We provide you a full list of Hang Seng Index stocks and companies below. When you think of the Chinese Economy, you should think of Hang Seng Index. Named after the largest bank which is also one of Hong Kong’s largest listed companies founded in 1993.

The name Hang Seng actually means “ever-growing” which is incredibly fitting because that is what banks, and YOUR investments should do…right? This index is a free floating adjusted market capitalization-weighted stock-market index in China (try say that mouthful 10 times fast).

Hang Seng is located in Hong Kong which is a major city in Asia for economic activity. Hong Kong means “fragrant harbor” probably because it has always been a hotbed for worldly trade.

The Hang Seng is used to record and monitor daily changes of the largest companies of the Hong Kong market and is look at as the main indicator of the overall market performance in China.

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Hang Seng Index Stocks List – Breakdown of Companies

ETF’s Stocks List: Hang Seng Index

EWH: IShares MSCI Hong Kong ETF 
FXI: IShares China Large-Cap ETF
FHK: First Trust Hong Kong AlphaDEX ETF 
TAO: Guggenheim China Real Estate ETF 
HAHA: CSOP China CSI 300 A-H Dynamic ETF

Futures: Hang Seng Index List

HSI: mini futures

Commerce & Industry

0001 CK Hutchison Holdings Limited
0019 Swire Group
0027 Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd.
0066 MTR Corporation Ltd
0151 Want Want China Holdings Ltd
0175 Geely Auto
0267 CITIC Pacific Ltd
0288 WH Group
0386 Sinopec Corp
0669 Techtronic Industries
0700 Tencent Holdings Limited
0762 China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited
0857 PetroChina Company Limited
0883 CNOOC Ltd
0941 China Mobile Ltd
1044 Hengan International Group Co. Ltd
1088 China Shenhua Energy
1093 CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Ltd
1177 Sino Biopharm
1928 Sands China
2018 AAC Tech
2313 Shenzhou International
2319 Mengniu Dairy
2382 Sunny Optical


0002 CLP Holdings Limited
0003 Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited
0006 Power Assets Holdings Limited
1038 Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited


0012 Henderson Land Development Company Limited
0016 Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited
0017 New World Development Company Limited
0083 Sino Land Company Limited
0101 Hang Lung Properties Limited
0688 China Overseas Land & Investment Limited
0823 The Link REIT
1109 China Resources Land Limited
1113 CK Property Holdings Limited
1997 Wharf Real Estate Investment Company Limited
2007 Country Garden


0005 HSBC Holdings plc
0011 Hang Seng Bank Ltd
0388 HKEx Limited
0939 China Construction Bank
1299 AIA Group Limited
1398 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
2318 Ping An Insurance
2388 BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Ltd
2628 China Life
3328 Bank of Communications Ltd
3988 Bank of China Ltd

What Is Hang Seng Index?

  • Hang Seng has been established since 1933 and it today serves over 3.5 million local residents with roughly 280 branches located in Hong Kong. Hang Seng’s parent company is HSBC which presently owns a more than 60% equity interest in the bank.
  • Facts you should know about China before investing in their economy:
  • China is a socialist country and thus has a socialist economic system controlled by the People’s Republic of China. The system is based on the predominance of public ownership and state-owned enterprises within the market economy.
  • The Chinese military is expanding, especially its naval forces in the south sea, and escalating geopolitical tensions in the area. How will this affect the stock market? That is yet to be seen.  No country wants war, but it does appear that the military buildup has caught the attention of the US and other nations.
  • China is a major exporter. Their top exports are broadcasting equipment , computers like ($AAPL devices), office machine parts (like Xerox). Semiconductors (hello $AMD) and telephones (mostly cell phones). Also furniture, lighting, and miscellaneous plastics and plastic items. 

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List of Hang Seng Stocks

A lot of people wonder what this virus is going to do to their 401K’s and the stock market long term. There are several things that people can do. The first thing is that if you ever feel like the stock market is too risky for you to stomach then you could always put your 401k or investments into safe funds for a temporary period of time.

If you go into safe funds there is always the chance that the stock market could continue up, however, you would also not be susceptible to huge market drops like what happened in February.

The huge drops that happened were not that surprising because it was foreshadowed in the stock charts. Obviously, no one could predict that a virus would take down the markets, however, they were due for something major to happen because price action was way overextended and was due for a pullback.

A great way to be prepared and not get caught off guard with the Hang Seng Index and what it’s going to do is to learn how to read the charts. Stock chart reading isn’t just for professionals. In fact, many financial advisers don’t even know how to read stock charts. They put your information into a computer and base your retirement off of your current risk tolerance and how much money that you want to have at retirement.

The problem with many financial advisers not knowing charts is that many of their clients end up being in risky funds when huge market corrections like 2000, 2008, and now 2020 happen. The huge drops that happened weren’t all that surprising for those that knew how to read candlestick patterns.

The stock market was very overextended going into 2020 and was due for a major correction, we just didn’t know that the Coronavirus would be the catalyst to create it. Price action was way overbought so it needed to come back down.

Well, if you’re bullish on the HSI then you want to see the buyers start coming in and get price action above the weekly 50 sma and 200 sma. There’s a lot of moving average resistance levels above now after the huge sell off. To keep the bull market going, you want to see price get back above the 9 ema again. That’s going to take a lot to happen.

If price action stays below the moving average lines then the bear market may be here and we may be in for a rough period of time. Don’t fall for the hype of advisers saying don’t worry the market will go back up again. It may, but the charts have to reflect this. It’s not that hard to learn how to read stock charts if you put the effort in to learn them. We will teach you this in our community. 

Learning stock charts will give you the education that you need to protect your investments long term and also an edge on how to capitalize and make money in the HSI or any market near term. There are several different trading strategies that you can learn that will make you money whether the market is up, down, or trades sideways.

Hang Seng Stocks List

How to Trade the Hang Seng Index $HSI? 

Options trading is one of the most popular ways to capitalize on the $HSI. You can trade ETF’s when this index is falling. Some popular strategies are buying naked puts, which is the most profitable but also the most risky strategy. One of the most popular and safest strategies is to buy call credit spreads as this index is falling. Once the reversal takes place then you might look into naked call options or safer strategies such as put credit spreads. 

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