Investorshub Review

InvestorsHub Review

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Our InvestorsHub review is going to delve into one of the most popular investing sites which allows members to interact with others on various different user-created messaging boards. They call this a civil level of discourse compared to other websites. They are a U.S. subsidiary of the U.K. based company known as ADVFN; an award winning investing website that’s popular around the globe.

As the kids say, the real ones know. Hence our InvestorsHub review. They’re one of the more well-known semi-mainstream investing sites that allows users to interact with each other on various user-created message boards. This is what InvestorsHub calls a civil level of discourse compared to other sites or platforms. Perhaps this has something to do with InvestorsHub being a U.S. subsidiary of the U.K. based company known as ADVFN; an award winning investing site that’s popular around the world. But especially in Europe. ADVFN even trades on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol LSE:AFN.

We’re doing this InvestorsHub review to go over their details. iHub as it’s also known, has over 770,000 members who’ve posted over 160 million messages over 32,000 message boards.

Users love that the site is less-restrictive. And they have an extremely intuitive and dynamic user interface that helps keep the look and feel of the site clean and organized.

This article will take you through the ins and outs of the site. As well as some looking at the pros and cons of InvestorsHub and if it’s a site that you can add to your investing research.

Like most investing websites, InvestorsHub provides information, news, and perspectives on the main sub-areas of investing which is how each part of the site is broken down.

Website Breakdown

Each of these sub-areas is really what the foundation of InvestorsHub is built upon; the boards for the members to interact on. Access to these boards are completely free as long as you sign up for a membership.

Which is quick and easy and can be done in a matter of seconds. No matter what kind of investing you may be into, there’s a board for it on InvestorsHub.

And in every board there are dozens if not hundreds of other investors sharing information and insights to help one another create a harmonious investing community.

But Is It Actually Free?

Yes and no. InvestorsHub offers what many sites do these days with what is called a freemium model. This means that a large part of the site is available to those with a free membership.

But there is a premium model that members can pay for which will give them things that free members don’t have access to. While the free membership gives users ample access to things like the boards and stock charts, the premium members get access to several parts of the site that are dedicated to premium memberships like the Level 2 screen.

Which gives investors real-time data on bid and offer prices for day trading.

What Does InvestorsHub Cost? (Pricing Review)

Investorshub Website

Membership Options

As you can see there are plenty of different membership classes, depending on what kind of stock information you’re looking for.

Each level of subscription package offers premium options. For example, real time advanced charts, streaming toplists, streaming news, streaming trades, and real time prices.

The Ultimate Trader option gives you access to each other’s options as well as the Level 2 area of the site so you get all of the tools you need to be a successful trader.

Our InvestorsHub review looks at other options included as well. In fact, you can pair our free basic course for beginners with this site.

Premium Message Board

A premium message board option allows users to post an unlimited number of times. Yes, your posting is capped on a free membership. For those who enjoy the community feel of the message boards and rely on others for information and insight, then the premium message board option is an affordable way to get access to that part of the site.

The Depth of InvestorsHub

The true depth of InvestorsHub is incredible. You can also choose to add international market options to your subscription. Above are the rates to add Canadian markets.

You can include additional features like mobile access or increasing the number of stocks you can follow on your stock monitor. There are even more options including European markets, Forex markets, Swing Trade Reports, and industry specific newsletters like the Cannabis Report. (Speaking of the pot sector, check out our penny pot stocks list.)

As you can see in this InvestorsHub review, they’ve mastered the freemium addons that members can sign up for. And most of these are available at very reasonable monthly rates.

There’s also the option to pay annually for these services. Which will save you a month of costs if you are so inclined to do so.

Okay, But What Else Can I Access for Free?

Still not convinced from our InvestorsHub review that they’re worth a monthly subscription fee? That’s okay. You can still take advantage of many of their free options for members.

But when you hit the InvestorsHub page it can be a little overwhelming. Especially if you want to access the information you want immediately.

Allow us to introduce you to InvestorsHub’s Hot! Tab. This is where you can find the latest ticker symbols that are getting all of the attention around the investing world.

Now, if you think you’re going to find the big cap stock names here like Facebook or Apple, think again. As important as those companies are to the economy, investors are all about making the huge gains fast.

Oftentimes this comes from penny stocks. Below is a quick screenshot of what’d potneitally see the Hot! Tab. It does change from day to day.

Not a ton of household names if you can squint hard enough to see. But you can see what InvestorsHub members are posting the most about.

And even the trading volume for each trading session. This Hot! Tab is an integral part of the InvestorsHub ecosystem and can tell you what other members of the site are talking about at a quick glance.

