Welcome to the Bullish Bears Free E-Mini & Micro Futures Trading Course 

The futures trading videos in this course will walk you through step by step on how to trade e-mini & micro futures, choosing the right futures broker, setting up futures trading charts, and why we believe they are the "future" of trading. 

E-Mini & Micro Futures Trading Course

Our e-mini futures and micro futures trading course is going to give you the foundation and building blocks on how to become a successful futures trader! Learning how to trade futures is much easier than many traders realize, especially with micros now available. Having both choices available gives traders options and the simplicity to grow a small or large trading account.

Our futures trading course breaks down both choices and gives you targeted and proven futures trading strategies. Register for your free membership below and gain instant access to our free course.

  • How to Trade E-Mini & Micro Futures
  • Why Micro Futures are the "Future" of Trading
  • Choosing the Right Futures Broker
  • Why Margin is Key!
  • Learn How to Setup Your Futures Charts
  • Watch How to Place Trades Live

Futures Trading Course Online: How to Trade E-Mini & Micro 

  1. Here's what you'll learn in our futures trading course:
  2. How to trade e-mini and micro futures.
  3. Futures points and ticks explained.
  4. How to setup your futures trading charts.
  5. Regular trading hours.
  6. How to choose the right broker.
  7. Margin requirements.
  8. Different trading strategies.
  9. Trading bear flag breakouts.
  10. How to place trades.
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Futures Trading Course

How Can I Learn Futures Trading?

  1. Here's how you can learn futures trading:
  2. Determine whether you are day trader or swing trader.
  3. Choose whether you trade e-mini or micros.
  4. E-mini's are more volatile than micros.
  5. Micros are great for trading a small account.
  6. Learn the different fees and requirements with brokers.
  7. Know differences between intraday and overnight margin.
  8. Some platforms have better indicators than others.
  9. Learn different ways to place a trade.
  10. Make sure to practice in a virtual account first.

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Micro Futures Are the Future!

Micro futures are the future of trading. Well, at least that's what we believe and let's tell you a little bit why. We explain a lot more in our futures trading course. E-mini futures are a very profitable trading strategy and one of the most reliable, since you're able to trade things like the overall market, gold, oil, etc...The futures charts of /ES, /GL, and /CL are easier to trade because of the credibility of these sectors. Especially the /ES, since most stocks run with the overall market.

The downfall with e-mini futures is that they've segregated a lot of traders because of the large futures margin requirements. Which means...if you have a small trading account then you're pretty much priced out of trading futures markets.

The great news is that we now have MICRO FUTURES!. Micro futures have now changed the game of trading. We believe that micros are really going to give the day trading world a face lift over the coming years. Why trade low float pump and dump penny stocks when you can trade reliable sectors?

What Are the Trading Strategies of Futures?

  1. Here are some of the popular futures trading strategies:
  2. E-mini's = higher risk and higher reward.
  3. Micros = lower risk and lower reward.
  4. Breakouts and break downs.
  5. Dip buying.
  6. Range trading.
  7. Day trading futures contracts.
  8. Swing trading futures contracts.
  9. Going long like you would a stock.
  10. Going short like you would a stock.

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Futures Trading Course
futures trading course

The Future of Trading

We can't say enough great things about trading the futures markets. Nothing is foolproof in this industry, however, traders of all backgrounds the ability to capitalize trading them. 

The game is now changed in the industry but it's still hard to teach an old dog new tricks. It may take years for traders to catch up but the future of trading is now here! Read More

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