Investing in a Bear Market

Investing Strategies in a Bear Market

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Investing in a bear market doesn’t need to be daunting. The market trades in cycles. Bear markets will come and go. The panic ensues when investors believe that a bear market is starting to drive prices down. There’s no magic formula to knowing when a bearish market begins. Sometimes, it’s just a market correction. The key is knowing what a bear market is. A bear market is where prices have fallen by at least 20% over time. This particular market can last from 3 months to 3 years or more.

The strategy helps bring success when investing in a bear market. Bear markets may seem scary to traders and investors. The typical investor wants a bull market because of their strategy. You want the price to increase when holding a stock long-term or swing trading. This is how you profit. When a bear market occurs, you can potentially lose those profits.

However, if you learn how to trade and where to invest in a bear market, then you can profit no matter the market conditions.

The economy is usually down and sluggish. New jobs are not being created, and the overall outlook is pessimistic. Think about it. Would you want to be bullish in an economy that had no growth?

As pessimism sets in, investors start to panic. They begin to panic and sell their current investments to cap their losses. This, in turn, causes prices to fall even lower.

The best thing is to prepare for a bear market ahead of time instead of waiting until you’re in the middle. You wouldn’t wait to prepare for a hurricane until it was hitting you would you?

Investing in a Bear Market

Look for Bearish Patterns

There’s no crystal ball that you can look to for investing in a bear market. However, there are patterns. Patterns such as descending triangle patterns or triple-top patterns give you clues.

Look at the S&P and the futures. What patterns do you see there? Stocks, especially the large-cap ones, follow those indexes. If the futures are down, stocks will follow.

However, patterns break down all the time. News can and will affect how the market moves. Look at the large patterns and the small patterns. Shooting or evening star patterns can help you decide what type of trade to place, especially with day trading strategies.

If you see bearish patterns on the charts of the major indexes, especially very near support or resistance, beware. If the price breaks down out of support, prices will fall.

Did you know that the worst may have passed once the experts have acknowledged a bear market? Even when the economy is strong, the market can be heading into a bearish bias.

Trade the candlestick patterns. Then, you won’t have to keep guessing.

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Be Smart About It

Investing in a bear market can wreak havoc on your emotions. However, if you put a good strategy in place, you can still profit. You can make money even as the price falls.

Look for the sectors that still trade well no matter what. People turn to gold stocks or healthcare. The sectors that always have a consistent stream of income, no matter what, because people still need them.

Food and beverage companies can be good to invest in since people still need to eat. Utility companies can be a slow grind up. People still want their cable. Those companies may not take off during a recession but are steady. People look into cashing out their investments, waiting out the bear market, and investing in bonds. Trading options or short selling are other strategies to profit in a bear market.

There are many opportunities to profit in a bear market. You may want to use swing trading techniques to profit instead of holding long-term.

You may decide short selling is the only way to go during a bear market. Pick a strategy that you can work with and be smart about it. Don’t let fear or greed control the way you trade. Otherwise, you’ll be worse off than letting your investments take their course.

Final Thoughts: Investing in a Bear Market

Investing in a bear market doesn’t need to be daunting or scary. There are many ways to make money in the stock market when it’s up, down, or trading sideways.

Not every trade and investment will work out. Sometimes they go against you. Take your losses without getting emotional and move on. Just like you lost on a trade, you’ll win, too.

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