InvestorHub’s Free Investor Tools

InvestorsHub offers a number of free investor tools as well which include the always popular Data Tools that investors can use. These Data Tools include stock charts, company financials, historical data, and which message boards a particular stock is discussed on. It truly is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about a particular equity. And if you do subscribe to the Level 2 services, you can have access to the real-time trading information for each specific stock.

Streamer Tool

The streamer is another incredible tool that investors can take advantage of once they learn how to use it.

It is a screen that allows users to track the live performance of equities or stock indices throughout the day. You will have to pay for some of the premium options.

But things like cryptocurrencies or Forex can be tracked 24 hours a day for free. Our InvestorsHub review is here to help you get the best information.


Oh yes, the hottest investment vehicle of the 21st century, cryptocurrencies have their very own section of the InvestorsHub website.

Users can see the top 100 cryptocurrencies list by market cap, price, daily change, or volume, and can access daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly charts for each coin.

InvestorsHub even offers some nice crypto tools which include a crypto converting calculator, alerts, new crypto news, a mining profit calculator, and even a faucet for the social media token PlusOneCoin.

Of course, there are a ton of free cryptocurrency boards for members to use. An area on the splash landing page of the site dedicated to the top performing and newest crypto coins.

As investors we know cryptocurrencies are here to stay in some form or another; whether as an actual currency or merely an investing vehicle that we can use as a hedge against fiat currencies and inflation.

Well you better believe InvestorsHub knows this too and has dedicated a good amount of their site to attract crypto enthusiasts as well. Hence this InvestorsHub review.

More News Than You Know What to Do With

The first thing that may hit you when you land on the InvestorsHub site is the amount of news you have access to. InvestorsHub has a near overwhelming amount of information.

Including general Stock Market News, InvestorsHub Newswire, the top lists of the Stock Market, Top 10 Active Stock Market Forums, as well as a scrolling feed that resembles a stock ticker full of YouTube videos created by InvestorsHub staff.

We found in our InvestorsHub review that all of these are once again free to use for members. And provide a nice landing spot to start your day off with stock market news.

What Else Does InvestorsHub Offer?

In this InvestorsHub review we found that they provide members with full customer services including a toll free number and direct email address to contact. The site also provides an easy to use mobile app for both Apple and Android, as well as easy to access pages on Facebook and Twitter. InvestorsHub also offers a list of educational courses including their Market Vision YouTube channel, Educational Channel, Stock Market 101, and the Investor Help Forum.

These helpful and entertaining YouTube videos give investors a look into what InvestorsHub’s knowledgeable analysts are saying about the hottest topics including cryptocurrencies, and hot stock tickers.

Indices and Currencies

The first thing you see when you head to InvestorsHub is the daily charts of all of the major indices and currencies, so at a glance you already know the climate of the current market for that day.

But the true heart and soul of the InvestorsHub site is of course the message boards. While charts and analysis are all excellent resources, sometimes the best information and tips can come from other human traders themselves.

That’s why the community on InvestorsHub is so unique. It provides a professional and most importantly, a civil discussion environment where new and experienced traders can learn.

Unlike other platforms like FinTwit or StockTwits, which of course have their merit, but are also filled with negativity and dishonest pump and dumpers as there is not as much regulation as there is on InvestorsHub.

Use our InvestorsHub review to look at some of the forum topics you can join in on in the penny stock board.

There are a near infinite number of investing sites and platforms where traders can go to learn and interact with the investing community. InvestorsHub is one of the most well-established and respected sites you can find.

Just to summarize here are some pros and cons we have found with the InvestorsHub site.


  • Easy to use with an intuitive user interface and fairly minimal advertising.
  • Free membership offers tons of features and investing tools.
  • Civil discussion boards are the heart of the site and allow members to interact with other investors as peers.
  • Daily stock quotes and charts are available to users who wish to use technical analysis.
  • Real time news feeds and YouTube videos give users plenty of financial news from around the world.
  • A huge emphasis on Cryptocurrency news and prices gives crypto enthusiasts a nice footprint on the site.
  • Premium membership is reasonably priced for an investing site.


  • Some of the premium features can be found on other sites for free such as the Level 2 premium access.
  • An emphasis on penny stocks does mean that much of the discussion can come with some investor risk, although there are plenty of big cap stock boards as well.
  • A live-chat for customer support would be nice, but not a necessity.

InvestorsHub Review Final Thoughts

As you can see in our InvestorsHub review that the benefits far outweigh the complaints. And it truly can be your one stop shop for all of your investing news.

Whether you are into blue-chip stocks, penny stocks, funds, Forex, or Cryptocurrencies, you can find everything you need to be a successful investor.

Even if you’re a free member or opt for the premium Level 2 membership. Give the site a try today and sign up for your free membership to see where successful investors go to get all of their news and tools.

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