Investors Underground Review

Investors Underground Review 2024

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This Investors Underground review looks at how becoming a successful day trader requires a lot of time and effort. Quitting your 9-5 job and sitting in front of your computer to find market opportunities is easier said than done. Some people make a career out of it, and we can see their results daily. They are self-taught or belong to a community of day traders who help each other find the best day trades.

One such community is Investors Underground. The platform provides a day-trading chat room, daily stock watchlists, an extensive library of over 700 video lessons, guides, and trade recaps for educational purposes, and interactive webinars, study groups, and Q&A sessions for members. 

Remember that day trading is risky and comes with serious losses and gains. It is not for everyone. If you believe you have what it takes, here is everything you need to know about Investors Underground before joining their community.

Investors Underground is an online day trading community and educational platform founded by Nathan Michaud in 2008. He is a finance graduate from the University of New Hampshire.

Michaud started his trading career in 2003 during his first year of college, initially trading penny stocks and OTC markets. When he started Investors Underground, he aimed to create a top trading service focused on transparent and effective trade education. 

As of 2024, Investors Underground has grown to over 1000 active members in its day trading chat room. Here is an Investors Underground review of a few quick stats about the platform directly from the website:

    • 83% of traders improved their trading after joining Investors Underground.
    • 91% of traders believe the membership is a good value.
    • 86% of traders believe Investors Underground scans help them come to the market prepared.

Investors Underground Approach

An Investors Underground review finds they don’t provide traditional real-time trade alerts or signals for entries and exits. Instead, their approach focuses on providing educational resources, tools, and guidance from experienced traders rather than just trade alerts. Its team moderates the chat rooms and provides mentorship. That is their main value proposition. 

Michaud’s team and chat room moderators are experienced traders. Many of them do this as a full-time job. They moderate multiple chat rooms, such as 

The platform provides daily stock watch lists, detailed game plans, and rationale for potential trade setups. In the chats, members can follow along as the moderators explain their rationale, game plans, and executions for potential trades as they unfold live.

This allows members to learn the thought process behind trades rather than just mimicking alerts. They act as a starting point. The chat room is a feature-rich trading terminal designed for active traders and includes:

  • Automatic Ticker Tagging
  • Price Alerts
  • Integrated Watch Lists
  • One-Click Stock Data
  • Live Chat History
  • Private Messaging
  • Audio Alerts
  • Video Broadcasts
  • Voice Calling
  • Inline Notifications (Earnings, IPO, Halt, News)
  • User Message Filtering
  • Saved Layouts
  • Translation Support (25+ Languages)
  • Eye Strain Reminders
  • Member Reputation Scores

Investors Underground Review of Tools

By now, it’s clear that Investors Underground has an educative approach to day trading. They provide watch lists and detailed explanations in the chat rooms.

On top of this, the platform offers a suite of proprietary trading tools and stock scanners designed specifically for active traders. Here is an Investors Underground review of a few:

  • Market Data Scanners – Identify the top momentum movers throughout the trading day, such as pre-market, intraday, and after-hours scanners. They are fully customizable, allowing traders to tailor them to their strategies.
  • Trend Scanner – Detect stocks with strong intraday trends on both the long and short side, utilizing proprietary algorithms and customizable filters.
  • Customizable Filters and Shared Scanner Library – Create and save your scan filters or access a library of shared filters from the community.
  • Most Active Tickers – Follow the action and identify the best momentum trading opportunities, filterable by market cap, across multiple timeframes.
  • HOD/LOD Scanner – Identify stocks, making new highs and lows throughout the day, with the ability to track top hits and set price filters and audio alerts.
  • Advanced Price Alerts – Set unlimited alerts, including HOD/LOD, VWAP, and more.

You can find out more about Investors Underground’s tools here

Investors Underground Pricing

Here is an Investors Underground review of pricing. It offers several pricing options for its membership and educational resources. All the membership plans provide access to the community, chat room, scanners & tools, pre-market broadcast, trade recaps, nightly watch lists, and educational library.

  • Monthly: $297
  • Quarterly: $697 (Save $194 compared to monthly)
  • Yearly: $1897 (Save $1667 compared to monthly)

The platform also offers Education + Membership bundles, which include Textbook Trading, Tandem Trader, and Swing Trading courses. They aim to build a strong trading foundation with over 20 hours of educational content, covering topics like brokers, money management, chart patterns, and more.

  • Courses + Monthly Membership: $1297
  • Courses + Quarterly Membership: $1697
  • Courses + Annual Membership: $2697
Investors Underground Review of Pricing

Investors Underground Competitors

Investors Underground isn’t the only trading community and platform. Hence, this Investors Underground review. There exist dozens out there, including ours! Here’s what you can expect from the competition. 

1. Bullish Bears

Similar to Investors Underground, we provide a variety of courses covering day trading, swing trading, options, futures, and more. Both platforms emphasize teaching traders to become self-sufficient rather than relying on trade alerts.

Bullish Bears also features live trading rooms, daily live streams, and a supportive community parallel to Investors Underground’s real-time chat rooms and interactive guidance.

Additionally, Bullish Bears offers cost-effective membership options, making it an attractive alternative for traders seeking quality education at a lower price.

2. Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading is a well-known trading education platform founded by Ross Cameron. It offers a range of courses and resources for novice and experienced traders. The platform is noted for its structured trading methods, extensive educational materials, and a large community of traders (over 5000).

Warrior Trading provides two main membership programs (Warrior Starter and Warrior Pro) and a free introductory course. The platform also includes professional day trading simulators and stock market scanners. Do an Investors Underground review if you compare the two to find the best fit for you. 

3. Bear Bull Traders

Andrew Aziz founded Bear Bull Traders as another significant competitor in this Investors Underground review. It offers a trading community and training program for traders of all levels. The platform provides various courses, including the Essentials Course for beginners.

It focuses on teaching profitable trading strategies for stocks and options. Bear Bull Traders is known for its supportive community and detailed educational content.

4. Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is a powerful stock scanning and trading idea generation platform. It is designed for traders who want an execution platform with advanced AI-powered tools.

Trade Ideas offers real-time stock scanning, backtesting, and automated trading features. It is particularly popular among traders who rely heavily on technical analysis and algorithmic trading strategies.

5. Benzinga Pro

Finally, Benzinga Pro is an all-in-one trading intelligence platform that provides real-time market news, stock scanners, screeners, and alerts. It best suits active day and short-term swing traders who need up-to-the-minute news and data.

Benzinga Pro also offers an Options Mentorship package and various chat rooms for traders at different journey stages. The platform is known for its comprehensive newsfeed and real-time audio Squawk feature.

Final Thoughts: Investors Underground Review

This Investors Underground review finds that they’re a day trading community offering education, tools, and mentorship to succeed in the stock market. The platform’s value proposition is to educate traders and ensure they understand how and why a trade was (un)successful rather than telling them what to buy outright.

There seems to be a lot of positivity surrounding Investors Underground, but it isn’t the only platform of its kind. The competition offers similar tools, chatrooms, and communities. The results may vary, but the goal is the same: make money on the stock market.

If you want to learn more about profiting from the stock market, head to our free library of educational courses. We have something for everyone, including options for those with small accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Swing trading involves capturing short- to medium-term price movements by entering and exiting positions over a few days to several weeks, relying primarily on technical analysis.

When you sign up with Investors Underground, you will join a community of day traders who seek to learn and understand how to make money on the stock market. The platform provides the necessary tools and analysis to become successful.

Successful day traders can make over $1000 per day from the comfort of their homes. Making a living off of day trading is possible by joining a community such as Bullish Bears or Investors Underground. 

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