FTSE 100 Stocks Index List

List of FTSE 100 Index Stocks

The Bullish Bears break down a list of the FTSE 100 stocks and companies, ETFs, and futures. The FTSE (commonly pronounced ‘footsie”) is a London-based stock exchange that looks to take the 100 largest market cap stocks into its index. It is viewed as a gauge of economic health in the UK and is watched by traders and investors worldwide. You can trade on this exchange from 3 am to 11 am Eastern time. Also, check out our full stock indexes list.

Seasoned traders and investors pay close attention to closing times, even when trading US markets. We recommend you familiarize yourself with all stock exchanges’ open and close times. The creation of the FTSE index was a combination of the “Financial Times” newspaper and the LSE, which is why it’s called the Financial Times Stock Exchange or FTSE.

The “FTSE Group” manages many other indexes across multiple asset classes, including fixed income, real estate, commodities, currencies, and equities (stocks).

We are not affiliated with nor endorse any of these companies, and nothing on this site constitutes a recommendation to buy or sell.

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SymbolNameMarket CapSectorIndustry
BHPBHP Group$211.25 B Basic Materials Other Industrial Metals & Mining
SHELShell plc$207.68 B Energy Oil & Gas Integrated
AZNAstraZeneca plc$201.75 B Healthcare Drug Manufacturers—General
HSBAHSBC Holdings plc$140.15 B Financials Banks
RIORio Tinto Group$125.84 B Basic Materials Other Industrial Metals & Mining
ULVRUnilever plc$117.84 B Consumer Staples Household & Personal Products
DGEDiageo plc$115.58 B Consumer Staples Beverages—Wineries & Distilleries
GSKGlaxoSmithKline plc$109.98 B Healthcare Drug Manufacturers—General
BATSBritish American Tobacco plc$101.44 B Consumer Staples Tobacco
BP.BP plc$96.24 B Energy Oil & Gas Integrated
GLENGlencore plc$87.31 B Basic Materials Other Industrial Metals & Mining
AALAnglo American plc$71.48 B Basic Materials Other Industrial Metals & Mining
RELRELX plc$58.53 B Communication Services Publishing
NG.National Grid plc$55.88 B Utilities Utilities—Diversified
LSEGLondon Stock Exchange Group plc$53.33 B Financials Financial Data & Stock Exchanges
VODVodafone Group plc$45.74 B Communication Services Telecom Services
LLOYLloyds Banking Group plc$43.70 B Financials Banks
PRUPrudential plc$39.00 B Financials Insurance—Life
CPGCompass Group plc$37.73 B Consumer Discretionary Restaurants
EXPNExperian plc$35.40 B Industrials Consulting Services
NWGNatWest Group plc$32.72 B Financials Banks
BARCBarclays plc$32.19 B Financials Banks
CRHCRH plc$31.45 B Basic Materials Building Materials
FERGFerguson plc$30.52 B Industrials Industrial Distribution
BA.BAE Systems plc$30.51 B Industrials Aerospace & Defense
AHTAshtead Group plc$28.28 B Industrials Rental & Leasing Services
TSCOTesco plc$28.11 B Consumer Staples Grocery Stores
BT.ABT Group plc$24.09 B Communication Services Telecom Services
SSESSE plc$23.73 B Utilities Utilities—Diversified
LGENLegal & General Group plc$21.34 B Financials Insurance—Life
SGROSEGRO plc$21.08 B Real Estate REIT—Industrial
STANStandard Chartered plc$20.78 B Financials Banks
FLTRFlutter Entertainment plc$20.58 B Consumer Discretionary Gambling
IMBImperial Brands plc$20.14 B Consumer Staples Tobacco
AV.Aviva plc$19.82 B Financials Insurance—Diversified
CRDACroda International plc$19.22 B Basic Materials Specialty Chemicals
SMTScottish Mortgage Investment Trust plc$18.78 B Financials Asset Management
ANTOAntofagasta plc$17.86 B Basic Materials Copper
III3i Group plc$17.60 B Financials Asset Management
ABFAssociated British Foods plc$17.49 B Consumer Staples Packaged Foods
WPPWPP plc$15.76 B Communication Services Advertising Agencies
SN.Smith & Nephew plc$14.09 B Healthcare Medical Devices
