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The app is hands down the best stock market research tool for your mobile device for 2022. With no shortage of apps for financial tech (or Fintech for short!), it is very easy to do a quick search on Google Play or the app store to find an app that will cover all of the basics. We think is the best among them.

Most people just want to be able to watch the financial markets, check to see how their stocks are doing, and maybe keep up on the news. Now you could find any number of apps that will do all that and you could certainly use your financial brokers mobile app to do the same.

However, our team at the Bullish Bears has found the holy grail in the app. It’s one of the best investing apps for beginners. So if you’re looking to trade from your iphone, you’re going to want to read this review!

We offer trading alerts, stock watch lists, and trade rooms in our trading service.


The reason is a simple one. The app makes viewing the market on the go very easy! The mobile apps layout makes it painless to scroll and slide to whatever news or data that you are looking for. I check the app multiple times intraday to look at what the major markets are doing, all on one screen.

As as result, the app is easy on the eyes with its black background and its ultra-smooth responsiveness. You can quickly pull up market data, news, an economic calendar, bonds, ETFs, as well as a customized portfolio for you to track your stocks.

We really enjoy the articles that the user base (guest posters) provide. Anyone can contribute to the editorials and the app puts out the top rated contributors on their “news” section.

We like that when important news hits the wire – it is alerted to your phone silently and gives you the opportunity to check it and see how it effects your portfolio. The tools within the app in general are great for checking out political news like when Biden was announced president elect and certain stocks were running wild.

We also feel comfortable sharing their articles with our stock trading community. If you follow us on Twitter & Facebook you’ll often find us posting their articles. We’ve gotta admit that we are hooked on and our followers are too.


If you’re a stock market trader or investor, the app should be in your tool kit to stay on top of the market! All financial apps are never a cure all solution to investing, only hard work and experience will bring desired results, however, it will help you to stay informed with what is going on in the market.

We find ourselves checking it compulsively throughout the day and you will be doing the same – you have been warned! The app has a global user base and very active forums around the major indices and commodities. We’ve found the users to be pretty insightful and the discussions to be fun.

We discuss daily stock picks, best penny stocks , trade ideas, stock charting, stock trading tools and other general topics centered around the stock market.

We have a lot of fun and joke around together too. And don’t be bashful. When you join our community, feel free to say hello and post any questions that you might have. We enjoy sharing thoughts on trading together and helping new investors out. If you are looking for watch lists, stock alerts, trade rooms and more, we’re the place for you! You’re going to learn a lot with our stock market community at Bullish Bears.

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