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IKEA Stock Price and Symbol

What is IKEA’s stock price, and are they publicly traded? Ikea is one of the largest privately owned brands in the world. Williams-Sonoma (NYSE: WSM), Restoration Hardware (NYSE: RH), and La-Z-Boy (NYSE: LZB) are publicly traded furniture companies that traders can invest in.

IKEA has been in business for 77 years as a private enterprise, so don’t expect it to debut on Wall Street anytime soon. Even if it were to trade on an exchange, it would most likely stick to European exchanges like the NASDAQ Stockholm AB, which has existed since 1863.

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This Swedish company is known for its build-it-yourself furniture and meatballs. While you can’t buy IKEA stock, you can buy their furniture for your trading station. Need a desk? They got you. Need a chair? They got you there too. You’ll have to build it yourself. But their stuff is pretty sturdy and a good price. You can even drink your morning trading coffee from one of their mugs. They can help you trade even if you can’t invest in them.

What Is IKEA?

Do we have to explain this one to you guys? Ikea is a Sweden-based multinational conglomerate that designs and sells ready-to-build home furnishings for those who don’t know. Chances are, you’ve at least seen or used an Ikea shelf or table. If you’re truly lucky, you can build one of these with two hands.

Ikea is a globally dominant brand name that services Europe, North America, Asia, North Africa, and Oceania. Just how dominant is Ikea? In fiscal year 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company reported nearly 40 billion Euros in global revenues.

This was down from fiscal year 2019 due to widespread store closures in regions hit hard by the pandemic, which would make for a good IKEA stock.

Ikea now has 378 global locations across 30 countries on nearly every continent. The brand also has a dominant e-commerce business, attracting billions of yearly visitors. They’re a legitimate home furnishings competitor to Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock.com.

With Sweden’s classic national blue and yellow colors, few brand logos worldwide can evoke the same reaction from people, no matter where you live. Who doesn’t love to go to IKEA? That’s a serious question. It’s such a fun store to visit.

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5 Things You Didn’t Expect from IKEA

Ikea is far from just a giant warehouse store where you go to buy bookshelves or eat cheap food. Aside from its ready-made furniture line, Ikea is involved in many diversified sectors around the globe, some of which may surprise you! So many options would have made for a nice Ikea stock.

So it’s unfortunate we can’t take advantage of that. Instead, let’s look at some different ventures in which Ikea has its blue and yellow hands. They not only have food you can eat at the store, but you can also buy food from Sweden there. Solar, homes, and concept stores are just some of what they offer. But let’s delve into that further.

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IKEA Store Stock

Food/Restaurant Business: We know Ikea’s cheap eats in its cafeteria-style restaurant for visitors. For most stores, the restaurant opens even earlier than the store does. So you know the menu has a very loyal following. Recently, Ikea made headlines by introducing a plant-based version of its famous Swedish Meatball dish across North America and Europe.

The success of plant-based brands like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat has spurned restaurant chains around the world to make meat alternative versions of their recipes. Regional variations exist, such as kosher meatballs in Israel and halaal meatballs in Indonesia. 

Concept Stores: Concept stores aren’t as popular in North America. But people love visiting different versions of famous brand stores in Asia and Europe. In July 2020, Ikea opened a concept store in one of the global fashion centers: the Harajuku district of Tokyo, Japan.

If any area of the world is built for cutting-edge fashion and concept designs, it’s Tokyo. The new store unveiled Ikea’s first foray into the fashion industry with its first-ever dedicated apparel line. Ikea also owns the MEGA Family Shopping Center in Russia. It is a behemoth of a mall line that covers 1.735 million square meters of land and sees over 250 million visitors yearly at the 14 different MEGA malls in the country. Most of the stores inside are owned by international retailers, with a typical split of 70/30 in terms of international and domestic retail brands. 

IKEA Stock

Housing and Investing

Housing: Yes! Ikea designs and builds modular housing under its BoKlok brand of tiny houses. The venture has now come to North America, where housing is at a premium in major metropolitan areas like California and New York. If you’ve been to an Ikea store and seen any showrooms, you know these tiny homes are stylish and well-furnished. And for being about 200 square feet in size, they’ll run you about USD 50,000. 