BNZLBunzl plc$13.07 B Consumer Staples Food Distribution
RTORentokil Initial plc$12.78 B Industrials Specialty Business Services
ENTEntain plc$12.52 B Consumer Discretionary Resorts & Casinos
HLMAHalma plc$12.49 B Industrials Conglomerates
IHGInterContinental Hotels Group plc$12.20 B Consumer Discretionary Lodging
EVREVRAZ plc$12.14 B Basic Materials Steel
SPXSpirax-Sarco Engineering plc$12.14 B Industrials Specialty Industrial Machinery
INFInforma plc$11.80 B Communication Services Publishing
OCDOOcado Group plc$11.54 B Consumer Staples Grocery Stores
SKGSmurfit Kappa Group plc$11.48 B Consumer Discretionary Packaging & Containers
ITRKIntertek Group plc$11.03 B Industrials Consulting Services
RR.Rolls-Royce Holdings plc$10.97 B Industrials Aerospace & Defense
SDRSchroders plc$10.48 B Financials Asset Management
NXTNEXT plc$10.44 B Consumer Discretionary Apparel Retail
UU.United Utilities Group plc$10.30 B Utilities Utilities—Regulated Water
STJSt. James's Place plc$10.21 B Financials Financial Conglomerates
SVTSevern Trent plc$10.12 B Utilities Utilities—Regulated Water
JD.JD Sports Fashion plc$10.00 B Consumer Discretionary Specialty Retail
ADMAdmiral Group plc$9.96 B Financials Insurance—Property & Casualty
SGEThe Sage Group plc$9.83 B Technology Software—Application
MRWWm Morrison Supermarkets plc$9.63 B Consumer Staples Grocery Stores
AVVAVEVA Group plc$9.60 B Technology Software—Application
MNDIMondi plc$9.51 B Basic Materials Paper & Paper Products
SLAStandard Life Aberdeen plc$9.44 B Financials Asset Management
IAGInternational Consolidated Airlines Group, SA$9.29 B Industrials Airlines
PSNPersimmon plc$9.07 B Consumer Discretionary Residential Construction
BRBYBurberry Group plc$8.90 B Consumer Discretionary Luxury Goods
PHNXPhoenix Group Holdings plc$8.10 B Financials Insurance—Life
AUTOAuto Trader Group plc$8.03 B Communication Services Internet Content & Information
MROMelrose Industries plc$7.93 B Industrials Specialty Industrial Machinery
PSHPershing Square Holdings Ord$7.88 B Financials Asset Management
DCCDCC plc$7.80 B Energy Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing
LANDLand Securities Group plc$7.76 B Real Estate REIT—Diversified
CCHCoca-Cola HBC AG$7.72 B Consumer Staples Beverages—Non-Alcoholic
MNGM&G plc$7.59 B Financials Asset Management
SMINSmiths Group plc$7.57 B Industrials Specialty Industrial Machinery
WTBWhitbread plc$7.55 B Consumer Discretionary Restaurants
PSONPearson plc$7.52 B Communication Services Publishing
SBRYJ Sainsbury plc$7.42 B Consumer Staples Grocery Stores
BMEB&M European Value Retail SA$7.37 BConsumer StaplesDiscount Stores
FRESFresnillo plc$7.30 B Basic Materials Other Precious Metals & Mining
JETJust Eat Takeaway.com N.V.$7.20 B Consumer Discretionary Internet Retail
KGFKingfisher plc$7.10 B Consumer Discretionary Home Improvement Retail
RMVRightmove plc$7.09 B Communication Services Internet Content & Information
BDEVBarratt Developments plc$7.02 B Consumer Discretionary Residential Construction
ICPIntermediate Capital Group plc$6.77 B Financials Asset Management
AVSTAvast plc$6.66 BTechnologySoftware—Infrastructure
BLNDBritish Land Company plc$6.51 B Real Estate REIT—Diversified
TW.Taylor Wimpey plc$6.25 B Consumer Discretionary Residential Construction
HL.Hargreaves Lansdown plc$6.25 B Financials Asset Management
HIKHikma Pharmaceuticals plc$6.23 B Healthcare Drug Manufacturers—Specialty & Generic
BKGThe Berkeley Group Holdings plc$6.07 B Consumer Discretionary Residential Construction
PNNPennon Group plc$5.91 B Utilities Utilities—Regulated Water
SMDSDS Smith plc$5.78 B Consumer Discretionary Packaging & Containers
JMATJohnson Matthey plc$4.79 B Basic Materials Specialty Chemicals
POLYPolymetal International plc$1.90 BBasic MaterialsOther Precious Metals & Mining
RSARSA Insurance Group plc$1.65 B Financials Insurance—Property & Casualty

