FreeStockCharts Review

If you’re looking for a free charting platform, make sure to read our FreeStockCharts review. With some sites, you just don’t really need any explanation as to what the site does. is a free service that provides charting of stocks and other assets to traders to use in technical analysis.

What Is

While the site is called, it actually offers more of a freemium service than we see with so many websites these days. The free version gets you access to the TC2000 platform that runs on Windows, Android, and iOS. Feel free to download this software right onto your computer or open the platform in a web browser instead. 

In reality, there are quite a few premium services that runs. And the prices can get a little inflated the higher up you go. Let’s take a look at the chart of the pricing differences in FreeStockCharts review:

FreeStockCharts Review

As you can see, there are three different tiers of subscribers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Here is a breakdown of what you get in each tier.

FreeStockCharts Review of Silver

  • Customizable layouts of charts, watchlists, notes, and trading.

FreeStockCharts Review of Gold

  • Everything included in the Silver tier, plus
  • EasyScan stock and option screener
  • Simple step-by-step wizard to create conditions
  • Chart drawing tools
  • Sortable watchlists
  • Workspace layouts across multiple monitors
  • Up to 100 alerts that can be simultaneously tracked
  • Graphs of sectors, earnings, % insider shares, sales, etc.
  • Pre/Post market mode with morning pre-buzz (requires real-time addons)
  • Formula writing

FreeStockCharts Review of Platinum

  • Everything included in the Gold and Silver tier, plus
  • Historical condition testing
  • Historical scan results
  • Automatic refresh intervals on scans and sorts
  • Up to 1,000 alerts can be simultaneously tracked
  • Build market timing indicators from scan plots

FreeStockCharts Review of Optional Data Feeds

  • Realtime U.S. Stock Data ($14.99 monthly)
  • Realtime U.S. Options ($9.99 monthly)
  • Realtime U.S. Index Data ($9.99 monthly)
  • Realtime Dow Jones Indexes and Watchlists ($2.50 monthly)
  • Delayed Dow Jones Indexes and Watchlists ($1.50 monthly)
  • LiveBriefs by MT Newswires – Investor Feed ($8.00 monthly)
  • LiveBriefs by MT Newswires – Pro Feed ($50.00 monthly)
  • 100 additional alerts ($10.00 monthly)
  • 500 additional alerts ($25.00 monthly)
  • 3 additional concurrent streaming scans ($10.00 monthly)
  • 10 additional concurrent streaming scans ($25.00 monthly)

As you can see in this FreeStockCharts review, once you sign up for a subscription tier and then add on some customizable Data Feeds, the price of can add up in a hurry!

What Happened to FreeStockCharts?

We found in our FreeStockCharts review that they’ve moved to TC2000. As a result, two charting platforms merged together. Internet browsers like Microsoft Explorer discontinued their support of the platform. As a result, they’re now found on TC2000. That’s one way to get around the internet issues with Edge.

What Is the TC2000 Software?

This patented software allows users to access charting, stocks and options screening, and trading strategies, right on their computer or phone! The easy to use and intuitive platform provides traders with an inside look at what is moving the markets. 

FreeStockCharts Review

The TC2000 software can be downloaded for free from the site, which is linked directly from the Freestockcharts review page. As you can see, the platform has everything you need to perform technical analysis on stock charts, including a built-in stock screener, options premium pricing in the Options Chain for that given stock, and a fully interactive chart that you can add your own notations, trend lines, and alerts for. TC2000 even has a web app platform that you can use if you happen to be trading from a different computer than the one you usually trade from. 

Overall, the software is great for a free download, and although its interface and visual layout can seem a little more dated than some of the newer platforms, you can’t really ask for cutting edge technology when the app is free! 

If you do use the free version, you will notice that a lot of the features require you to sign up for a premium subscription, so while you will find that the free TC2000 software is great for charts, you might end up adding on a subscription to make it a more fulsome experience. 

