And that can help to dictate what type of trade you place.

Chart by TradingView

FlowAlgo is a paid service that investors can sign up to use, which provides data and information on unusual options activities in the stock market. It’s essentially a database and real-time chart of any big money options move that is placed against stocks.

Retail investors can use this to predict some options activity and bullish vs. bearish sentiment surrounding that stock. That explanation may be a bit unclear unless you are into options trading. FlowAlgo is a tool used by traders of all levels and provides data that can be utilized to make higher percentage options trades. 

FlowAlgo was created back in September 2017. But honestly, you won’t find much about it on the internet. So, we’re writing this FlowAlgo review. The creators and people who run the site have done a great job of keeping themselves in the shadows, which is one of the prevailing themes about FlowAlgo.

It’s simply a tool. A data algorithm, to be exact, that provides information, nothing more, nothing less. It doesn’t provide financial advice or say you should use the data the algorithm finds for your trades. Instead, it’ll find your data on the options activity. And what you do with that data is up to you. 

Options Activity Data

If the recent market activity has taught us anything, it’s that the big money of institutional investors dictates how the market moves. So when retail investors have a chance to get access to these block trades or market sweeps, we see a sign of how big money is moving: bullish or bearish.

That’s what FlowAlgo does. It penetrates the institutional side of things deeper, but we’ll get into that later. First, here’s a FlowAlgo review of some of the terminology we just dropped.

Block Trades: Block trades are massive trades by institutional investors like hedge funds. They’re generally considered more than 10,000 shares of a particular stock. Since these block trades would wreak havoc on the price of a stock, especially a small-cap company, they’re usually carried out outside of the market. FlowAlgo tracks these block trades and alerts users when a significant transaction has been made, even outside the normal market. Big money moves the market. You can get a headstart on other retail investors when FlowAlgo tips you off to a block trade that just took place.

Options Sweep: An options sweep is generally a block trade broken up into several transactions across multiple exchanges. In the aggregate, the multiple transactions equal one big block trade. But a sweep is typically used in different circumstances. For example, sweeps are generally carried out when an institutional investor wants to move quickly rather than wait for the best price levels. It could be because some insider news has been leaked, or a good earnings call is expected. Therefore, a sweep executes a speedway of accumulating a lot of shares before they explode. 

The Dark Pool is an added feature you don’t always get with options for data trackers. 

Flowalgo Website Review

Dark Pool

You wouldn’t be impressed with the Dark Pool if you didn’t think the stock market was suspicious before the Reddit saga between r/WallStreetBets and hedge fund managers.

This pool of liquidity for institutional investors and big money exists outside what we would call the normal market. Unfortunately, traders like you or I don’t have access to this Dark Pool, no matter how much capital we may have. So, how can this FlowAlgo review help?

The Dark Pool is one of the places where the big block trades we mentioned earlier can take place. Anything in the Dark Pool doesn’t directly or instantly affect the normal markets. Therefore, institutional investors can make big block trades without worrying about retail investors catching on. 

Why does it have such an ominous name? The Dark Pool refers to the fact that this market area has zero transparency. As in, even the SEC doesn’t regulate dark pool trading. So, is there anything shadier than hedge funds and big money pulling off trades of millions of dollars without any real regulation? It’s a little hard to believe. But in theory, Dark Pools have some utility for the broader markets. 

The fact that large trades in the Dark Pool don’t affect the markets can be a blessing for retail investors. Imagine if several hedge funds carried block trades on the same stock in a few minutes. The volatility would send the stock price through the roof or into a freefall. The Dark Pool allows for some protection for retail investors while also adding some off-the-grid trading abilities for larger institutional investors. 

While this all sounds great, the concern with some financial instruments and tools is that they can be fairly costly investments. Not FlowAlgo, though! Please look at their pricing program and options in this FlowAlgo review.

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FlowAlgo Pricing Review

If you are still skeptical about how FlowAlgo can help you with your trading, the site offers a nice two-week trial run for only $37. Once your two weeks are up, you can roll into the monthly option of $149.

You can upgrade to the quarterly or annual plans, giving you a better monthly rate overall. All of FlowAlgo’s plans come with the same options and functions. Therefore, it’s simply a matter of how long you think you want to be locked into their site. 

