If you want to learn how to trade futures then our futures trading room is the place for you. We will teach you how to master price action everyday.


If you roll up your sleeves and focus on the knowledge being shared in this futures trading room, you will become a profitable futures trader. We have beginner, intermediate and experienced members who are in the futures trade room, so make sure you are taking your time while learning and adjusting to this room.

Get acquainted with the members, and their trading styles. And don’t forget to PROFIT! Nobody has ever gone broke taking profits. 

  • Futures Trading Chat Room
  • Live Daily Futures Streaming
  • Master Price Action Trading
  • Real-Time Charting, Mentoring & Training
  • Learn How to Enter & Exit Futures Trades
  • Live Daily Stream Replays 

Get Ready to Profit

Our Futures trading room is an opportunity for you to learn what others are doing, how they are doing it, share charts, share ideas and gain knowledge. We support each other with knowledge and feedback.

Our main Futures Trader admin is Rose. Rose has worked tirelessly to perfect futures trading techniques that you will learn as a member. She gives it her all in the swing trade room mentoring other trade room members and doesn't hold anything back. 

Futures Trading Room

Learn How to Trade Futures

  • More margin/leverage for futures trading, with less capital requirements (broker dependent).
  • Futures Trading Room - speculators who are skilled can make more money, more quickly than they would in stocks.
  • Future markets are highly liquid, with tighter bid/ask spreads and more volume.

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Make Money

Why are we so adamant about the ability for our futures trading room to make you money? Well, you can’t “pump” futures. As you know we are the anti-pumper stock market trading community. Unlike penny stocks that are routinely pumped and dumped around the internet, futures are in a separate category, and pretty much immune to any pumping by any chat rooms in the world. Of course there are "big dogs" out there in the futures world who take big positions and move the market, but we are retail traders, just sneaking in between their big position trading and locking in gains. We aren't a pump and dump trading service. 

Futures Trade Room


We have lots of different styles of trading being used in our futures trading room. Some people are swing trading futures contracts, scalping futures contracts, day trading futures contracts, trading futures options and futures options spreads. They say variety is the spice of life and we agree! Futures trading has its own unique challenges and differences. There is something for everyone in our stock trading community. Read More

Learn Futures

We were all newbies once. Please also note that busy futures hours should be focused on trading and not on off topic subjects. People in the futures trading room may miss your questions, so you can always ask when hours are slower if they do. Or post on our forum or Facebook community. Invest some time with us and learn the flow of the Futures Trading Room. If you are new and trading with a small account, please don’t trade with real money. Paper trade with real time data. Have a simulator with the broker you plan to trade with when you go live. First practice making GOOD trades – not good money. The money will come after. Don’t disregard this step! Start with just 1 contract!! Don't skip this step! Read More

Futures Trade Room
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