Hulu Stock Price

Hulu Stock Price and Symbol

What is Hulu’s stock price, and are they publicly traded? Investors cannot purchase shares of Hulu because they are a private company. Disney (NYSE: DIS) owns 90% of the company, and traders can invest in that stock.

With the tremendous success of the Netflix IPO, many investors are wondering how much the Hulu stock price is, and you can’t blame them. It’s an attractive investment idea based on the growth of digital streaming.

That investment would have paid off if you invested in Netflix in 2007 when it began its streaming service. Big.

On May 23, 2002, Netflix’s IPO happened at $15.00 per share. An investment of just $990 on Netflix’s initial public offering would have grown to over $462,000 after stock splits. For those rusty on math, that’s a gain of 46,100% over almost 18 years!

Even though Hulu isn’t a public company, there is an indirect way to get a piece of this streaming giant, and we will tell you how below.

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Hulu Stock is something most people would love to have in their portfolio. They have had incredible growth numbers over the years, and it would be nice If you could buy it. Did you know that Hulu has roughly 32 million paid subscribers and is now the largest name in live TV streaming?

All that being said, unfortunately, there is no direct $HULU stock to invest in.

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Investing Opportunity On Its Own

Not so long ago, there was no streaming alternative to cable or satellite, and would-be cord-cutters faced a tough choice. You either subscribed to the pricey bundle with a long-term contract or nothing.

The answer for those looking for investment opportunities could be staring you right in the face. Chances are, you look at it for about 8 hours a day.

You use it for all sorts of things, from booking flights and updating your status’ to streaming TV shows and movies.

Did you know that in 2019 alone, the global video streaming market size was pegged at $42.6 billion? That’s right. This is a huge industry that savvy investors want to capitalize on. 

The global streaming market is the new diamond in the rough. Growth outlooks are promising, and forecasters expect it to register a CAGR of 20.4% from 2020 to 2027. 

Hulu Stock a Diamond in the Rough?

You’ve probably heard of Netflix unless you’ve lived under a rock. But what exactly is Hulu? To summarize, Hulu is a video and TV streaming service that provides access to premium shows. And not just other people’s shows. Hulu creates some pretty killer original content.

Users can access the cream of the crop with partnerships with various studios, from MGM, Warner Bros., and Sony to joint ventures with NBC and Fox. 

Not only do you get the latest and greatest shows, but you also get access to the oldies and hard-to-find shows. You’re probably wondering, “What’s the catch?”

And let me tell you, there isn’t one. If you cough up a few dollars each month, you can access everything on Hulu, including unlimited streaming. I’ll hand you the scissors so you can cut your cable. In my house,  we cut the cord years ago. Like many, our household has saved thousands and watched fewer commercials! 

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Does Hulu Have an IPO?

Rumor has it that in 2010, Hulu explored an IPO. But Wall Street pushed back at the idea. There are likely a few reasons, but I’d guess it was because they streamed their content for free and had no monetization plan.

Hulu Is a Growth Engine

In the world of investing, Netflix is a good investment. But, it’s not likely to see a 40% growth in subscribers in a year ever again. The market is just too saturated with Netflix accounts.

As of May 2019, Hulu had 32.1 million subscribers. Many investors will likely scoff at that number, considering that Netflix has more than 52 million. 

By all means, scoff, but remember that when we look at investing, we want numbers and growth potential. Hulu had 22.8 million subscribers at the end of the first quarter of 2019 – nearly 50% growth over six months!

Hulu, in comparison to Netflix, has lots of room for growth. What was missing before the Disney acquisition was a controlling backer with the right mix of content ready to go. 

With the Disney acquisition, that problem is solved, and both Netflix and Amazon have nice, big targets on their backs. Hence, we could see a Netflix vs. Hulu stock price emerge. 

The streaming market is becoming more saturated, as well. Disney has added Disney+ to the mix alongside Hulu, Comcast has rolled out their streaming service called Peacock, AT&T has HBONow and a new service called Quibi was launched in April of this year. While the streaming wars continue to heat up, the real winners will be consumers, who will have more choices for less than ever.

How Can I Invest in Hulu Stock?

Even though you can’t buy Hulu stock directly, Disney ($DIS) owns 90% of the company. In a $52.4 billion deal sealed last year, the Walt Disney Co. bought the bulk of 21st Century Fox’s holdings, which included a 33% stake in Hulu. Disney also purchased the 10% stake AT&T owned and will acquire the remaining 33% Comcast holds by 2024. Disney’s original investment in Hulu was in 2009, so they’ve been involved with it since the beginning. 

So, by purchasing shares in Disney, you can own a piece of Hulu! And with Disney Stock…you really can’t go wrong. My great-uncle bought shares in the 60s..and has yet to sell ONE share! He’s made over 50,000% since then. You young folks reading need to think long-term, like he did. The pandemic has hit Disney extremely hard, but one must believe that this company will recover and return to growth. 

DIS Stock Rover Report.

Why Disney Is a Fantastic Investment?

With Hulu, its streaming services, and its red-hot franchises like Star Wars and Marvel, Disney’s potential for growth this year and on is enormous.

Disney (NYSE: DIS) had a big 2019 — a 32% share price gain notwithstanding. Disney’s total enterprise value (share price times the number of shares outstanding, plus total debt and minus cash) was about $320 billion, implying that a third of the business’s value is just streaming.

Disney has some solid fundamentals worth digging into. This report is a courtesy of the stock Rover and was reported in late April. For the most up-to-date research report, check out StockRover.

In the past 12 months, the stock has returned 30% compared with the S&P 500 returns of 26%. Check out our post about Disney’s Marvel Comics Stock

CMCSA TipRanks Report.

Who Owns the Rest of Hulu Stock?

Comcast is also a major stakeholder in Hulu. The cable company giant announced in May 2019 that it had agreed to sell its control to Disney. The two companies agreed for $DIS to purchase Comcast’s 33% stake as early as 2024. Deals this big take time to migrate, so be prepared for news to pop up in the headlines about this deal, which will inevitably cause some volatility in Disney’s stock price. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we’ll see a Hulu stock hit the open market with an IPO. Disney will be reporting Q3 results on August 4th, so make sure to tune into that to see how Hulu has continued to grow – plus, it will be interesting to see how badly Disney’s revenue was hit last quarter with theme parks, movie theaters, and sporting events all closed.

But the truth is, trading is hard. Buying stocks can be nerve-racking. Investing in good stocks for the long haul, well…that is another story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hulu is not on the stock market because Disney owns them. Disney is a publicly traded company under the symbol DIS.

There is no Hulu stock price because Disney owns them. Disney stock (DIS) currently trades at $92.75.

Disney owns the majority stake in Hulu. They own 90% of the company.

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