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Looking to learn about free trading brokers? The stock market is a polarizing way to make money. There are a lot of different methods out there promising wealth. But what's right and what's wrong with all the information out there?

It can be completely overwhelming as a new trader. There are "gurus" who claim technical analysis is awful and you should stay away while others claim it's king. They're asking you to sign up for their courses for the cost of a house payment or car payment each month. 

But should we pay for those when free stock market trading can be found online? Do these gurus tell you where to find free trading brokers? 

Free Trading Brokers


Now a days we tend to look for free stuff. Who doesn't like free things? As a result, we're going to take a look at some free trading brokers. That way you can make sure you're getting the best free trading broker available. Check out a list of the top trading companies.

We don't give a broker the significance it deserves. In fact, our broker is the hub of all trading we do. It's where we place our buy and sell orders, where we chart and and at times where we scan for plays. 

Commission fees play a part in why we may choose the broker we do. As a result free trading brokers have become quite popular. 

With that being said, you want to make sure you get the best possible features. Many times, the commission fees we pay go into supplying the tools that brokers provide. 

As a result, when we skimp on the brokerage fees, we can sometimes get bare bones with free stock trading brokers. We're going to take a look at the top three free trading brokers available right now (learn how to invest in stocks).


Free Trading Brokers

Webull is a new free trading broker that's come on the scene recently. It was founded in 2017 and is a mobile app. Therefore, you can trade right from your phone. 

Since the development of smart phones, free trading brokers have been making apps to trade from. As a result, you can trade from anywhere; whether you're at the dentist or getting an oil change. 

Webull is commission free. They offer stocks and ETFs on their platform. Therefore, if you trade options, you're out of luck as of right now. 

In fact, Webull is seen as direct competition for Robinhood when it comes to free trading brokers. However, we know that you can have more than one trading broker. 

Webull is great for active traders. But of you're not trading all the time, the good news is that they don't charge to maintain an account. They also don't charge to open an account nor do they have maintenance or software fees.

Firms like Webull should be considered. Their platform might be a little more advanced for a new trader. However, it is a platform that you can learn.

They also have a simulated trading platform and offer courses to learn stock market trading. Their simulated trading account offers real time data. A real plus with free online brokers. Read our in depth review and sign up for Webull here.


Free Trading Brokers

Robinhood might be the most well known of all the free trading brokers available. They also have zero commission fees. In fact, you've probably seen people offering a free share on Robinhood. 

That just lets up know that Robinhood is popular among free trading brokers. In fact, they just started offering options and cryptocurrency. 

That can be quite exciting to traders that are into trading bitcoin or options. If you've ever traded options in a broker that charges commissions, then you know free commission on options trades is exciting. 

Hence why Robinhood is so well known and popular among free trading brokers. Another plus to this free broker is the fact that they don't charge withdrawal or inactivity fees. This is a plus when life happens and you need to take a break from trading for a bit.

However, their platform is a little bare bones. That is the danger you run into with free trading brokers. Although, many times, you can use another platforms charting while buying and selling on Robinhood. 

They do have a membership that does charge a subscription fee. Robinhood Gold is their subscription in which they give you margin. It's $5 a month. If you use more than $1,000 in margin a month they take a 5% yearly interest charge. 

If you're looking for good free trading brokers then Robinhood is definitely one to check out. Read our in depth review and sign up for Robinhood here.

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Free Stock Trading Brokers

Tradezero is a apart of free trading brokers that will have day traders with accounts under $25,000 jumping for joy. Not only are they commission free, they aren't under the PDT rule. 

As a result, you can day trade as much as you want. They're located in the Bahamas. Hence the reason anyone using their platform doesn't have to follow the PDT rule. 

Their claim to fame is free limit orders. However, they're only free if you're buying at least 200. If you place a trade that is 199 shares or less, you'll pay a $0.99 flat fee. 

They're great as a shorting broker as well as a free stock trading broker. Therefore, if you're into shorting, you'll be very happy with Tradezero when looking for free trading brokers. 

The biggest downside is that a US citizen who doesn't have citizenship in another country, will most likely have their application rejected. Hence the need for different free trading brokers to look at. 

Since we're a global trading community, we're including a free stock trading broker that's for traders outside the US. Therefore, if you're outside the US and love to short, this broker is for you. Read our in depth review and sign up for TradeZero here.


If you're a part of our live streams in our trade rooms or watch our YouTube videos, you can practice trading on these free trading brokers. Check out our trading service.

We also have trade alert setups for our community members. Our setups are key breakout and breakdown areas of what we are potentially looking for a stock to do. 

Looking to learn stock trading? Please watch our watch list videos on our YouTube channel to see how these alerts and watch lists work. In fact, you can watch us build our watch lists to day and swing trade. 

Practice trading these watch lists on any free online brokers you sign up for. The more you practice, the better you get. 

In fact, by watching us build our watch lists, you'll begin to understand support and resistance along with patterns. Support and resistance are the name of the trading game. 

Patterns won't guarantee the direction of a stock. But they give great clues to what a stock wants to do. 

We also offer real-time stock alerts as well. These are our options alerts that community members are able to follow but you can trade the shares on them also. Please read our disclaimer first before taking any trades.


People don't typically like to hear that trading takes practice. But if you want to be a great trader with long term success, you have to practice. 

Free online brokers that have demo accounts or simulated trading accounts lets you get comfortable placing trades before going live with your real money. It's important to make a few hundred trades in a practice account first before trading with real money.

We teach how to trade live in our trade rooms each day. We do live streaming and show real-time mentoring, coaching and trades. Our trade rooms are a great place to learn stock trading. Feel free to ask questions. We have great mods that love helping out our members.


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