Infinity Futures Review

Infinity Futures Broker Review 2024

Are you a Futures trader? Then our Infinity Future broker review is for you! Trading futures is a complicated business, even for experienced traders. Shopping for the right brokerage firm to use is also important. It’s not just about contract fees and trading platforms (although both are important factors). If you want to know the missing ingredient to look for when shopping, you might want to keep reading our Infinity Futures broker review.

Infinity Futures, LLC is an Independent Introducing Brokerage firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. For 25 years, Infinity has provided customers worldwide access to the global derivatives markets. They offer different trading platforms as well as a mobile trading platform.

An Introducing Brokerage is a brokerage with direct client relationships yet sends its actual order requests to another firm for execution on the trading floor.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why a company would do this. Wouldn’t it make more sense to provide a one-stop shopping experience for customers?

Infinity Futures doesn’t think so. They’d rather focus their energies on servicing the needs of their clients and leave the order execution business to their partner firm, TransAct Futures.

Our Infinity Futures Broker review is something to read if you’ve taken our Futures trading course. Like anything, you need to study to learn how to trade Futures.

Infinity Futures Website

TransAct Futures

TransAct Futures is an FCM or futures commissions merchant. Infinity Futures is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TransAct Futures.

For those of you unfamiliar with FCMs, they facilitate the acceptance of buy/sell orders for futures or options on futures along with the payment (commission) from customers.

Along the same lines, an FCM is responsible for collecting margin from customers and ensuring asset delivery once the futures contract has expired.

To do this, TransAct Futures provides the trading software, facilitates trade execution with the exchange, and holds customer money in customer-segregated accounts.

Infinity Futures is your broker, and TransAct Futures is the futures commissions merchant (FCM).

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Customer Service

Infinity prides itself on its customer service. Every account holder at Infinity is assigned a personal Customer Service Representative with CFTC and NFA credentials).

And it gets better; you also get a toll-free number to their desk for direct access. You can also contact Infinity to discuss any issues from lost internet connections, how to use trading platforms, charting software, exchange rules, hours, and issues affecting the markets.

Trade Anywhere, Anytime

One thing I like about Infinity is its fully integrated AT trading platform. You can trade from almost any device, anyplace, anytime. How great is that?

If you like Futures trading, then check out our live trading room. We have some fantastic Futures traders that stream in there. This Infinity Future Broker review can also help you find a broker that works for you.

Infinity Futures broker is great because it has streamlined software and quality data. As a result, latency times are excellent. They have tick charts with no delay. Orders are filled almost immediately. You know how important this is if you’ve dealt with slow order fills.

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Who Is Infinity Futures For?

Infinity Futures’ primary emphasis of service appears to be toward intraday derivative traders. With decent pricing for trade commissions, it is far better than popular brokers such as TD Ameritrade or eTrade.

We’ve discovered in our Infinity Futures Broker review that they have extremely low intraday margin requirements to open and hold positions. As a result, Infinity Futures offers a compelling draw for this particular audience.

Our stock market indexes list can give you more ideas of different markets to trade.

Opening an Infinity Account

Opening an account is simple; you only need to click the “Open an Account” link on their website. From there, you follow the steps and fill out the application. For those who prefer the paper route, you can download the account forms to complete by hand.

The cost structure for placing trades is definitely on the low end of the spectrum. Arguably, the largest and best-known IB for derivative markets is Interactive Brokers.

Coming in at $4/RT per contract, Interactive Brokers is hard to beat. Even some of the most popular brokerage firms, such as eTrade, can get as high as $10 / RT. But, with some crafty negotiation, you can talk yourself down to $5 / RT per contract with Infinity.

Sierra Charts

Infinity Futures uses Sierra charts. Sierra charts have a stable and fast feed for their data. They offer a lot of studies for your charts. Audio playback is something else they offer that traders love. Sierra Charts also offers simulated trading, which is necessary for any new trading style and broker.

I have to be honest. Infinity’s charting software is basic. However, it is free if you make 10 RT trades per month. Moreover, they slash their data fees, which only cost $15/month for the basic package.

Comparatively, Trade Navigator, a popular charting software package, costs $60/month for the same coverage and feed quality. And for that fact alone, Infinity is a real bargain. It’s also worth noting that eSignal can also be connected to BookMap.

Infinity Futures Data Review

One important consideration when getting involved in intra-day futures trading is latency. For starters, latency matters because the price of a futures contract can move several units (referred to as ticks) within seconds.

To put this in perspective, the most highly traded derivative contract is the ES, whose price correlates to the S&P 500 index. Each tick has a value of $12.50 per contract. Unfortunately, a few seconds of latency before an order is filled can amount to significant money lost over time.

Let’s take a market order to buy ten contracts as an example. If it gets filled just three ticks away from when the order was first transmitted, that ends up being $375 off the realized profit or loss of the trade.

Infinity has streamlined software and a quality data feed, resulting in excellent latency times. Their data reflects the tick-to-tick price changes with almost no delay, and orders get filled within milliseconds of when they are transmitted. Without a doubt, this is a fantastic selling point for the serious trader.

Notably, the only way to get a significant edge over Infinity Futures’ execution times is to switch to one with institutional infrastructure. Not surprisingly, this comes with a significant increase in cost.

Take Trading Technologies as an example. They have the most easily accessible institutional-grade data and software for the retail trader. But their minimum monthly fee is $400. The choice is yours.

Infinity Futures Pros

  • There is almost no slippage ever.
  • Easy-to-use trading platform
  • Excellent customer service with a nearly 24-hour support desk to assist traders after-hours
  • Low barrier to entry for funding an account, getting data, and executing orders with competitive latency
  • Day trade margins (E-mini S&P 500) can be as low as $500 per contract
  • Nearly around-the-clock trading hours start Sunday afternoons and continue through Friday.

Infinity Futures Cons

Final Thoughts: Infinity Futures Broker Review

Investors and traders interested in futures trading may want to consider an account with TD Ameritrade. TOS hosts over 50 futures products in various categories, such as commodities, stock index futures, currencies, and bonds. The commission for trading futures on TOS is \$2.25 per buy or sell contract (negotiable for active traders). What I like about TD Ameritrade is its advanced platform for futures trading.

Undoubtedly, TD Ameritrade’s platform is more sophisticated than Infinity Futures. We also have the discount broker TastyWorks, which is much better priced than TD Ameritrade.

The last time I checked, TastyWorks’s commissions on futures trading were $1.25 per contract.

Overall, IF is an established broker that has provided excellent customer service over the years. Their customer service, infrastructure, data, trading costs, and especially intraday margin rates are very competitive.

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