Free Crypto Trading

Best Free Crypto Trading Platform

Are you looking for free crypto trading platforms? We’ve got to be 100% honest. Outside of Robinhood, there’s no 100% free crypto trading platform. And even Robinhood has it’s crypto restrictions. Plus, you know the fire they’ve come under for protecting the hedge funds, which goes against everything they claim to be for. So, if you’re looking to trade cryptocurrencies for free, we have some great exchanges offering great options.

Free Crypto Trading

When we first start trading in cryptos, it’s wise to use one of the larger platforms that’ll provide a higher level of service, easy to use, holding your hand a bit, such as Coinbase, eToro, and Binance

However, if we choose to make a living trading or increase our total returns, we can now find several “fee-free” crypto exchanges that provide traders a way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with “no fees.”

One of these free crypto trading options may be good for your needs and make the difference between a winning trade and not. We have several to introduce. All of the exchanges are for fee-free Bitcoin trading. Though they all have a minimum of seven and up to over 100 different cryptos for trade, they may not offer all the altcoins of interest. 

Also, though trading may be “fee-free,” that doesn’t mean everything is free. The spot rates may be different between platforms, so be careful. Robinhood is the only 100% “free” crypto exchange because it makes money from your trading information. 

However, Robinhood doesn’t allow you to withdraw coins from their app. As far as exchanges that have free trades and allow you to withdraw crypto, are they free? We don’t know of any right now.

Be aware that some of these exchanges will also require ownership of a Crypto hardware wallet, 

Best Free Crypto Trading Platforms

Free crypto trading platforms will allow you to trade for free. You’ll need to fund the account of whatever crypto trading platform you choose. You can use a Coinbase account to do that. Then you’re trading to trade whatever cryptocurrency you want. Whether it’s Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can read charts and patterns.

Please don’t go into it blind. Just because it’s super popular doesn’t mean you don’t lose. If you know what you’re doing, you’ll succeed at trading crypto. So that means taking the time to learn and study. So you know what to look for. Don’t be like the 2019 people who bought at the top and lost everything.

1. Blade

BLADE is a service based in the U.S. and has been backed by Coinbase and other major investors. Though U.S.-based, it doesn’t allow U.S. customers to use its services.

This service just went offline (this may be to add U.S. functionality, but we don’t know why yet), and the BLADE exchange site says, “We’re working on a different, exciting, brand-new project!.”  

So you may need to wait a bit to sign up for this free crypto trading site if you’re not in the U.S. Hopefully, U.S. customers can sign up when they’re back.

BLADE is a crypto trading exchange allowing users to trade perpetual contracts in Bitcoin and other Altcoins. Users can trade with high leverage on crypto trading pairs up to 150x with settlement in Bitcoin (BTC) or Tether (USDT). They also launched Blade Zero, the first cryptocurrency exchange to offer fee-less trading in “bitcoin perpetual,” which are no-expiry contracts, mimicking a margin-based spot market and trade close to the underlying reference price—an interesting solution to the fee-free trade space.

2. ShapeShift - Free Crypto Trading

Shapeshift, established in 2014, is a digital marketplace providing crypto services to users globally. They offer a free crypto trading platform to swap crypto assets in a quick, safe, and secure environment.

Shapeshift has a new platform to buy Bitcoin with no fees to compete with other cryptocurrency exchanges. From there, you can exchange your Bitcoin to another altcoin and back again. 

To receive commission-free, zero spread, and zero trading fees, you must hold ShapeShift’s own FOX tokens, and you’ll receive 100 free tokens with a new funded account. You can read all about them in our ShapeShift review.

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3. Phemex

Phemex is a free crypto trading exchange founded in 2019 that offers spot, derivatives, and simulated trading on a unified platform. For its premium users, Phemex provides the opportunity to buy the major crypto assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Link) without paying fees on its spot exchange. 

Traders from the U.S., Australia, and the U.K. can all use Phemex. We’ve found their trade speed to be very fast (300,000 trades per second possible), and they also provide a demo account for new crypto users to practice with. Additional benefits include:

  • Up to 100x leverage Derivatives
  • Advanced order types possible
  • Cold wallet storage
  • Top-class mobile app
  • Traditional financial assets are also available

4. is another free crypto trading platform. They’re based in the U.S. and is a digital asset platform with over 1 million users offering several cryptocurrency services as an alternative to traditional banks and brokers, making it easier for everyone to buy, trade, and sell cryptocurrencies. 

Their “fee-free” trading is for a limited time, with a 0% trading fee for the first 90 days and “up to 50% trading fee reduction” on all trades for existing users. They’re also providing:

  • A 2% bonus deposit interest rate for deposits made in the first 30 days by new users
  • Fee-free crypto sending for other App users
  • Ability to buy Bitcoin with 0% credit card fee

5. Amplify

Amplify, started in 2019, is an exchange for crypto trading beginners. It was the first service to offer “fee-free trading” to non-U.S. citizens globally. The spot crypto pricing is the price with no additional fees, making it a free crypto trading platform. There are no requirements (like minimum funding of an account) for the zero-fee eligibility, which makes Amplify a great option for all. 

Amplify’s exchange currently offers 14 cryptos and several fiats for trade, including the following :

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Stellar
  • Dash
  • Amplify Loyalty Token (AMPX)

Each crypto pair can be traded fee-free against a fiat currency or the BTC, ETH, or AMPX. All told, there are 51 currency pairs, and with its interface geared toward beginners, making it quite easy to use, Amplify is a great option.

Just be aware of coins having issues like the Terra/luna coin. This kind of situation can affect your trading.

Final Thoughts: Free Crypto Trading

The good news is that there are free crypto trading platforms for you to use. You’ve got options. No matter your trader level, there’s a fee-free option for you. Make sure to evaluate the spot prices an exchange offers and look at the time it takes for orders to complete to help decide where to invest your money. Like always, never put at risk more than you are comfortable losing, and good luck with all of your trades!!!

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