FlowTrade Review

Looking for a FlowTrade review? The Bullish Bears were FAST to hop on this tool and adopt it before the rest of the world finds out about how great it is. You could say it’s the best thing since sliced bread. It doesn’t matter if you are trading large caps or potstocks. This tool gets it done. 

Why? Because it shows you what the algos are doing in real time. It’s not a lagging indicator, its a LEADING INDICATOR! Some would call it a crystal ball. We tend to refer to it as “the secret sauce”.

However its affectionately known as the flow algo index within the FT community.

Why should you use FlowTrade? Well, for one, have you ever wondered why the bear flag failed? Or that head and shoulders pattern didn’t break down? Read on if you want to know how to avoid getting trapped in these patterns that don’t follow through!

What Makes FlowTrade Special?

FlowTrade has some unique abilities. The main two reasons I personally use FlowTrade are:

  • Flow Algo Index. The might be the best day trading indicator in existence. This is a proprietary indicator that shows up as a line on your charts. This line shows you what “smart money” is doing in real time. Smart money are the high frequency trading computers. The “algos” controlled by hedge funds, large institutional money, investment banks. The million and billion dollar forces that are in control of the market. These types of funds, and their trading activity make up 80% of the stock market activity.
  • Dark Pools & Block Trades. The FlowTrade platform tracks both of these types of trades in real time. These are the heavy duty trades that happen in a nanosecond and fill a large order to purchase shares. Block Trades are recorded in real time, and there are many platforms that cost money that track it. However, no other platforms plot then block trade on your chart with a date and time stamp as a horizonal line. Dark Pools have 24 hours to record their activity on the exchanges. So you will often see a DP print on your FlowTrade chart with a different date or time. When it shows up, you know there is a secret zone of support or resistance being exposed. Previous Dark Pool prints as well as block trades should be seen as support and resistance on the chart. 
TSLA Trade

Here we see a great short trade setup off of a block trade with the flow index showing hard selling at the open 10-13-2020. This is what we call a confirmation trade. Note in the left hand corner the block trade level on 10-8-2020 at the price of 438.57. Because the algo index was pointing up we had a confirmed long trade. 

FlowTrade Review: Lets Look At The “Setups”

Flowtrade Divergence Setup

Here we have a divergence setup on $BA – Note how the algo index was declining. Traders look to short pops into horizontal resistance zones and also look for short entries on bear flag break downs of previous supports. 

Divergent Setup FlowTrade

On this image of $INTU notice the algo line was continuously rising. price was rang trading/dropping but the “smart money” continued to buy, eventually pushing price passed previous highs. The trade is a CONFIDENT one because we can see what the algo flow is going into the ascending triangle breakout!

Flowtrade Confirmation Play NVDA

Here we see a solid confirmation play on Flowtrade with $NVDA. The algo line continued to buy and even pushed strongly above price and flowed in the direction of the algo. These types of plays are great when looking for daily breakouts or otherwise general momentum trades. 

Divergence Setup

On this slide we see a divergence setup. The algos bought as price dropped. eventually a daily support level held, and price “chased” the algo line which was leading it. It’s so important to know price action when using FlowTrade. You have to have the trading skills to use this tool, you simply cannot buy just because the algo line is heading up. There is much more to it then that. Obviously, big money, can hold and remain solvent a lot longer than the average retail trader. So study the your candlestick charts carefully before you use this tool.

FlowTrade Review Short Setup

Here we see a nice short trade off of resistance with algos selling hard. The algos continued selling for a great trade. The trade was confirmed with a bearish wedge breakdown below the block/dark pool levels.

Watch the video below and get some insights from a live trade room stream covering the dark pools, algos, hft’s and what the charts are telling us.

Using FlowTrade

So by now you’re probably beginning to understand the different ways to use FlowTrade effectively. The charts on FT really give you insight into what is happening behind the scenes.

Knowing what big money is doing, when they are doing it is the number one confidence boosters. However, before you trade you should refer to this trade chart and confirm the following before you make a trade:

FlowTrade Trade Guide Before You Place a Trade

                                                    FlowTrade Trade Guide Before You Place a Trade

FlowTrade Scanner Review

Did you know that you can scan for block trades and dark pool prints with FlowTrade? 

One of my favorite features is opening a tab in my browser and monitoring the block or dark pool prints in real time. As we know, big money rules price action. They place HUGE orders that most traders miss. Well, you won’t miss any big orders on your favorite stocks, or all stocks, depending if you choose to use their filter or not. Check out the dark pool trades placed today for example:

FlowTrade Scanner

In the image above I have filtered it to show only dark pool prints as these are where the sneakiest types of trades are placed away from retail traders eyes. I specifically trade around these levels. If you want to know if the trade you are in is truly bullish or bearish, look to this software for direction.

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