Review: Premier Financial News Website? Review: Their plan was to differentiate themselves from the likes of Bloomberg and Reuters, by offering “premium” content for free; focusing on novice investors rather than pros. They sure got the global financial portal part right. The site currently targets 30 regions in over 20 languages. Impressive! Legendary American investor Peter Lynch says “Know what you own, and know why you own it” and we say read our review because it will put you in the “know zone.”

First, a little introduction to this big (huge) website.  Given its name,, you’d probably say Chris, no introduction needed. You’re right. That’s a $2.45 million introduction.

That’s the amount paid for the domain name in 2012. That was the year bought the domain and became Read below to see what we love about it 🙂

Is Investing.Com the Real Deal? (Review Breakdown)

  1. This review shows how they are a great resource for beginner and semi-professional traders and investors
  2. Updated stock and financial news posted real-time
  3. Real-time live charts for stocks, futures, forex, indices, and crypto
  4. Abundant stock trading and investing resources
  5. Investing Insights: helps investors sharpen their investing strategies – 30 day free trial then $9.85 per month billed annually

CEO and founder Dror Efrat said at the time of the purchase that the domain would be a global financial portal; acting as a resource for beginner and semi-professional traders and investors.  

I’ve worked in the translation industry for many years and this is truly a multilingual website. I have checked the 2 other languages I speak and this ain’t no Google translation.

It’s totally localized (as in personalized) to the target market.  Go to Canada English and you’ll get Canadian related content for example. Pretty cool! Review

Leading Investing Resource: Investing Com Review

We’ve written this review to learn more about a leader in online trading. According to the top websites ranking company SimilarWeb, ranks among the top three financial sites worldwide; right behind and Yahoo Finance.

It’s a popular site to get quotes, consult charts, read financial news and access all kind of financial tools. In fact, many traders around the world rely on to perform technical analysis.

The business of started back in 2007 with Forex related content under the brand They were, and still are, a popular go-to site for Forex traders. Their website was set up to be multilingual from the beginning.

As a result, it’s the key factor that makes as big as they are today. Hence the review. After all, there are two languages more spoken than English around the world.

Surely, there are a lot of traders that speak them. Can you guess what they are? Here’s a hint, one is widely spoken in the US. The other has over a billion native speakers.

Investing Is All About Technology

Regardless of where you live, online trading requires the internet. What helped become such a popular one-stop source of information for traders around the world is their mobile apps for Android and iOS.

I can’t think of a day where I haven’t checked the app to follow what global markets are doing or read an article from a contributor.

The worldwide usage of the internet is more mobile focused today.  Hence why we’re doing an review. Check out a list of the top trade companies and see which ones will work for you.


Are you wondering how can create so much content in so many languages? It’s because they’re not a content creator but a content aggregator.

If you go to their website and click on the news menu and select stock markets, you’ll see multiple headlines from sources like Reuters, Fool and CNBC (learn how to invest in stocks).

You’ll also see a lot of ads. As a result, on some pages, you will see more ads than actual relevant content. Advertising revenue is obviously how they make money. On our website, we are member supported, so you’ll never see any ads on

If you are using the site for checking data prior to executing a day trade, keep in mind that the owner of, Fusion Media, states that the data contained in the website is not necessarily real-time nor accurate.

I use ThinkorSwim for real time quotes. I need good data and I find it reliable. Use something different to chart or get quotes.

Tradingview has a great charting tool that is embedded in investing com and you can get the app for your phone as a stand alone option. I recommend it if you’re active trading.

Of course, as a day trader, you’d probably rely on your broker for exact quotes. This review is here to let you know that it’s not a broker. Check out our trading apps page to see the full list of the apps we love

Monitor Your Watch Lists: Investing.Com Review covers pretty much everything that has to do with the financial markets. Just under the menu called ‘Markets’, you will find Indices, Stocks, ETF’s, Commodities, Currencies, Funds, Bonds, and Cryptocurrency. Thats a lot under the hood of one app!

That’s just the beginning. There are sub menus with sub menus. They basically have everything investment related under one roof.

I find the layers of the website easy to navigate and very informative. I’ve learned a lot on the website. I see them as a great source of news and education. However if you want active trading need to take our free courses.

Here’s one section of the site that I really enjoy as a trader: the Alert Center.  Members will find it inside their profile section. I like it because it covers stocks from different markets around the world .

You can set alert that will notify you by email,  mobile app and on the website itself – if you’re logged in at the time of the alert. You can also set alerts to notify you a day before earnings are announced. Pretty useful, especially if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on something

Both day traders and swing traders will like this feature if they do not want to hold a stock through the earnings report. I recommend checking earnings whisper for accurate data on earnings but has been very accurate as of late 2019. review

Is Investing Com Free? (2021 Review Breakdown)

  • Yes, is a solid stock trading and investing website that provides real-time news and charts. The free version is free because of Ads. If you want an Ad-free experience you can do the 2-year option at $4.49 a month billed biennially. The yearly option is $5.99 a month billed annually. And the monthly is $7.49 a month.

Know What to Look For hosts a wealth of knowledge and resources for those who do their homework before making a serious trade decision. It’s easy to get lost.

As a result, decide what you want to research before looking at the app, or you could blow a few hours easily…and we all know time is precious.

If you’re totally new to trading, learning the terminology can help makes sense of what you’re reading on sites like

When I started day trading, I was like a sponge reading everything I could find on the web. I did learn a lot, yes, but it doesn’t mean that I learned the right stuff for me. Sometimes the more you learn, the more confused you get.

The tools you can use from a site like will depend greatly on the strategy you use to make money trading. To develop a winning strategy, you will need time. You’ll need to learn technical analysis, and you will need to practice.

Finding a good trading service that teaches you stock market trading is going to be a great help. We’re writing stuff like this review because we want you to learn stock trading.

Take Your Time: Investing.Com Review Review

There’s no hype in this review. In order to develop a trading strategy that suits you best, you will need to dedicate more than a few days or weeks. You may have to test multiple approaches to see what works for you.

Strategies require knowledge of technical analysis. Developing your own strategy requires a lot of practice with simulated trading. However, it’ll be worth the effort (watch us do stock trading live each day in our trading rooms).

Imagine what your life will be like when you can finally get off the sidelines and start trading with confidence. At the low Bullish Bears membership price, you can hardly afford not to give this a try. We offer a two week trial usually!

Final Thoughts: Investing Com Review

To summarize, here are the things I love about the site:

  • Great data on world markets
  • the economic calendar and economic events are awesome, I check them each morning out of habit
  • analysis articles and contributors are incredible and easy to follow
  • app is user friendly and simple to navigate
  • plenty of chat rooms and entertaining commentary from regular users

If you’re new to trading or you’ve started already but, ended up on the wrong path, you’ll find the Bullish Bears team to be a great support to discuss and develop your own strategy. What’s important is that you are not alone with the Bullish Bears community.

You heard this warning on TV show when they’re about to perform a dangerous act “Don’t try this at home”.  When it comes to learning to trade, we would change this to “Don’t try this alone”.

Thanks for reading our review and please enjoy a free trial of our website on us! Also check us out on investing com – we often post there 🙂

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