Learn How to Make Money with Bitcoin in This Simple Video Course

This simple video tutorial will give you a crash course on how to make money with bitcoin using simple, time-tested charting methods. Never buy on hype! Charts matter and we will teach you what the "pumpers" won't.

How to Make Money With Bitcoin

How to Make Money With Bitcoin

If you’re looking for how to make money with bitcoin then the video below will show you how. We'll teach you but it might not be in the ways that you think. We aren't bitcoin "pumpers" and we aren't going to tell you what's going to happen with crypto long-term because we don't know what's going to happen. No one does.

What we will teach you though, is how to trade bitcoin at support and resistance levels. We will show you the safe ways on how to profit while protecting your brokerage account. Candlesticks and technical analysis are the name of the game when knowing how to buy and sell stocks in any sector.

Make sure to take our free courses if you need more help on technical analysis and how to trade stocks. Register for our free courses below. Our video on how to trade bitcoin is below!

  • Learn How to Make Money with Bitcoin
  • No Hype, Just the Technicals
  • Find Out How to Buy Low and Sell High
  • Patterns to Look for When Buying & Selling Crypto
  • Using Moving Average Lines for Protection
  • The Secrets That the "Pumpers" Won't Tell You
How to Make Money With Bitcoin

Be Aware of "Pumpers" & Hype

We are not bitcoin haters. We are traders who teach technical analysis and the safe ways on how to make money with bitcoin. Every stock in the world obeys the laws of support and resistance. What goes up will eventually come back down. Stocks don't go up forever and the same goes with bitcoin. Watch us teach and trade live each day in our live trading room.

It's no different. Anyone that tells you that the charts don't matter with bitcoin is either lying, doesn't know what they're talking about, or they are pumpers. Read More

Technical Analysis

Candlesticks patterns are the culmination between the battle of the bulls and the bears. These patterns form important support and resistance levels. The phrase buy low sell high comes from this battle and the clues that candlesticks patterns leave.

Candlesticks aren't foolproof by any means but they provide the best clues on when to potentially enter and exit a trade. Why is this important?! 

If you're looking for how to make money with bitcoin then you need to know how to buy low and sell high just like you would trading any other stock. Again, bitcoin might go up, however, at some point it might pullback or crash hard if it's overextended on the charts.

Buy the Rumor Sell the News

There's a saying that says buy the rumor and sell the news. The rumor could also be considered the hype or the speculation that comes with bitcoin or any sector. So, the hype takes place, crypto rises, then what?!

Will bitcoin continue to go up forever? Who knows?! Again, this isn't about what we "think" crypto is going to do long term. We are trying to help determine when you would potentially buy it and when you would potentially look to sell.

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Trading Community

In our trading community we teach how to make money with bitcoin as well as how to trade any sector. Again, it's all the same. Stocks all have candlestick patterns and go up and down based on the trading decisions of other traders. 

Bitcoin has a lot more volatility than your typical stocks but the laws of trading still remain the same. Traders buy and sell and patterns form. The more that this takes place and the more volume that flows through the process, the bigger the candlesticks.

Large candlesticks present larger risk. Ideally you want to buy smaller candlesticks near support levels, not large ones. Can you make money buying large candles? YES! However, this carries more risk. The choice is up to you but be aware of the risks associated with buying large candlesticks at overextended levels. Read More


How to Make Money With Bitcoin and Trading Our Watch Lists

We post a day trade watch list daily as well as a swing trade watch list several times per week for our community members. Links are above. If you're looking to trade stocks other than bitcoin then make sure to keep an eye on our watch lists. 

The trade alert "setups" that we offer with our watch lists for members fire off like crazy each week. We teach how to trade our watch lists on our YouTube channel. Make sure to watch our videos on how we build our lists. Our videos will teach you important support and resistance levels just like we teach you in our how to make money with bitcoin video. Again, all stock charts matter, regardless of sector. Read More

Come and Join Us

We can't stress enough the importance of not following hype when buying any stock sector, bitcoin especially included. If you want to know how to make money with bitcoin then learn the charts. Learn support and resistance. Don't fall into FOMO! If you miss the bitcoin wave then you miss it. The stock market isn't going anywhere.

There are always stocks to trade and make money with. We teach our members how to make money in the stock market daily, using many different trading strategies. Make sure to take our free courses below if you need more help learning trading. Read More

How to Make Money With Bitcoin

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