FTSE 100 ETF List

VGKVanguard FTSE Europe ETF
IDViShares International Select Dividend ETF
BBEUJPMorgan BetaBuilders Europe ETF
IEURiShares Core MSCI Europe ETF
HEDJWisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity Fund
EWUiShares MSCI United Kingdom ETF
EWGiShares MSCI Germany ETF
IEViShares Europe ETF

FTSE Futures Symbol

FTUE-Mini Futures

What Is the FTSE 100 Index?

FTSE stands for the Financial Times Stock Exchange. The FTSE is a global financial organization that manages asset exchanges and creates index offerings for global financial markets. They manage various indices representing different geographies, sectors, and asset classes.

FTSE is well-known for its index design, calculation, and management expertise. Investors and financial professionals worldwide use its indices as benchmarks for measuring and analyzing market performance.

The UK economy is often measured by the FTSE 100 Index, which tracks the performance of the 100 largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. These companies are typically well-established and have a significant impact on the economy.

Secondly, the FTSE 100 Index reflects investor sentiment and market confidence in the UK economy.

Finally, the FTSE 100 Index has an international component, with many of its constituent companies having global operations and exposure.

As such, investors, analysts, and financial professionals closely follow it to guide their financial decisions. 

FTSE 100 Index List

FTSE 100 Index Exchange

The stock market wouldn’t be what it is today without the London Stock Exchange and the FTSE 100. There are some key things to consider with this stock index. Even though it is a very popular index, it is not the best measurement of the UK economy because many companies listed on the exchange can get as much as 75% of their earnings from countries outside the UK.

Brexit has changed the climate. Since the UK entered the EU and left officially as “Brexit,” there have been four recessions. With the current global economic situation, many are (albeit early) calling for another global slowdown. 

Brexiters believe that the UK’s long-term problems will be solved moving forward. These problems include competitiveness in the global marketplace, historically weak investment in their companies, and trade deficits. Time will tell! 

Who Is the FTSE Russell Group?

The most well-known Index provided by FTSE Russell is the FTSE 100 Index, or “Footsie. ” However, FTSE Russell offers a variety of other indices, including those focused on emerging markets, real estate, fixed income, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing.

The FTSE Russell Group Is a British Provider of Stock Market Indices and Associated Data Services. The London Stock Exchange Wholly Owns It and Operates From Canary Wharf. The FTSE Russell Group Offers Various Indices Representing Different Geographies, Sectors, and Asset Classes.

Ftse Russell Provides Investors and Financial Professionals Worldwide With Expertise in Index Design, Calculation, and Management. More Importantly, It Is One of the Largest Global Providers of Financial Market Index.

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Trading the FTSE 100 Stocks Index List (Footsie)

There are several different ways that you can profit from Footsie. Two of the most popular ways are to trade options and futures. Options give you several different ways to capitalize. As Footsie declines, you might look at naked put strategies, put debit spreads, or call credit spreads

When the FTSE 100 has reversal patterns, you might go long and do naked calls, call debit spreads, or put credit strategies. We teach how to trade these strategies within our trading service above.

Futures trading is also another popular way to make money trading the Footsie. $FTU is the symbol for futures. Futures trading allows you to go long or short the FTSE 100. You can day trade or swing trade futures. Options and futures are great strategies to make money in bullish and bearish Footsie markets.

How to Calculate the Level of the FTSE

To calculate the FTSE 100 index level, one must use the total market capitalization of the hundred largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Market capitalization is the total value of a company’s outstanding shares. To calculate the market capitalization, one must multiply the company’s share price by the number of outstanding shares.

The formula for calculating the Index is relatively straightforward. First, you calculate the market capitalization of each constituent company- there are 100- and second, the Index is weighted accordingly. The weightage assigned to each company reflects its proportionate share of the total market capitalization of all companies in the Index.

 Market capitalization and index value can fluctuate throughout the trading day as companies’ share prices change. These changes in individual share prices and market capitalization impact the level of the FTSE 100 index.

It’s important to note that since the FTSE 100 index is weighted by market capitalization, larger companies have a greater impact on the Index’s performance. However, other factors, such as sector compositions and index rules, influence the Index’s performance.

Impact of COVID on the FTSE 100

The FTSE 100 had a difficult year in 2020, with its worst performance since the 2008 financial crisis. This was partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainty surrounding Brexit. However, in December 2020, the FTSE 100 Index reached its highest level since March due to positive news about COVID-19 vaccines.

Impact of Brexit on the FTSE 100

Brexit had and continues to impact the FTSE 100 Index. I think the most drastic implication of the Brexit referendum was the depreciation of the British pound. Ultimately, this impacted the UK economy, including the FTSE 100 Index. The depreciation of the pound following the referendum was substantial. Despite some recovery, the pound’s value against the euro and dollar remains below pre-referendum levels.

Despite the uncertainty and volatility during Brexit negotiations, the Index experienced periods of growth and recovery. 

Brexit uncertainty affects markets, and trade relations between the UK and the EU may cause instability in the FTSE 100. There are various perspectives and forecasts regarding the potential impact of Brexit on the FTSE 100 index in 2024. On a positive note, some money managers think the UK stock market, including the FTSE 100, could outperform US and EU benchmarks in 2024. At this point, all we can do is wait and see.  

Key Takeaways

  • FTSE is a global financial organization that manages asset exchanges and creates index offerings for global financial markets.
  • FTSE Russell offers various indices focused on emerging markets, real estate, fixed income, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing.
  • The most well-known Index provided by FTSE Russell is the FTSE 100 Index, or “Footsie. “
  • People commonly refer to the top 100 UK companies as the FTSE 100 Index. The FTSE 100 Index represents the performance of the top 100 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.
  • The FTSE 100 index is weighted by market capitalization. Thus, larger companies have a greater impact on the Index’s performance.
  • The FTSE 100 Index is widely recognized as a barometer of the UK economy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

FTSE stands for the Financial Times Stock Exchange or "Footsie ."The FTSE is known for its stock market indices, including the London Stock Exchanges FTSE 100 Index.

People commonly refer to the top 100 UK companies as the FTSE 100 Index.

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) Group.

The FTSE Canada index is a weighted index that reflects the performance of large- and mid-cap Canadian stocks in market capitalization.

The main FTSE index is the FTSE 100 Index. It comprises the 100 largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange by market capitalization.

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