Investopedia Review

Investopedia Review 2024

This Investopedia review will discuss their Academy, Simulator, pros, cons, and pricing. Investopedia will help you get acquainted with the markets if you’re a brand-new trader or investor. They are the world’s leading source of online financial content, ranging from investing, retirement, and different trading strategies. If you’d like to do a fun little test, think of 5 investing or trading terms, type them into Google, and see what happens. Typically, you’ll see Investopedia rank in the search engines for most investing and trading terms. 

Investopedia dominates the stock marketplace for content, and the best part is that they make their content easily digestible when learning. We used them a lot when we started trading and still use them quite frequently

Investopedia Website Review

Think of Investopedia as a massive Encyclopedia or resource for trading and investing terms. The search field on their website is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. An Investopedia review of their menu includes topics on Investing, Simulation, Banking, Personal Finance, News, Reviews, and Academy.

Investopedia’s home page is consistently updated with the latest news in finance and investing. It also has reviews on pretty much any trading service and product. Investopedia’s writing team is extremely professional, yet they can make things easy to understand. Even the most difficult investing terms seem to make learning easier from their writing.

Investopedia Academy Courses Review

Investopedia Academy does a great job of teaching its members investing and finance in an easy-to-learn manner. They help investors of all experience levels and backgrounds make educational investing and financial decisions. Investopedia Academy has seasoned industry professionals with years of experience teaching their courses. They offer free and paid courses on numerous investing and trading topics. Let’s continue with our Investopedia review. 
Investopedia Academy Review

Paid Courses - $19.95 - $447 (Bundled)

1. Become a Day Trader 

Learn in-depth day trading skills from an experienced Wall Street day trader. ($199)

2. Investing for Beginners

Learn the basics of how to get started investing, managing risk, and making educated financial decisions. ($199)

3. Trading for Beginners

Take the beginner steps on how to become an active trader. Learn the basics of setting up a trading system that matches your financial goals and what you can tolerate with risk. ($199)

4. Technical Analysis

Learn the basics of reading charts, technical analysis, indicators, and making money in any market. ($199)

5. Financial Modeling

This course is taught by a financial professional who will teach you how to master financial modeling. He has worked with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. ($199)

6. Options for Beginners

Learn the basics of options trading, including real-world trading strategies that will teach you how to make money in bullish and bearish markets. ($199)

7. Advanced Options Trading

This advanced course will teach you how to implement your options trading strategy in the real-world of trading. ($199)

8. Advanced Technical Analysis

Learn advanced technical analysis techniques, such as in-depth chart analysis and using indicators for trade implementation. ($199)

9. Fundamental Analysis

Learn to use fundamental research and analysis to make educated financial and investing decisions. ($199)

10. Penny Stocks Trading

This course gives you the basics of how penny stocks work, how to find stocks to trade, and how to trade them. ($199)

Additional Courses

Our Investopedia Review looks at their other courses. Investopedia Academy offers several other courses as well, such as: 

Course Bundles

  • Trading Courses Bundle ($447)
  • Investing Courses Bundle ($447)
  • Financial Professional Courses Bundle ($239)
  • Options Bundle ($279)
  • Technical Analysis Bundle ($279)
  • Cryptocurrency Bundle ($268)

Check out other Investopedia reviews online to see how much people like their courses.

Investopedia Free Courses Review

Investopedia Academy Benefits

  • Access Investopedia courses for life
  • Study at your own pace 
  • Learn from the top experts in their trading field
  • Risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee

Free Courses

Pros and Cons


  • Investopedia website is easy to navigate
  • Their website is free to use
  • A comprehensive library of free investing and trading knowledge
  • Paid courses are top-notch and easy to follow
  • Courses are reasonably priced at $199
  • Free trading simulator
  • Free courses are basic and easy to follow


  • No chat rooms, live streaming, or Discord
  • The simulator is very basic
  • The simulator has a 15-minute time delay
  • Charts are basic
Investopedia Simulator Review

Investopedia Simulator Review

This Investopedia Simulator allows traders to practice trading with virtual money. It allows traders to trade stocks, options, and ETFs virtually, with over 6,000 equities on the NYSE and Nasdaq. Their simulator allows investors to practice reading or thin a game with thousands of other like-minded traders and investors.

Paper trading is very important to do first before trading with real money. It helps give investors and traders the confidence to get comfortable with their trading style. 

Our Investopedia review found that no deposit is required to get started with the Investopedia Simulator.


1. Charting

The Investopedia Simulator lets users pull up stock symbols and see their charts before entering a virtual trade. These charts give an overall snapshot of the particular stock symbol’s performance. They use line charts, which are simple to read. We didn’t see any ability to switch to candlestick charts.

Users can choose timeframes of 1D, 1 M, 3 M, 1Y, 5Y, and All. However, we didn’t see the ability to switch to timeframes such as 1-minute, 5-minute, and 1-hour charts. The charts were basic and good for beginner traders but not advanced traders.

Order Entry

2. Order Entry

The Investopedia Simulator order entry screen was simple to use. These are the steps to enter a virtual order.

  1. Click on the trade tab
  2. Enter the symbol or company name
  3. Choose a buy or sell action
  4. Enter the number of shares
  5. Select limit or market order type
  6. Choose duration time
  7. Click preview
  8. Then submit order
  9. Order fills within 15 minutes
  10. Click order status to view the position

Investopedia Bullish Bears Reviews

Investopedia is one of the most respected investing sites in the industry, so it’s an honor to have them review the Bullish Bears positively. They consider us the Best Value courses in the industry, which we appreciate because it’s the niche we like to fall into within the trading industry. Like Investopedia, we try to provide our members solid content at a reasonable price.

Investopedia Bullish Bears Reviews:

Final Thoughts: Investopedia Review

We hope this Investopedia review gave you a helpful look into what they offer for investors and traders. They are more geared toward beginner investors. If you are looking for more advanced teaching and a hands-on approach, you might be better off joining a trading service that offers trade rooms and live streaming to see how to implement your trading style in the real world.

Investopedia is a great place to start your trading journey, and it continues to be a helpful resource for learning about different trading and investing topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investopedia is a free content website for investing, retirement, and trading knowledge. They offer a free trading simulator and basic courses. Their most popular paid courses are $199.

Investopedia is one of the most trustworthy investing websites. Their sources of information are reliable for the average trader or investor. They are geared towards the new trader that's seeking basic financial knowledge.

Investopedia earns most of its money from advertising and affiliate programs. They have over 200,000 articles that produce a lot of referral traffic from search engines. Per SEM Rush, they have 6.5 million organic keywords and 35.6 million organic traffic.

Investopedia is an American financial media company headquartered in New York City. 

Founded in 1999, Investopedia is part of the Dotdash Meredith family of brands owned by IAC.

Investopedia is worth it because they offer their users comprehensive investing and trading courses for a reasonable price. Course range between $19.95 to $199. They offer bundles of $447 for their top courses. Their Simulator is also free to use.

Investopedia courses are worth the price because they are easy to follow and reasonably priced. Their classes are taught by professionals within their specific investing and trading niche.

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