• February 2, 2018
Hey Friends…Take a Deep Breath! We’ve been seeing a MASSIVE amount of people panicking this whole week…especially with what happened today.
If you’re losing money then we are sorry that’s happening to you! The stock market can be a very brutal place. The markets don’t care about your feelings unfortunately…
This week is a great lesson for those that are new to trading.  We’ve been seeing lots of questions of people asking what’s happening? What should I do? Is the sky falling? Etc…
Point being is that what’s happening in the markets right now is very simple…
Everything reacts to uncertainty and there’s LOTS of uncertainty going on in our world right now.  Many people are in panic mode…and the markets will react accordingly.
Our suggestion if you’re a new trader is to take a deep breath, relax, go liquid (meaning cash), and sit and wait to see how things play out. Don’t listen to hype or pumpers or anyone that tells you to jump on the bandwagon in any particular sector.
Be patient and let the markets choose a direction. Let the technical’s give you clues. Let the sectors choose a direction. Then trade accordingly. If you are a new trader then the best advice that we could ever give you is to paper trader for 6 months to a year until you feel completely comfortable as a trader.
We are here to tell you the truth, regardless of whether the truth hurts or not. We’d rather you quit trading and protect your money if trading isn’t a fit for you, rather than create some fantasy world and pretend like trading is simple because it’s NOT!
Over 90% of traders fail! Sad but true..
We are always trying our darnedest to protect y’all and have your backs.
Love ya peeps!
Tim, Dan, and Lucien
  • Avatar Deanna says:

    What about those of us whose portfolio has taken an extreme beating – stocks that we’ve been holding for weeks or months?

    • Hi Deanna you have to watch the charts. No one can predict what a stock is going to do. If you are a long term investor and want to know better long term investing advice then we’d suggest seeking a financial adviser. We are more traders that track the markets on a daily basis.

  • Avatar Ralph says:

    Relax, go liquid (meaning cash), do you mean that we should sell all our stocks shares?
    I lost like $ 400 in one day, so what should I do on Monday if the prices went down more and more?

    • Meaning if someone is new then they might want to be cash to be safe. If someone is long term trader then they should consult financial planner. We always try to protect the newbies and sometimes the best decision is to not trade at all or go liquid. It’s a matter of one’s preference.

  • Avatar Rachell says:

    I have leap options for NVDA and they dont expire til June 2018, and Jan 2019. I have a total of 70 grand in profits. If this was your account what would you do? Would u take profits and just wait to see what the market does? or Wait til NVDA reports on Thursday and then take profits?

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