Solar Panels: Ikea also does solar energy, teaming up with Solarcentury to deliver solar panels to households in the United Kingdom. The venture aligns with what we’ll discuss later—Ikea’s quest to be net-zero in pollutants and emissions by 2025. While Ikea hasn’t yet brought its solar panel business to a crowded U.S. market, people can reasonably expect this technology to be a part of its burgeoning housing business. Look out, Tesla

Venture Capitalist: Ikea also has an investing arm that buys various companies and brands to add to its corporate structure. 2017 Ikea purchased the freelance labor marketplace TaskRabbit and expanded its services into Canada. In April 2020, Ikea purchased the artificial intelligence imaging startup Geomagical Labs, which could be used to build up its augmented reality design experience on websites and in-store. 

When Will IKEA Get a Stock Listing?

Not only is IKEA not listed, but don’t expect Ikea stock anytime soon. They have so much success as a privately owned company. They’re one of the largest privately owned companies in the world. I’d want to keep that to myself, too. I have a say in how it’s run. And that’s what I’d want to keep.

As a result, don’t expect IKEA to go public any time soon. If ever. As much as I’d like to trade IKEA stock on their desk, I built it myself. While keeping myself fed and hydrated, I took my dinnerware from their store.

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IKEA and the Environment

Europe, and Scandinavia in particular, has been one of the global leaders in shifting from fossil fuels to green alternative energies like hydrogen, solar, and wind. Ikea has pledged to be net-zero by 2025 regarding its global delivery services. They already have a fleet of last-mile delivery trucks from well-known brands such as Workhorse Group and Lightning eMotors. 

Ikea recently announced that by May 2021, its entire last-mile delivery fleet in New York will be electric. The company purchased 40 new electric trucks from Fluid Truck, an electric truck-sharing business. Similar headlines are coming out of Los Angeles as well. Ikea invested in 50 new electric trucks to service the Southern California region.

Ikea also plans to install a massive upgrade to its electric vehicle charging infrastructure at all its retail locations. This is in direct response to the rise in demand from automakers such as Tesla and soon Ford and General Motors.  

The clean energy and electric vehicle sectors have greatly increased since the Biden administration came to power in the Oval Office. President Biden has pledged $2 trillion to build America’s green energy sector. Companies around the country and the world have followed suit by focusing on becoming net zero by the end of the decade.

Scandinavian wind energy companies have been one such sector that has taken the lead on the global stage. And it’s anticipated that much of Europe will have its industrial and manufacturing industries fully switched to green energy over the next ten years. 

The Negatives

As an investor, you know every company in the world has a bearish thesis, and Ikea is no different. There have been well-documented safety issues with some of its furniture that have resulted in the tragic deaths of young children. Other issues have been corrupt local management in places like Spain and France.

As well as destroying ancient tombs in China to build out its location in Nanjing. Still, there’s no denying the mountains of evidence for environmental awareness, charitable donations, especially to global disasters, and philanthropic social initiatives to help children in developing countries worldwide. 

Final Thoughts: IKEA Stock

If Ikea decides to become a publicly traded stock, you can expect it to be highly sought after with a rich valuation. Ikea remains one of the dominant brand names in the world. With annual global revenues north of 40 million Euros or roughly USD 48 billion at this writing, it shows no signs of slowing down.

Ikea is still opening its easily spottable stores worldwide, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, it opened the first two megastores in India, where it is estimated that 40,000 people attended the opening day at each location. With the expected global expansion to rapidly developing regions like South America, Africa, and Mexico, as well as further growth in China and India, Ikea is well-positioned to remain the name that is synonymous with affordable and stylish home furnishings. We hope to trade IKEA stock someday; for now, we trade other stocks until they become publicly traded.

Frequently Asked Questions

IKEA isn't a publicly traded company. They are owned privately by Interogo Foundation and do not have a stock symbol.

IKEA could have low stock supplies due to Covid-19 and product availability. They don't have a stock symbol because they are a private company.

As of 2023, IKEA has a worth of 15.9 billion dollars. It was worth $17.43 billion in 2022.

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