All in all, it’s a reasonable price for the information that’s made available. But, of course, it’s up to the individual trader to know what to do with that data. If you sign up for the annual rate, it equals about $3.00 per day. And if you’re already used to paying brokerage fees or for other financial tools, this is a fairly minimal cost compared to other sites in the industry.

Flowalgo Pricing Review

FlowAlgo Competitors Review

Absolutely! There are several market scanners that investors can use that are similar to FlowAlgo. Some of which you may have heard of already. Let’s take a quick look at a couple of the more prominent competitors to FlowAlgo.

1. BlackBox Stocks

BlackBox is one of the more popular stocks and options algorithms. You’ll see investors all over platforms like Fintwit or Reddit mention its name. In terms of functionality, BlackBox and FlowAlgo are very similar. Although FlowAlgo seems to have a better alert system for big trades. BlackBox even offers Dark Pool monitoring that most other market algos don’t. They have a lot of education and classes you can take as a member, using the BlackBox program and basic investing tools like options trading. BlackBox also seems to have more of an established community with Stocktwits and a Discord room for support and communal trading. Regarding pricing, BlackBox offers a slightly cheaper rate as it bills $99.97 per month or an annual fee of $959. 

2. CheddarFlow Options

Another option is a scanner that uncovers unusual activity and allows users to follow the smart money in the market. Like BlackBox and FlowAlgo, CheddarFlow lets users access the Dark Pool data that most retail investors don’t get a chance to see. They have a bundle deal with the popular technical analysis tool TrendSpider. CheddarFlow also charges users $99 per month. However, their annual rate is lower than BlackBox at $891. CheddarFlow also offers a free 7-day trial for users interested in signing up. 

3. TradeUI

TradeUI is a relatively new player in the field compared to the three names already mentioned. They’re limited in their features thus far. TradeUI doesn’t have access to Dark Pool data or an established community of users. However, it’s recently made a Discord server.

TradeUI’s advantage right now is that it’s one of the cheaper options, with two-week trials starting at only $2 per day. The annualized rate charges users $67 per month. In addition, they’re advertising a new Pro Plan with additional benefits like a trade scanner and SMS alerts for $125 per month. 

FlowAlgo Access

The easiest way is, of course, by computer, and FlowAlgo is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. FlowAlgo is also available on your mobile device or tablet.

However, you do need to use it through a browser as it does not have a dedicated smartphone app. This is one area where BlackBox may have an edge as they have a smartphone app for its software available on the Google Play and Apple App stores.

Although a smartphone app is a nice option, day trading from a smartphone is far from ideal, so most investors are still likely to use it on their computers.

Final Thoughts: FlowAlgo Review

Does this FlowAlgo review make it worth getting? Unfortunately, it’s hard to find conclusive evidence aside from some Reddit user testimonies that say these options scanners can help retail investors with their trading. Considering you should almost always take online forum testimonials with a grain of salt, it becomes even more difficult to determine how much of a difference these programs can make.

Sure, they market screeners and data that normally isn’t readily available to the small-time investor, but it’s still up to the investor to know what to do with this data. Pricing-wise, FlowAlgo is one of the more expensive market screeners out there.

Cheaper options like BlackBox, CheddarFlow, and TradeUI are readily available for a lower monthly and annual cost. However, very little separates these four brands regarding functionality and features, especially when you take TradeUI out of the mix. 

So does FlowAlgo have a better user interface? Maybe. Of course, this is always going to be up to user preference. FlowAlgo does have a very clear dashboard and the added benefit of having voice alerts that read out unusual options activity in real-time. Is there enough there to set FlowAlgo apart from its competitors?

To be honest, not really. FlowAlgo is an incredible tool that can help investors see which way the smart money in the market is going, but there isn’t much to say that it should be more expensive than BlackBox or CheddarFlow. A free trial would be nice. Although a two-week trial for $37 isn’t exactly breaking the bank. FlowAlgo is awesome, but nothing would make us say it is a clear-cut winner over its competition at this point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors cannot purchase shares of FlowAlgo because the company is privately held.

FlowAlgo finds Smart Money trades by looking at several data points when they hit time and sales. They include size, speed, order type, order fill, volume, and a lot more.

Cheddar Flow is integrated in Dark Pool Exchanges and updates in real-time. FlowAlso has good data but has a 15 minute delay.

Algoflow shows the total options flow each minute of the day. It represents the sentiment of traders throughout the trading day.

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