MarketClub Review

In this MarketClub Review we are going to talk about our experience with MC and the positive benefits and features. They make technical trading easier with their tools and unique trend triangles signals. MarketClub helps you find better trades, follow better trade signals, while growing your portfolio. They have simplified the process of technical analysis and entering into and finding trades.

1. Do You Need Stock Market Tools?

Firstly, lets talk about stock market tools in general. Do you need them? YES! Secondly, It doesn’t matter if you are a long term investor, day trader, or swing trader, you will benefit from them.

So lets be real. Everyone has tools they use to to help give them a winning edge in the stock market. And just like your investments, you expect a certain amount of ROI when purchasing a stock and the same can be said for any tool you purchase.

Marketclub Review

2. Watch Our MarketClub Video Tutorial Review on How Their Trade Triangles Work

Of course, we all know your most important tool is your brain! But even the sharpest minds are fallible and will overlook things, even right in front of them.

Notably one of our favorite things about our stock market trading community is that we are a diverse group with multiple eyes and opinions on the market, all looking out for each other.

As a rule, humans are social creatures. Thus we naturally enjoy as traders being able to bounce ideas around and ask look for confirmations from one another. However, a rock solid, proven, computer automated system for verifying a stocks direction can also be very powerful.


Drawing trend lines and spotting entries with triangles is easy with marketclub.

Hence the main reason we decided to do a MarketClub Review for our community. We have benefited from their proprietary “trade triangle” alert system many times over and you should too. It’s silly easy to use, whether you are a beginner or expert trader

3. What Is MarketClub? (Review Breakdown)

  • MarketClub has easy to use online trading tools that are time-tested, market proven, and help with making difficult trading decisions. Many traders particularly love their trade triangle entry and exit signals along with their market scanning tools.
MarketClub Review

30-days of full access to MarketClub – only $1!Test the signals, analyze your portfolio and more

Members of our community know that I like to draw trend lines, triangles and find channels. These are an essential part of my strategy for finding trade signals.

In this MarketClub review, they also seem to like triangles and one of the most popular features of their paid membership is their algorithmic trade triangles system. Check out our stock trading tools page.

Moreover, their system uses a mix of different timing signals to produce daily, weekly and monthly “green triangles” that help the trader confirm that the odds will be in their favor when making a swing trade. 

Given that Market Club is the way it is, swing traders are particularly drawn to the scanner. The green triangles signify a strong daily, weekly or monthly trend, and red triangles signify the opposite.

On the other hand, they aren’t intended for finding tops, or bottoms – or exact entries. But they do offer possible entries, and they are quite useful. Here you always want to identify the trend (draw trend lines) and verify your moving averages, and candlesticks.

4. How To Configure MarketClub

Market Club

1. Scanner Configuration

Next, you can configure your scanner with whatever individual criteria you wish, as well as sort the triangles by triangles up/triangles down. Every scan will produce daily, weekly and monthly triangles by default. We scanned over the weekend and looked back 3 days to find NEW weekly up or down triangles.

Next once you have your scan list, you can click on your individual symbols and take a look at the charts, and examine the trend, and triangle signals:

You can see above, that along with some basic technical analysis that the triangles were pretty reliable signals. A look at this chart you’ll find that if you were to trade the green and red triangles long and short respectively, you would do well.

Most of all the key to remember is that the Monthly triangles will identify the trend, and weekly triangles will identify possible entries, exits, and re-entries. 

30-days of full access to MarketClub – only $1!Test the signals, analyze your portfolio and more

2. Momentum Strength Score

Additionally there is also a momentum strength score given by MarketClub between -100 to +100. It’s located in the top right of the chart underneath the triangle legend. This number is helpful for gauging the upward or downward momentum. Also, if you are newer and want to learn more about swing trading to build your knowledge and kills, we recommend that you take our swing trading course.

Our courses along with a market club membership will help you become a more profitable, confident trader. Click Here to purchase MarketClub.

3. Smart Scan

Furthermore, another great feature of MarketClubs membership is their smart scan filter. Particularly, this page comes with 24 pre-built scan criteria that can be further filtered out by price and volume.

Most importantly, one of my favorites is the “first week high scan”. While on this setting you’ll find the stocks that are just beginning to break out!

MarketClub Review

Here we see a few examples of of new weekly highs. Given that, there are many results in the scan, know you can refine it further by using the filters on the right. Keep in mind, MarketClub’s scanner is a great tool for bear markets too. You can scan for new red triangles to purchase put options or short. And if you don’t know what options are and want to learn more, take our free courses.

What Will MarketClub Cost Me?

MarketClub offers a 30 day trail and offers a quarterly membership and $150 and yearly membership billed at $449.

Why We Like MarketClub

MarketClub provides some fantastic tools for traders. In all honesty, we really like their alert system which will send you an email whenever one of the stocks in your portfolio has a new up or down triangle, depending on what time frame you are looking for triangle data for.

Indeed, Market Club is great because it alerts you in real time when the stock gets a new trade triangle which can be a great opportunity to place a long or short trade!

It’s nice knowing MarketClub is keeping an eye on my portfolio even when I cant. In order to give myself the best trading edge I like to use Market Club along with TrendSpider. Between the two alerts I have a powerful 1-2 monitoring system.

Lastly, please watch our Market Club review video by Tim Davis detailing how to use MarketClub and its Trade Triangle system and many of the other features that come with a Market Club membership. We hope you enjoyed this Market Club Review and that you will take full advantage of all it has to offer.

Do You Want To Learn How To Trade?

Looking to learn stock market trading? Take our free stock training courses to help you get started and take the tools of MarketClub and put them to use with our hands on approach to learning.

Marketclub Review

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