We created the best list of gold stocks for 2020 below with various large cap gold company stocks and gold penny stocks with free courses on how to trade them. With Gold and Silver hitting all time highs in July 2020, a lot of people are digging for nuggets in our Gold Stocks List!

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List of Gold Stocks

Below is a gold stocks list of some of the most popular gold company stocks as well as gold penny stocks. It's important to note that the prices will fluctuate due to economic news and time.

We include a mix of gold penny stocks and large caps. *Pricing subject to change below. Make sure to check each symbol in your brokerage account to see current pricing. Also, please make sure to take our free trading courses to learn how to trade them. * We are not affiliated with nor endorse any of the gold company stocks on the lists below! Check out our stocks lists page as well.

Gold has been pretty volatile the last 12 months. Most recently, we have seen it drop due to the dollar bulls rushing into cash as the overall stock market is currently in bear market territory. Is a recession around the corner? Some say so. With that said, gold stocks are an interesting hedge against inflation, uncertainty and volatility. Check out the list below and find the best gold stocks for 2020 by putting them into your charting platform and applying technical analysis along with comparing the fundamentals on stock rover. 

We have recently been trading stocks like $NEM quite a bit! 

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1. Gold Penny Stocks

  1. CMMMF: Comstock Metals - under $0.05
  2. AGDXF: Antioquia Gold - under $0.05
  3. OSSPF: Osprey Gold - under $0.05
  4. GULSF: Ashanti Gold - under $0.05
  5. AHNR: Athena Silver - under $0.05
  6. VDTAF: Vendetta Mining - under $0.07
  7. PREIF: Precipitate Gold - under $0.10
  8. EGDFF: Energold Drilling - under $0.10
  9. ERDCF: Erdene Resource - under $0.15
  10. CBGZF: Cabral Gold - under $0.15
  11. BALMF: Balmoral Resources - under $0.15
  12. GDQMF: Goldquest - under $0.20
  13. BBBXF: Brixton Metals - under $0.20
  14. AGCBF: Amarillo Gold - under $0.20
  15. ABNAF: ABEN Resources - under $0.20
  16. NHVCF: Northern Vertex - under $0.25
  17. KERMF: Kerr Mines - under $0.25
  18. KDKGF: Klondike Gold - under $0.30
  19. RVLGF: Revival Gold - under $0.50
  20. FWEDF: Fireweed Zinc - under $0.50
  21. LOMLF: Lion One Metals - under $0.60
  22. TRQ: Turquoise Hill - under $0.75
  23. ASM: Avino Silver - under $0.75
  24. RBYCF: Rubicon Minerals - under $0.75
  25. MGDPF: Marathon Gold - under $1
  26. GUYFF: Guyana Goldfields - under $1
  27. GLDLF: GoldMining Inc - under $1
  28. TRX: Tanzanian Gold - under $1
  29. AKG: Asanko Gold - under $1

2. Small Cap Gold Stocks

  1. UEC: Uranium Energy - under $1.15
  2. PZG: Paramount Gold - under $1.20
  3. PLG: Platinum Group Metals - under $1.50
  4. EMX: EMX Royalty - under $1.50
  5. PIRGF: Premier Gold - under $2
  6. CELTF: Centamin Egypt - under $2
  7. ARNGF: Argonaut Gold - under $2
  8. CORVF: Corvus Gold - under $2
  9. LMCNF: Leagold - under $2
  10. HL: Hecla Mining - under $2.50
  11. MUX: McEwen Mining - under $2.50
  12. AUY: Yamana Gold - under $3
  13. HMY: Harmony Gold Mining - under $3
  14. SVM: Silvercorp Metals - under $3.50
  15. OCANF: OceanaGold Corp - under $3.50
  16. IAG: IAMGold - under $4
  17. FSM: Fortuna Silver - under $4
  18. CGOOF: Continental Gold - under $4
  19. BTG: B2Gold - under $4
  20. ALIAF: Alacer Gold - under $4
  21. TAHO: Tahoe Resources - under $4
  22. DRD: DRDGold - under $4
  23. GORO: Gold Resource Corp - under $4
  24. SEMFF: Semafo Inc - under $4.50
  25. KGC: Kinross Gold - under $5
  26. GTBDF: Great Bear Resources - under $5
  27. GSS: Golden Star Resources - under $5
  28. CDE: Coeur Mining - under $5
  29. SILV: Silvercrest Metals - under $6
  30. SBGL: Sibanye Gold - under $6
  31. GFI: Gold Fields - under $6
  32. SAND: Sandstorm Gold - under $7
  33. NG: NovaGold Resources - under $7
  34. AGI: Alamos Gold - under $7
  35. EGO: Eldorado Gold - under $8
  36. CAGDF: Centerra Gold - under $9

