How to Make Money Day Trading

How to Make Money Day Trading Stocks

Do you know how to make money day trading? Many aspiring investors find day trading to be the ultimate dream job. It only takes a few hours of your day, and the plus side is that you can work anywhere you want as long as you have an internet connection.

  1. Here are some simple steps on how to make money day trading:
  2. Study: take a day trading course to help you learn the nuts and bolts.
  3. Practice: practice making a few hundred trades in a virtual account.
  4. Plan your trade: plan your entries and exits before each trade.
  5. Trade your plan: stick with what you feel most confident in.
  6. Limit risk: cut your losses quickly if the trade goes against you.
  7. Be realistic about your profits: take your profits and don’t get greedy.

The perks of this job are far and wide, and retiring before reaching thirty is among them. Great things take time, and this is no different from day trading. It would be best if you took the time to learn how to make money day trading.

A lot of people usually find it hard to master the practice as well as the discipline to undertake this craft. You cannot call yourself an excellent day trader by just hitting some home runs.

You are far from an exceptional day trader if you keep chasing all hot stocks. But don’t beat yourself up; you can make money day trading with the appropriate experience, mentors, and equipment.

Take our day trading course to learn how to make money for day trading.

How to Make Money Day Trading

What Is a Day Trader?

The ultimate question remains,” What exactly is day trading?” Well, this is the buying or selling stocks on the same day while you hold no positions at night.

Some experts would incorporate other techniques like swing trading, but it all goes down to opening and closing most trades in the same session.

Most day traders always try to predict a shift in prices before they happen. A trader would be required strategies like technical analysis that would help them know when there would be a price shift. Check out our live trade room for technical analysis and how to make money day trading in action. Our room offers many different trading styles, so there’s something for everyone!

Steps on How to Make Money Day Trading

If you wish to know how to make money in day trading, you must follow five practical steps to give you an edge to become a successful day trader. Why? A few reasons.

First is taking time. Like any other thriving career, you will need substantial knowledge of the topic to practice any craft. This is the same in this industry.

It would be best if you took the time to learn everything concerning the craft to be in the best position to execute it successfully.

During this period, you must learn various strategies like momentum-trade momentum trading, reversal trading, and breakout-trade breakout trading.

You don’t need actually to master them all, but you need to know some basic information regarding each strategy so that you can prevent over-trading.

1. Paper Trading

Thirdly, it’s prudent to practice the art on paper before you go ahead and do it in real life. Hence, the next step that will put you in the best position to make money is paper trading before live trading.

The practice will help you to tune in to your emotions. During this period, you can create a trading plan and learn to follow it up with the letter while using your favorite strategies.

During this time, you will identify which strategies work for you. Some simulators allow a day trader to test different strategies in various market conditions without losing real capital.

2. Proper Expectations

Fourthly, you must set achievable expectations. Don’t think about making money, but think about losing the funds you already have. When you finally scale and start to live trade, starting small as you scale up is always advisable.

For example, as a newcomer, you can start trading with 200 dollars as you work up to 800-1000 dollars. You have to keep in mind that small wins are better than home runs.

Not to mention that they reinforce the need to follow and stay on your trading plan. Moreover, it allows you to instill discipline, which is vital in trading consistently.

This is extremely important when learning how to make money day trading. 

3. Managing Risk

Fifth, and perhaps most importantly, is managing your risks properly. Honestly, this ability will make or break you as a trader. The idea here is to have the ability to ensure you suffer small losses only.

When creating a trading plan, you will set up a stop. Why? To ensure you get out of a trade before you lose your shirt. You should always get out of the trade if your trading plan is not going as expected.

In fact, before entering a trade, it’s more important to know when you will exit instead of going in and hoping for profits.

A risk and reward calculator can help you understand risk management’s art successfully. You’ll be able to understand the risk-reward ratio in each trade you partake in.

You must remember that losses are bound to happen, and it is fine if the loss is according to your trading plan.

4. Taking Profits

Finally, taking profits is the last step you must learn before becoming a successful day trader. Knowing when to take losses is not the only thing you will have to learn; you will also have to learn when to take profits.

When new dollars flow in, knowing when to close up your trade may be hard. A trading plan will come in handy at this juncture. In your plan, you have to indicate steps to follow when taking profits and setting a stop when making losses.

You have to follow up on your trading plan to reap a lot of earnings in the long run. Please, do not be greedy; take up some profits and get out of the trade, as everything is always unpredictable when it comes to this craft.

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Checklist: How to Make Money Day Trading

  1. Study: study 1-2 hours per day for several months until you’re comfortable
  2. Open a practice account with a company like ThinkorSwim or IB
  3. Take the time to practice different strategies
  4. When going live, start small
  5. Avoid pumping and dumping penny stocks until you’re comfortable
  6. Plan your trade and trade your plan
  7. Cut losses quickly
  8. Be realistic about profits
  9. Never let greed control a trade. You never go broker taking your profits
  10. Know when to sell

Final Thoughts

Do you know how to make money day trading? Like anything in life, trading included, you have to take the time before you start enjoying the benefits of this craft.

Nothing comes easy, and with enough practice and discipline, you can successfully learn the art of being a day trader.

The good thing about this craft is that anyone can do it. If you have the zeal and are patient to educate yourself, you will be on your way to becoming a successful day trader and making money while at it with the right stock training.

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