How to Bet on the Stock Market Going Down

How to Bet on the Stock Market Going Down

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Do you know how to bet on the stock market going down? Strategies such as naked put buying is very profitable if you choose direction properly. If you’re looking for more risk management strategies then call credit spreads and put debit spreads are also really good ways to profit when the market is falling. No one can predict the downturn of the market. However, patterns and trend lines can go a long way in helping to predict a fall in the stock market.

Sometimes, some corrections can cause people to think the market is going into a recession. That isn’t the case. So, if you will bet on the stock market going down, ensure proper risk management.

The market trades in cycles. There will be bull markets and bear markets. The key to protecting current profits and adding more is knowing how to bet on the declining stock market.

There isn’t a magic formula to knowing how to bet on the declining stock market. If there were, we’d all be rich. However, there are tools we can use to know when to place the bet.

A bear market is considered as such when it’s down 20% or more. People often mistake a market correction for a bear market and panic. A correction is between a 10-15% move down.

This allows investors to get better entries into a trade. However, at the time, it can seem like a bad thing. The good news is that you can still make money when the stock market declines.

The key is to know when to bet on the fall. There isn’t a perfect science to that; however, using patterns and technical analysis are tools at your fingertips.

How to Bet on the Stock Market Going Down


Candlesticks are the name of the game. They not only form support and resistance but also tell us how other traders are feeling. Support and resistance are so important.

They’re levels that traders pay close attention to. You can find them using the real bodies and wicks of the candlesticks. However, candlesticks can tell you so much more.

Candlesticks serve a great purpose. They tell a story by themselves and form patterns when you group them; you should know what candlesticks mean to know what story they tell.

Everyone knows what bullish candlesticks and bearish candlesticks are. How about doji candlesticks? Did you know there are different doji candles? Doji candles are indecision candlesticks.

Some show more indecision than others. At the same time, some have a more bullish or bearish bias in their indecision. That’s why knowing what candlesticks look like and mean is so important.

They tell you when other traders aren’t sure of a direction. Then, you can look to see where they’re placed in patterns. 


Patterns will greatly help in knowing how to bet on the declining stock market. It takes looking at thousands of charts to see the patterns pop out at you.

There are large ones like triangles. Descending triangle patterns on the S&P futures will be a huge clue into the market’s direction.

Then it would be best if you looked closer. Bearish and bullish patterns form within each other. This can cause the breakdown of patterns. You see the descending triangle and think it’s going down.

However, inside of that is a cup and handle pattern. Cup and handle patterns are bullish. That can have an impact on the market’s direction. However, you may see head and shoulder patterns.

That allows you to place a good bet on the declining stock market. For further confirmation, look closer at the 2 and 3 candlestick patterns.

Look for dark cloud cover patterns or bearish harami patterns. Get as much confirmation as possible if you know how to bet on the declining stock market.

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What Goes Up When the Stock Market Goes Down?

  1. Here are some stocks that go up when the stock market goes down:
  2. Gold: $GOLD or related stocks. Silver: $PAAS or related stocks
  3. Defense stocks during times of war such as $LMT and $GD
  4. Consumer Staples: $WMT, $TGT, $JNJ
  5. Bonds

Final Thoughts: How to Bet on the Stock Market Going Down

Technical analysis is another tool to confirm a bear market is coming. Moving average lines, RSI, and MACD can also confirm moves.

Moving averages, like simple and exponential moving averages, have many uses. They are support and resistance as well as equilibrium. When a stock moves away from the moving average lines, it will return to them.

The moving average crossovers are good buy and sell signals, especially the 9- and 20-emphasic moving averages. When they cross, get in or out.

The RSI lets you know when a stock is overbought and oversold. Sometimes, stocks can stay in those areas, confirming the strength of a trend. Other times, it’s a signal that a reversal is coming.

The MACD tells you when a stock crosses bullish or bearish territory. Look for the MACD crossover to confirm a move so you know how to bet on the declining stock market.

If you want to know how to bet on the stock market going down, all you need to do is read the charts. However, that’s easier said than done. You have to put in the time and effort to study.

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