Investing Daily Review: Can You Make $65,000 Per Year?

In this Investing Daily Review, I’ll take you through the pros and cons of this company claiming to guarantee you’ll make money. In fact, should you follow someone’s trades?

What Is Investing Daily & Is It Worth It? (Review Breakdown)

  • Investing Daily aims to provide in-depth investment advice, at a cost, to individuals wanting to manage their own investments. With a team of so-called expert advisers, they offer a wide range of services from daily newsletters to personalized access to their “Wealth Society” group. If you’re a serious investor then they are worth it because they are pricey.

Who Exactly Is Jim Fink?

Investing Daily Review

I’ve been seeing advertisements for Investing Daily and Jim Fink’s Options for Income for a while now. A guarantee you’ll make an additional $65,000 a year just by following his recommendations has certainly caught my eye.

Personally, I don’t manage my long-term investments. I leave that up to the professionals. What I mean by professionals are Certified Financial Planners (CFP). Now that doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself and that’s probably why you’re reading this article. You want to do it yourself, and you want to know where to turn to get investment advice.

And that’s OK! So keep reading our Investing Daily review and you can decide for yourself if a subscription to Investing Daily is worth your time and money. VIEW

Access to their services ranges in price as well. From the $99/year Daily Personal Finance Newsletter to the Radical Wealth Alliance at $5,000, users have a variety of way to spend their money.

How Much Is Investing Daily in 2021? (Pricing Review)

  1. Here’s a pricing review for how much Investing Daily subscriptions cost:
  2. Personal Finance – $99
  3. Utility Forecaster – $149
  4. The Complete Investor – $129
  5. Velocity Trader – $3,000
  6. Options For Income – $3,000
  7. Radical Wealth Alliance – $5,000
  8. Real World Investing – $2,495
  9. Wealth Society – call for pricing

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How Do I Make $185 a Day?

investing daily review

Our Investing Daily review delves into who Jim Fink is. Jim Fink is actually a lawyer by trade but has spent the better part of 25 years perfecting his game in the options arena. Apparently, he claims to make $185 a day by trading options.

According to Jim Fink, chief investment strategist for Jim Fink’s Options for Income and Velocity Trader, subscribers to his Investing Daily Finance Newsletter get stock investment strategies with an 85% success rate. From what I can see, his strategy focuses on selling options as opposed to buying them. 

This, in fact, is a common approach and once that I’ve seen with the teachings from both Options Alpha and Bullish Bears. When you crunch the numbers, the odds of winning do tend to tilt in your favor when you sell. This is because you get the keep the premium paid for the option from the buyer who was on the wrong side of the trade.

And according to Fink, this strategy is similar to the one Buffet used to make $4.9 billion. What’s different with Fink’s approach is a concept known as seasonality.

Or, the tendency of stocks to move in a given direction depending on the time of year. In fact, Fink created a proprietary software tool that shows exactly how thousands of stocks move during different times.

For $3,000 you can get access to Jim’s full suite of tools and services.

What You Get for Your Money

Our Investing Daily review looks at the bang for your buck. At its heart, Investing Daily’s Personal Finance is an options trading advisory service. But you get a whole bunch more than just this monthly advice.

This is what you get with a subscription:

  • The Investing Daily Personal Finance Elite Advisory. This is the heart of the product. It’s where Fink tells you exactly what trades to make. What’s more, all the research has been done for you. All you need do is follow the simple instructions to place the trade
  • The Options Strategy Manual. This is the system and strategies (i.e. seasonality)used by Jim Fink.
  • Your First ‘Easy Start’ Options Trade. Once you sign up to Investing Daily’s Personal Finance you get instant access to a super trade recommendation you can use straight away. Additionally, you’ll get explicit instructions that’ll walk you through exactly what you need to do. Think of it as Options Trading For Dummies.
  • The Quick Start Online Video Program. This course covers the information you need to successfully trade options – think strategies.
  • The Report – How To Buy Stocks At A Discount. This is a companion to the video training series.
  • The Report – The Biggest Legal Loophole In The IRS Tax Code. Want tips on how to grow your personal account and not have to pay a dime in tax? Well, you’ll find it here.

The Claims

All things aside, Jim Fink has a fairly good reputation as a stock investor. This doesn’t, however, mean his financial newsletter is worth your time or money. Investing Daily Personal Finance Newsletter promises people will be able to earn an average of $185 per day, every day, for forever.

But quite frankly, I find it hard to believe any company or person who claims you’ll make an average of $5,629 each month just by using their services. The reality is, you should always be wary and suspicious of anyone guaranteeing anything. Especially in the field of money and investments.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

What Is Investing Daily Refund Policy? (Review)

  1. A quick glance at their website and you’ll see two different options to get your money back if you’re not happy. First is the 90-day approach.
  2. Basically, you get 90 days to test drive, look around and decide for yourself if you want to continue with your subscription. If not you simply cancel and get 100% of your initial fee back.
  3. Second is a guarantee that if you don’t win on 85% of your trades, you’ll get your subscription fee back. What’s more, even if you do win on 85% and still want your subscription refunded, you can.

This is a good thing to know in our Investing Daily review. Take our options strategies course to learn advanced options trading.

The Bottom Line


In short, that’s our Investing Daily review. Is Jim Finks Options For Income a scam? Probably not. But I can’t in good faith recommend it to anyone not familiar with options.

It’s not as simple as buy @ x and sell @ y. You need to take the time to read, study, practice and build your education. Further to this, you will find mixed reviews about Investing Daily on the internet which suggests they’re not providing 100% profitable trades. Which makes sense because there’s no such thing as 100% guaranteed profitable trade. It doesn’t matter what stock sector you’re trading, be it potstocks or energy.

In my opinion, save your money. There are much cheaper options out there and many are free. Take all of the Bullish Bears classes and material for example.

A lot of it is offered for free and, for a low monthly subscription of $49 you can access all of our advanced strategies.

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