Investrade Review: Good Stock Trading Mobile App?

Investrade Review: This online brokerage firm offers a wide array of securities for building diverse portfolios. Therefore, it’s a good choice for self-directed traders who seek to diversify. Though Investrade offers low commissions, most notably, the firm boasts some of the lowest margin rates in the industry. They are a division of Regal Securities, Inc., founded in 1997. It’s officially called Investrade Discount Securities.

Is Investrade a Good Trading Platform? (Review Breakdown)

  • The Investrade web-based platform provides real-time data, quotes, and intraday charts. It offers seven chart types; including candlestick, OHLC, line and bar charts. Also, the charts enable you to compare different stocks against each other. The company provides a basic, web-based platform and mobile app. Both are user-friendly and intuitive. Which we go over in this Investrade review.

Additionally, the platform provides 30 customizable indicators. It includes popular ones like Bollinger bands, RSI, MACD, Parabolic SAR, and ADX.  In fact, it offers Elliot Wave and Klinger Oscillators, and Stochastic indicators.

Features also include watch list, news feed, alerts, account management, research, fundamentals, and reports. Placing trades is simple. Tracking is easy as well with the order status window.

The platform is good for casual traders. However, active traders may prefer a platform with more advanced features.

Mobile App

Investrade offers a mobile app that provides streaming quotes, charts, news, and research tools. Trade stocks, ETFs and options, while monitoring order status on the go. The user-friendly app is downloadable and available for both Apple and Android devices.

Products and Services

Investrade Review

In this Investrade review we discuss products and services. Investrade offers the ability to trade stocks, ETFs, options, mutual funds, and fixed income securities. Also, options trading in IRAs is available.

The fixed income securities include US Treasury bonds and US agencies. Likewise, the brokerage offers municipal, corporate, convertible, and zero coupon bonds.

Additionally, Investrade offers preferred stock, structured investments, UITs (Unit Investment Trusts), and CDs (Certificates of Deposit).

Indeed, the brokerage provides plenty of low-risk options to create a well-diversified portfolio. As a result, you’re generating regular income.

Notably, Investrade offers extended hours trading. Formerly the domain of institutional traders, Investrade makes it available to individuals.

The brokerage provides pre-market and post-market extended hours trading for NASDAQ and stocks on a national exchange. The rate for extended hours trades is $6.95. Though these must be limit order trades.

What Are Investrade Accounts, Fees, and Commissions for 2021? (Review Breakdown)

  1. The minimum required to open an account is $500 for domestic accounts and $25,000 for international accounts. Margin accounts require a $2,000 minimum.
  2. Fund the account via ACH, check, wire transfer (domestic or international), stock certificate, or account transfer from another brokerage.
  3. The rate for stocks and ETFs is $6.95 per trade.
  4. Also, the rate for options is $6.95 plus $0.50 per contract.
  5. For mutual funds, the rate is $5.00.
  6. And the rate for bonds is $5.00 per bond for the first 25 bonds. Then it drops to $3.00 per bond for additional bonds.
  7. Broker-assisted trades cost $10 per trade.
  8. Investrade margin rates range from 0.25% below Broker’s Call Rate to 3.00% above Broker’s Call Rate. Though the rate depends on your daily average debit balance.

Visit Investrade for more information on margin rates and guidelines.

Investrade Discount Securities (Regal Securities) offers individual, joint, corporate, trust, and IRA accounts. IRAs include the usual ones. For example, traditional, Roth, and Rollover.

However, Investrade also offers Coverdell ESA (Education Savings Account), SIMPLE (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees), and SEP (Simplified Employee Pension) IRAs.

The brokerage is a member of the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation).  Also, accounts carry excess SIPC Insurance from Lloyd’s of London.

Final Thoughts: Investrade Review


In summary of this Investrade review, Investrade Discount Securities (Regal Securities) is a full-service brokerage that provides a large selection of securities. Additionally, the firm offers competitive rates. Even broker-assisted trade costs are low.

Regarding their trading platform, I prefer a more robust one. Like many brokerages, the platform that Investrade offers is very basic. If you trade casually or hold positions, then their platform is suitable.

However, day traders may require something more sophisticated. Nonetheless, the extended hours trading is a big plus. Also, Investrade is a good choice for investors who want to build a diverse portfolio.

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