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The Interactive Brokers videos in this course will walk you through step by step on how to set up your Interactive Brokers paper trading account, charts, and how to use their platform.


Interactive Brokers platform is excellent for day trading, shorting, options trading and investing. It is more of a "hard core" platform for the serious investor or trader. Interactive Brokers platform can be a bit challenging to set up but we do our best to simplify the setup process in this IB course but we make things easier for you in this course.

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  • IB'S Download & Set Up Process
  • How to Set Up Interactive Brokers Charts
  • Learn How to Set Up IB'S Scanners
  • How to Set Up Their Study Filters
  • See How to Use IB When Trading


Some of their most attractive features is that they have access to international markets, and have very inexpensive commissions when compared to their peers. They also have a multitude of advanced order types which is something professional traders seek. Their fees are reasonable, and they have very helpful customer service. Read More

Interactive Brokers Platform
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Proper risk management is key! Trading risk management means you’ve planed the your trade and traded your plan. Always stick to the plan. Do not deviate! It keeps the emotions of winning trades and losing trades at bay. If you let your emotions get the best of you, no trading platform, or amount of luck will help you, even with Interactive Brokers platform.

A profitable trader is methodical in their actions. Emotional traders don’t last in this business. Read More


This Interactive Brokers platform course is going to save you a countless number of hours and massive headaches trying to learn how to set it up all on your own. We created this course based on what we would of wanted to know when we first signed up with interactive brokers. Unfortunately for us, we had to learn the hard way.

Both with trading, and setting up the IB platform. The good news is, you don't have to learn the hard way.

Take this course. Watch the videos at your leisure. Pause them and take notes, or follow along with your own account. You're going to love all the tools IB provides at your disposal. One of the most underrated tools is their stock scanner.

You can scan for fundamental or technical data, that is constantly changing. It will update in real time, so you can follow the money and ride the waves.  

We also like the TWS option volatility lab. This stock trading tool is awesome because it shows a list of options plays you might be looking to trade, along with probability of profits, ROI, all calculated on what you “expect” for a percentage price move.

This tool is only as good as your technical analysis though, so be sure to chart your stock extensively before placing trades based on it! 

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Interactive Brokers platform is great for hot keys. They have very versatile editable hot keys with only minor limitations. If you're going to be a casual day trader that's not trading huge positions then their hot keys work great. Some of the most common hotkey configurations will look like this:

C = cancel
B = buy limit
Shift B = buy market 
S = sell limit
Shift S = sell market
arrow up = increase price
arrow down == decrease price Read More

Interactive Brokers Platform


Knowledge is power. Applied knowledge is freedom. Our Interactive Brokers platform stock training course is a tremendous value and we’re giving it away to you for free! All of our courses are free for your benefit, so take the time and study up peeps!

We want to raise smart, independent, confident traders, and thus, everything we do at the Bullish Bears is to that end and we leave nothing out! We spent a lot of time, trial and error, and countless hours on the phone with IB so that you can enjoy the videos in this Interactive Brokers paper trading course. 

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