Hey Friends…we’re extremely grateful to you for visiting the official Bullish Bears merchandise store. We appreciate all the support and love the Bullish Bears Team receives from the community.

We created our merchandise line to give people a tangible to the intangibles that they’ve hopefully received from our community on a daily basis. The Bullish Bears community was created with the vision of becoming the most trusted stock market training community in the world, and our mission is to give our community members an honest, realistic, and affordable education in the stock market.

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We want people from all different ages and backgrounds to feel proud and a part of something much bigger when they wear our apparel. We want everyone to feel included in the Bullish Bears movement.

Our community is the heartbeat that keeps our movement flowing and Tim, Dan & Lucien and the rest of the team are just the facilitators. We are a united community that stands together for the ultimate good of one another. Race, sex, religion, personal politics, and sexual orientation make no difference. We come from all walks of life – yet we stand unified on our journey’s together.

We know that we will never completely change the game in this industry, however, we continuously see our members slowly changing that game one day at a time by selflessly giving back to others in our community on a daily basis.

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