HEB Grocery Stock Price

HEB Grocery Stock Price and Symbol

What is Heb Grocery’s stock price, and are they publicly traded? Investors cannot purchase shares of Heb Grocery because it is a private company. Walmart (NYSE: WMT) and Target (NYSE: TGT) are grocery-related stocks that traders can invest in.

The total food and retail sales in the US topped $5.7 trillion, and one retailer, HEB Grocery, made $31.2 billion. Savvy investors made millions buying grocery store stocks at rock-bottom prices in March. But the million-dollar question remains: will grocery stocks tank? 

I’m told there are only two things for sure in life: death and taxes. Well, I know a third, and we need to be fed. Regardless of the chaos going on in the world today, we still need to eat. 

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Despite its size and success, most Americans haven’t heard of HEB for one simple reason: of all 50 states, HEB has stores only in Texas. With over 340 stores throughout Texas and Mexico, HEB is a privately owned supermarket chain based in San Antonio, Texas. Founded in 1905, HEB remains owned by the Butt family and employs 135,500. 

They also operate Central Market, an upscale organic and fine foods retailer, to maximize the profits from the healthy eating folks. As such, their main competitors are Whole Foods and Mi Tienda stores, which sell Hispanic foods.

HEB Grocery is doing something right, something to $25 billion. In 2017, they hauled in a shocking revenue of over $25 billion.

On November 23rd of this year, $31.2 billion. Unsurprisingly, HEB is ranked 13th on the “Top 75 North American Food Retailers” list by sales. Profits aside, Forbes ranked them No. 12 on their 2019 “America’s Largest Private Companies list. Furthermore, HEB is the 20th largest retailer in the United States, donating 5% of pre-tax profits to charity. Yay HEB! It would make a great HEB grocery stock. 

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HEB Forbes Highlights

#9 – America’s Largest Private Companies 2020

#19 – Best Employers for Veterans 2020

#87 – Best Employers for New Grads 2020

#82 – Best Employers for Women 2020

#182 – Best Employers for Diversity 2020

#132 – America’s Best Employers 2019

HEB may only be flying under the radar for a little while longer. According to new research released by Dunnhumby – the global leader in Customer Data Science, things are changing.

America’s top grocery retailer, Trader Joe’s, has been dethroned by no other than HEB. And it doesn’t stop there; they also surpassed Amazon, Costco, and other favorites like Wegmans and Publix.

Now, how did Dunnhumby come to this conclusion? Well, they prepared something called their Retailer Preference Index (RPI). The RPI combines survey data from more than 7,500 households with public financial data.

Their goal is to determine the emotional connection consumers have with a grocery chain related to the market performance of the chain.

What they are attempting to measure as far as the consumers are concerned is their trust, intensity of attachment, and recommendation. So, what does that mean for HEB grocery stock?

Heb Grocery Stock

HEB Stock Competitor (Kroger: KR)

Kroger is not only a nationwide grocery chain but also a favorite of Warren Buffett. As the second-largest supermarket in the US by revenue, it’s nothing to sneeze at.

With a market capitalization close to $23 billion and a 2.32% dividend, I’d open my pocketbook to get a piece of that pie. 

Walmart is another option since you can’t buy HEB grocery stock.  Walmart is a relatively new company, starting in 1962, compared to HEB.

They’re currently the largest grocery store in the US despite battling with online retail giant Amazon. Regardless, it’s a solid alternative to buying HEB stock with a $300 billion market cap and a dividend of close to 2%.

Kroger ($KR) TipRanks Stock Forecast Report 3/24

HEB as ‘Grocer of the Year’

Due to its pandemic preparation and response, Grocer Dive has awarded H-E-B the title of Grocer of the Year. Praised for keeping core supplies on their shelves despite the pandemic, H-E-B is blazing a new trail. 

According to Grocery Dive, “Its stores experienced empty shelves just like other retailers, but it kept supplies strong in core categories like meat, produce and dairy, in no small part thanks to owning many of its manufacturing plants and strategically placing warehouses throughout the Lone Star State.” 

And their commitment to their customers doesn’t stop there. In March, they created a delivery service solely for those 60 +. Not only was this forward-thinking on their behalf, but it became a lifeline for vulnerable customers. 

I’d be remiss not to mention what they do for their staff. H-E-B instituted a permanent wage increase and gave workers a $500 bonus. 

Considering this little-known grocery store has won almost every recognition and award, I want to invest heavily in H-E-B grocery stock. Wouldn’t you?

Sigh. What is one to do now? Consider investing in a company like Walmart, which seems like a safe bet.

Alternatively, some smaller grocery chains may be better for higher returns. After all, the need to eat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

Final Thoughts: HEB Grocery Stock

Can you get a piece of the HEB grocery stock pie? As I said, people still need food, and opportunities like these only occur once in a lifetime. And if grocery stocks interest you, you have several trading options.

If you want to learn how to start investing in stocks, join us today for free. We will show you how to buy 100 shares of an expensive stock like Walmart for a fraction of the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Heb stock is not publicly traded. They are a privately held supermarket chain out of San Antonio, Texas. They have more than 380 stores in America.

The Heb Stock Plan allows employees to participate in their 401K plan because they care about the future of their Partners.

Heb gives 3% of their salary plus an additional $100 in stock value for each continued year of employment.

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