Gurufocus Review: Worth the Cost of a Subscription?

GuruFocus was founded in 2004 by Dr. Charlie Tian. And, with over 40,000 daily users and 22,000+ premium subscribers, GuruFocus is the go to place for investment information. Today in this GuruFocus review we look at what features you get for your money.

What Is Gurufocus & Are They Worth It? (Review Breakdown)

  • In a nutshell, GuruFocus is a trading company dedicated to value investing by providing financial news, commentaries, and publishing. No time to research your favorite stock? This is where Gurufocus comes in handy. To begin with, their main goal is to help users invest in the right stocks. And, why are they the right stocks? Well, they are meticulously researched by the best investors in the world and Gurufocus gives them to you on silver platter.

Keep in mind, GuruFocus is not a broker, a dealer, or a place for registered investment advice.

Dr. Tian

Dr. Tian realized learning how the best investors invest is a great way to generate investment ideas. Kind of seems like common sense right?!

value investor at heart, Dr. tian felt that he would make fewer mistakes by selecting stocks researched by the best investors in the world.  In brief, these investors are known as gurus!

The Power of Value Investing

Value investing is a world wide recognized investment strategy. For example, Warren Buffet, one of the most profitable investors all all time, follows the value investing strategy.

Unlike some investment strategies, value investing is simple. You simply select stocks that are “undervalued” or traded below their intrinsic value and buy them.

To cut a long story short, you buy the dip and sell when it’s high. Take a peek out our buy the dip, sell the rip video!

Real Time Picks: Gurufocus Review

With a subscription you get “Picks” that provide a detailed insight into what’s going on inside the brightest minds in the stock industry.

Curious to know who the gurus are? For instance, Warren Buffet, Carl Icahn, and George Soros are some of the most notable names.

For a particular “guru”, their Real Time Picks update usually in 24 hours. And, in some cases it can be within 1-2 weeks after the trades are made.

Check out our stock picks service so for more stocks to trade.

Gurufocus Review

Trading Styles

Even though GuruFocus caters primarily to long-term investors, swing and intra-day traders benefit as well. Check out our swing trading course.

So, the million dollar question. How do I use all the information from GuruFocus to create a winning trading strategy? Well, the answer is multi-fold.

Users can easily select from a few different strategies and screeners like The Buffet Munger, Most Broadly Held, Most Weighted, Top 25 List of Undervalued Companies and the Top 25 CEO Purchases.

Our stock trading service offers a live screen share of our Trade Ideas scanner.

Popular Strategies

Also known as the CEO/CFO strategy, subscribers will have insight into what the heavy hitters are trading.

Firstly, GuruFocus gathers the data and determines why the guru traded the stock. Secondly, once armed with this information, you can decide to follow along.

Personally, I want to know what the gurus are trading. All things considered, they didn’t become trading gurus for nothing.

Secondly, you can use data from the Securities and Exchange Commission filings. Large investors must report changes in their holdings within 10 days of a trade. It pays to know what companies are up to!

Additionally, each quarter they must report their holdings. Quite frankly, this information is golden.

Thirdly, “Real Time Picks” reports the stock purchases and sales that Gurus have made within the prior 2 weeks. Check our real time stock alerts.

Model Portfolios: Gurufocus Review

Want to trade what the Guru’s are trading? Well, you’re in luck as GuruFocus has a wide range of model company portfolios to choose from.

What’s more, the portfolios follow sound and proven strategies. For example, take the Buffet Munger screener.

In brief, you use it to find good companies at fair or undervalued prices. Stock training goes a long way in helping you make the right trading choice.

The All-In-One Gurufocus Screener (Review)

  • One of the best-selling points of GuruFocus is their intuitive and easy to use screener. Not to mention, the ease of navigation reminds me of FinViz.It seems GuruFocus has managed to pack everything you need into a screen that’s clean, sleek and responsive all the time.In addition, I feel the All In One Screener, the Buffett Munger Screener and the Ben Graham Net Screener, are some of the best research tools on the market.

Unfortunately the screener is only available to paid users but you can try it here for a free 7-day trial.

Check out our Finviz review.

Gurufocus Review

What Does Gurufocus Cost in 2021? (Pricing Breakdown)

  1. Currently you can choose from two membership levels: Premium and Premium Plus.
  2. For the Premium at $449 you’ll get access to 10 US exchanges.
  3. With that comes the GuruFocus manual of stocks , back testing for 3 years plus much more.
  4. Premium Plus is priced at $849 per year on top of the Premium membership fees. In total, you’ll pay $1298.
  5. But, you have access to all financial market regions and over 4,000 U.S. institutional form-13 filings.

For more information go to Membership Levels.

The Pros & Cons: Gurufocus Review


  • Proven investment strategies
  • A spectacular amount of screening criteria in the stock screener
  • A+ accredited by the Better Business Bureau
  • Has the latest picks by value investing tycoons
  • You can try it for free with a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied


  •  Limited US-listed companies which meet the NCAV criteria
  • Some sectors are volatile (ie. energy and retail) and riskier than others
  • You will lost money if you follow the herd. Do your due diligence and don’t blindly buy stocks because others are.
  • The subscription is costly depending on your financial situation

A Word of Caution: Gurufocus Review

Sometimes investment professionals will share their ideas very publicly because they want to influence the stock price. Therefore, remember their opinion may be biased.

That’s why investors should always perform their own due diligence by conducting their own research with stock trading tools.

Still uncertain what investment strategy works for you? The best way to start investing in stocks is to pick a style of investing then educate yourself.


Keep in mind, this is not a personal finance software. In brief, it’s a research tool with investment strategies of very successful people.

What sets GuruFocus apart is its premium interfaces, remarkable screening capacities, updated guru/insider trades, and model portfolios.

In conclusion, if you are serious in achieving success financial success through value investing, GuruFocus is one of the best platforms.

In my opinion, a subscription is well worth your money. You can trade live with us where you can discuss you GuruFocus finds. Hence this GuruFocus review.

A Community

Thinking of trading but not sure where to turn? Well, we have a stock trading community created with the vision of becoming the most trusted trading community in the world.

Additionally, when you subscribe, you’re not just joining a place to make money in the stock market, you’re joining a movement.

If you want to understanding trading in simple and easy terms, we have over $3,000 of free online trading courses on our website. Feel free to check us out.

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