Through TC2000, you can even open your own brokerage account so you can trade directly through the software platform. You can also use a paper account to track and practice your trades before risking any of your real money. Either way, TC2000 does a great job of offering everything you need within the software’s ecosystem. 

FreeStockCharts Review

List of the Type of Indicators and Trends You Can Use In the TC2000 Software

  • Fibonacci retracement/projection/fan/timezones/arcs
  • Anchored VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Kaufman Efficiency Ratio
  • Elliott Wave Oscillator 
  • MACD
  • Moving Averages
  • Options Greeks
  • Relative Strength Index
  • And dozens more!

Here’s a FreeStockCharts review of all the tools you need for basic charting are available in the free version, so feel free to get used to the environment before feeling you need to add to your subscription!

Other Features on

How does a FreeStockChart review connect to TC2000? The TC2000 software includes other impressive features such as a real-time news feed to keep you in the loop right within the app, rather than having to toggle between different windows. Believe it or not, there is even a free newsfeed and a premium newsfeed that comes directly from M.T. Newswires. 

Other features include the built-in stock scanner which you can use to find stocks using a long list of characteristics and indicators, which can help you pinpoint the type of charts you want to see. What are some good indicators to use in a stock screener? You may want to find stocks with a higher market cap where options premiums have presumably less volatility or ratios like price to earnings. 

Alerts! Any trader knows that alerts are your best friend, especially when you have dozens of stocks on your watchlist. You can have alerts for when certain stocks hit certain price levels or crossover moving averages, anything you want to keep an eye on, you can set an alert for it!

Are you into chart art? Think you made a great chart that may help the trading community? Feel free to take a snapshot or even share your chart directly to social media for all of your followers to see!

How Does Compare?

There are a lot of charting services out there, but one of the main competitors in the free software landscape is TradingView, which is a web-based charting platform that offers many of the features that does. TradingView is an excellent resource with a great user interface and even a mobile app that helps you check your charts or follow stocks when you’re on the go. 

Like, TradingView offers many of its services for free. But for those who are looking for a little more in their trading and charting experience, it also offers premium services. Surprisingly, the rates are much lower than, and you don’t have to worry about adding on the extra features either. The premium subscription with TradingView comes in at $59.95 per month, while is $74.98 per month. 

Another charting service that is popular amongst trading communities is TrendSpider. While TrendSpider does not have a free version for traders to try, it does offer a free 7-day trial before you commit to a paid subscription. TrendSpider’s monthly rates are the highest of the three services and it doesn’t have a mobile app yet like TradingView does, but it also has one of the smoothest and robust interfaces in the industry. 

Ultimately, charting software is going to come down to your personal preference. Is one service better than any of the others? You might just have to try all three to see which one suits your charting style! So we hope this FreeStockCharts review helps point you in the right direction.

FreeStockCharts Reivew of Pros and Cons

  • Great user interface that is easy to learn
  • Free service offers everything you need to get started in technical analysis
  • Web Browser mode allows you to login from any computer
  • Tons of features like news feeds, stock scanner, and options chain.
  • Fully customizable features like charts and alerts
  • Can add individual paid features as you need them
  • The monthly fees can get expensive if you add more features
  • Downloading software isn’t as easy as a web-based platform
  • Some parts of the platform just aren’t as smooth as newer web-based charting services

FreeStockCharts Review Final Verdict

We hope you enjoyed this FreeStockCharts review. Whether you are an experienced day trader or just getting started in investing, technical analysis and reading stock charts can go a long way in helping you stay profitable. If you can figure out how to read simple indicators like levels of support and resistance, you can learn a lot about how stocks generally behave during certain trends. is an easy-to-use and best of all free charting platform that provides everything you need to get into technical analysis. While downloading the TC2000 software can be a bit of a pain, does offer a convenient web-based app that you can use instead. 

Premium services can be a little on the expensive side, but the experience is comparable to other popular sites like TradingView or TrendSpider. If you’re looking to get into any sort of technical analysis or chart reading, try out to learn the ropes before upgrading to a premium subscription! 

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