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Lego Stock Price and Symbol

What is Lego’s stock price, and are they publicly traded? Investors cannot purchase shares of Lego because it is a private company. Hasbro (NASDAQ: $HAS), Mattel (NASDAQ: $MAT), and Walt Disney (NYSE: $DIS) are toy companies that traders can invest in.

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Is Lego a publicly traded stock? They are one of the most popular toy brands in the world. They’re headquartered out of Billund, Denmark. The brand was established in 1949 and first started as a wooden toy made by a Danish carpenter.

The name Lego is derived from the Danish word’ leg godt,’ which loosely translates to ‘plays well.’ It wasn’t until the 1950s that Lego started mass-producing its toys with the familiar fitted bricks we all know. Amazingly, if you had Lego bricks from the 1950s, they would still fit perfectly with new bricks made today. But can you trade Lego stock?

Lego has been a privately run company ever since it was first established. I can see why you would be interested in buying Lego stock. It is an industry leader with a recognizable brand presence in any market

Lego stock would be a popular stock that parents can purchase for their children. Some other examples of these portfolio starters include stocks like Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS), Roblox (NYSE: RBLX), and McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD).

Even though it is a powerful company and a top-tier global brand, Lego is not currently publicly traded on any stock market in the world. 

As a business, Lego is still exhibiting strong growth. For 2022, the company reported an 11% yearly revenue rise to roughly 2.74 billion DKK, or just under USD 4 billion. This puts Lego firmly in the $2 billion range in quarterly revenues.

While we can’t trade Lego stock, the company is still popular amongst parents and kids alike. As a result, there is still room for growth.

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Lego Stock Competitors

You can’t trade Lego stock. So, are you looking for ways to invest in stocks that are similar to Lego? The global toy market is estimated to be worth nearly \$100 billion and growing.

These days, it’s not just children playing with these toys either! As you probably already know, many Lego models are complicated and expensive, and many hobbyists collect these sets for fun. Let’s look at other stocks you can buy to invest in the toy and games industry!

1. Roblox (NYSE: RBLX)

Roblox is a unique game. Players can fully customize their worlds and have their friends and other users interact with them. It’s similar to other world-building games like Minecraft. And it’s extremely popular amongst the younger, pre-teen demographics. Roblox reported over 43 million daily active users as of Q2 in 2021. And while the stock has mostly traded sideways since its IPO, the game shows continued growth even after the pandemic. As a result, they’re a great Lego stock alternative. 

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2. Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS)

Perhaps the only brand of children’s toys that can compete with Lego, Disney has something for everyone. The multimedia conglomerate has become a juggernaut at the box office. As well as with its streaming platform, Disney+.

But one of the most overlooked segments of Disney’s revenue machine is its intellectual property merchandise. Toys from popular series like Star Wars and the Marvel Universe are extremely popular. As are other franchises like Toy Story, Frozen, and The Lion King.

It isn’t easy to quantify sales numbers for Disney when its parks and resorts are closed. However, the licensing and sales products segment accounts for 10% of Disney’s revenues. 

3. Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS)

Hasbro isn’t a company you would normally think of as a stock to buy. However, shares have returned over 25% during the past year.

The 98-year-old company makes toys and games, including popular franchises like Transformers, G.I. Joe, Power Rangers, Nerf, and My Little Pony. It also owns the brands for Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley.

These are two of the largest producers of board games. While Hasbro has lagged the S&P 500, the stock has performed admirably against difficult video game and mobile phone competition.

4. Mattel (NASDAQ: MAT)

One of Hasbro’s largest competitors, Mattel, owns lucrative brands like Barbie, Fisher-Price, American Girl, and Thomas the Tank Engine. Mattel’s stock has outperformed Hasbro during the past year. Shares have gained over 83.0% during that time. Still, Mattel faces the same issues that Hasbro does in an increasingly digital world. But you can trade them since there’s no Lego stock.

Mattell ($MAT) TipRanks Stock Forecast Report 3/24

Best Lego Product Partnerships

One of the best parts about choosing which Lego set to build is the sheer number of different brands it is partnered with. With no Lego stock, here’s a quick list of some of the best partnerships for Lego products.

Marvel Universe and DC Universe: When it comes to the two largest comic book universes, Lego doesn’t mess around. It partners with both. Lego has dozens of different sets built around these superheroes.

One of Lego’s most popular pieces of intellectual property lies in its movies and television shows. Lego has several movies, including the Lego Batman Movie, Lego Avengers, Lego Justice League vs. Bizarro League, and Lego Aquaman. 

Lego Star Wars: One of the most popular franchises in the world, Star Wars has its fair share of Lego products. This includes multiple series and movies based on the Lego Star Wars universe.

And even a few video games as well. Some of the most complex and intricate Lego sets are the Star Wars models, including the infamous Lego Death Star, which consists of over 4,000 pieces and will cost you over \$1,000.00 to buy

Adidas Originals: Lego isn’t just about superheroes; it also knows a thing or two about fashion. Lego partnered with Adidas Originals to create several pieces of clothing incorporating designs and a Lego set for the famous Adidas Superstar sneaker. 

Ninjago and Harry Potter

Ninjago: This franchise launched in 2011 and has rapidly grown in popularity to become a flagship brand. It’s loosely based on the Ancient Japanese Ninja clans and currently has nearly 400 different sets. The brand also has several movies, television series, and video games and is the company’s longest-running and most successful original franchise.

Harry Potter: Despite the series last movie coming out in 2011, the Harry Potter Lego sets are still going strong. The sets are on the premium side of Lego’s catalog, as the Hogwarts base castle and Diagon Alley cost $500.00 each. Harry Potter’s global popularity is another reason for its success as a Lego partnership. Although no new books or movies in the standalone series have been planned, there is no shortage of demand. But at least we have options since we can’t trade Lego stock.

Will Lego Stock Go Out of Style?

Well, it’s been ninety years, and Lego is still as popular as ever, so the answer is probably a resounding no. It’s too bad there’s no Lego stock. The key to Lego’s continued success is that the company has an incredible way of staying on the pulse of what is popular.

Not only does Lego seek out strong brands and franchises, but these same brands also seek out Lego. Lego is a brand name that appeals to fans of all age groups, and the added revenue streams of movies and television series are a brilliant way to market its products. Would you be surprised if Lego was just as popular as it is today in another ninety years? I certainly wouldn’t be!

The digital aspect of Lego’s products is another reason it has been able to keep up with technology. Lego is pumping out television series and movies based on its characters and offers children a way to enjoy superheroes without violence. This can, of course, be turned into more merchandise and other revenue streams like mobile games. 

Final Thoughts: Lego Stock

So, as great of a brand as Lego is, it’s unfortunate that we cannot buy shares of Lego stock. Lego continues to be a privately owned company, and it does not seem to have any plans of going public anytime soon.

Whenever I hear Lego, I think fondly of building sets in my childhood and playing with the Duplo sets with my children. This is a part of Lego’s legacy, as it has been sewn into the fabric of our collective childhood. Nearly every child has heard of or played with Lego, and the tradition continues to be passed on to the next generation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

LEGO is a privately held company and does not have a stock symbol. Hasbro (NASDAQ: $HAS), Mattel (NASDAQ: $MAT), and Walt Disney (NYSE: $DIS) are toy companies that investors can purchase.

The LEGO Group is a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. It's owned by the Kristiansen family, which they founded in 1932.

LEGO does not have shareholders because it is a privately held company. The parent company is The LEGO Group.

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