3. Large Cap Gold Stocks

  1. /GC: track Gold futures
  2. AG: First Majestic Silver - under $10
  3. PVG: Pretium Resources - under $12
  4. OR: Osisko Gold - under $12
  5. SA: Seabridge Gold - under $15
  6. DRGDF: Detour Gold - under $15
  7. FCX: Freeport McMoran - under $15
  8. GG: Newmont Goldcorp - under $15
  9. PAAS: Pan American Silver - under $16
  10. AU: AngloGold Ashanti - under $20
  11. GOLD: Barrick Gold - under $20
  12. WPM: Wheaton Prec. Metals - under $27
  13. KL: Kirkland Lake Gold - under $50
  14. AEM: Agnico Eagle - under $55
  15. FNV: Franco-Nevada - under $95
  16. RGLD: Royal Gold - under $120

4. Gold Stocks ETF's

  1. DUST: Gold Inverse ETF - under $9
  2. JDST: Gold Inverse 3X ETF - under $18
  3. OUNZ: VanEck Gold Trust ETF - under $15
  4. AGQ: ProShares 2X Leveraged Silver ETF - under $30
  5. ZSL: ProShares -2X Inverse Silver ETF - under $35
  6. GDX: Gold Miners ETF - under $30
  7. GDXJ: Gold Jr Miners ETF - under $40
  8. NUGT: Gold 3X ETF - under $40
  9. UGL: ProShares 2X Leveraged Gold ETF - under $50
  10. GLL: ProShares -2X Inverse Gold ETF - under $60
  11. JNUG: Gold ETF - under $85
  12. GLD: Gold ETF - under $140
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The Safe Haven of Gold Company Stocks

Gold stocks are known as a safe haven in the trading world. Investors along with traders add gold stocks to their portfolios to protect against economic downturn. Gold tends to move in the opposite direction of the dollar. As a result, as the dollar loses value, the price of gold begins to move up. Watch us do streaming each day in our live trading room.

Does having gold stocks as a safe haven mean you can't day trade or swing trade them? Not at all! Stocks can be traded no matter what sector they belong to. That means they'll move up and down. Gold just moves up and down in the opposite direction of the market at times. It's important to remember that just because gold is supposed to move opposite of the dollar, that doesn't mean it will. Read More

Gold Stocks List
Candlesticks Charts E-Book

What Are the Best Gold Stocks in 2020? List to Watch

  1. $NEM (Newmont Corp)
  2. $GOLD (Barrick Gold)
  3. $AGCBF (Amarillo Gold)
  4. $AKG (Asanko Gold)
  5. $EGO (Eldorado Gold)
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NEM Stock Report

$GOLD is another stock in this sector that gets a lot of attention. Based in Canada, Barrick Gold is a top gold producer globally, with mines on four continents. In 2019, the company produced nearly 5.5 million ounces of gold and more than 430 million pounds of copper, boosted by the acquisition of Randgold at the end of 2018. Barrick Gold continues to grow through purchasing new mines and expanding into new territories. This company is one to watch if you are a gold bug!

1. Does Momentum Matter?

Does momentum matter with a gold penny stocks list? Have you ever tried to trade a stock where the momentum has died? It's like watching paint dry as you wait and hope volume comes back in. Since gold stocks are volatile and subject to manipulation you want be on the right side of the move.

There's a saying in trading that what goes up must come down. As a result, traders will take their profits and cause the stock to take a tumble. Our gold stocks list includes penny stocks. Therefore, you can be tempted to buy and hold hoping to get rich.

Beware of anyone telling you to trade that way. If someone comes to you saying gold is the future and you need to buy and hold, ask them to show you the charts. You'll probably hear that charts don't matter.

It doesn't matter is it's a gold stocks list or an oil stocks list, the charts matter. Going into a trade just because someone told you to is a strategy that rarely works. Instead, take time to practice. We recommend placing a few hundred practice trades in a good trading simulator before you go off trading with your hard earned cash! Play it smart peeps!

Trading is emotional and those emotions tend to work against us. We know paper trading a gold stocks list isn't the same as using real money. However, it helps to work out the kinks.

2. Does Hype Help or Hurt Gold Stocks?

Does a gold stocks list fall victim to hype? It can. Gold is a very interesting commodity. Not only can you trade gold stocks and ETFs, you can own physical gold. It's something people into gold get very passionate about. 

Don't fall victim to FOMO. Instead, take the time to learn and study how to trade gold stocks. Don't you want to be safe rather than sorry?

Speaking of hype, watch our video on how to make money with bitcoin if you want to learn about another sector that pumps and dumps like pot stocks. We always try our best to give back to the community members within our trading service.

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Gold Stocks List

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