Jet Token Stock Price

Jet Token Stock Price and Symbol

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What is Jet Token’s stock price, and are they publicly traded? Investors cannot purchase shares of Jet Token because they are a private company. However, Boeing Co (NYSE: BA) is a publicly traded jet company that traders can invest in.

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Thanks to the state of the world in 2020, many people who still wanted to travel looked at new ways to get from point A to point B. When it came to flying, one of those was private planes. So with a shift in thought towards private aviation, Jet Token opted to try something new and give people a chance to test the waters before buying their own private jet. Since it is a new concept and company, we thought we would take a look and give you a full Jet Token stock review. So if you’re interested in learning everything you can about this unique new business idea, make sure to keep reading.

What is Jet Token?

Jet Token is almost like a timeshare, but instead of an apartment, you’re part owner of a HondaJet. You invest a certain amount depending on the area choice.

Then, over a five-year term, you invest in the plane. The company has signed a multi-aircraft deal with Honda aircraft company, LLC.

The company allows individuals in the western US to purchase 25-hour memberships or 75-hour fractions via blockchain technology to charter private planes for their individual traveling needs.

You can do this by investing in one of their seven tiers which range from $349 to more than $50,000. Just remember again, that you have to live on the west coast if you want to use them.

If you’re looking for a Jet Token stock review, they’re not a publicly traded company. Will that change? Perhaps. First, they’d potentially need to move farther east.

The more people that can use this company, the more interest there can be in going public. But for now, if you’re on the west coast, you can timeshare a private jet.

How Jet Token Works

One of the reasons for investing in this unique idea is the ease of use and the companies willingness to embrace technology. That being said, understanding how the platform works may be key to really understanding why Jet Token stock might be a smart investment.

The Jet Token booking app allows you to charter a wide range of private aircraft according to your budget. In addition, the fact that the company owns its own small fleet of HondaJet Elites helps. It gives the user an even wider range of travel options.

All you have to do is download the app. Which is available on both Android and iOS. Then enter your flight details so that you can search for jets that are available and their current pricing of those jets.

You can select the aircraft type sort and filter them. As a result, you get exactly what you’re looking for in your travels. Once you’ve done this, you have to submit a request, and the app will begin to build your itinerary.

When it comes to payment with the Jet Token app, you can pay via cash or blockchain. So as long as you are in the southwestern US, you will be able to take advantage of this unique and new service. And maybe one day we’ll all be able to buy Jet Token stock.

Is Jet Token INC a Good Investment?

When it comes to innovative ideas like this and any expenditure of your own personal money, you may be thinking to yourself, why should I even invest in this?

There are several reasons but first and foremost is the fact that Jet Token has partnered with several of the leading industry names. This, of course, includes the Honda Motor Company through their agreement with HondaJet and Cirrus Aviation, which happens to be the preeminent private jet charter and management company.

Along with this, the market right now is ripe for growth. That, coupled with the advantages one has when it comes to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

And the fact that the private jet charter market has been making a recovery due to the decreased risk of infection, makes this a great time to invest.

Jet Token is also embracing the world of technology with the live JetToken app. This app makes booking and planning travel via private jet easier. Speaking of technology, this app has also been designed to accept blockchain technology for payment. Jet tokens are loaded into digital wallets, which can be redeemed for travel or even sold back when time has not been used.

Reward Tiers

If you’re looking to invest, you receive rewards depending on the amount of money you choose to put into it. Here’s a jet token stock review of the perks you get depending on the tier you choose:

  • $359 +: JetToken pen & keychain set
  • $500 +: HondaJet baseball cap
  • $1000 +: JetToken Swiss Army knife
  • $2500 +: HondaJet coffee mug
  • $5000 +: desktop HondaJet model
  • $25,000 +: plant tour & lunch with JetToken CEO
  • $50,000 +: plant tour, lunch with JetToken CEO, & HondaJet flight

Jet Token Stock Final Thoughts

So as you see, the private jet industry is now beginning to catch up with commercial aviation when it comes to embracing booking systems. Jet Token is one of the first companies to really embrace this idea. It allows you to invest your hard-earned money not only as an investor but also via the booking platform.

Though right now, access to the use of this system is limited to the southwestern US. We’re sure as time goes on and more people are looking for ways to fly in comfort that this Jet Token will expand. So while there’s no Jet Token stock, you can invest in this differently than you’d expect.

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