• March 27, 2019

Our latest MetaStock Review is ready. Bullish Bears and MetaStock have the same goal; give traders the information they need to succeed in the most straightforward way possible.  

We know our Bullish Bears trading service is already doing that. However, let's review if MetaStock can simplify your trading decisions too.

The first thing we can tell you about ​this company is that they're consistent. They've stood the test of time. It all began in 1982 when Steve Achelis realized the vast potential of using a PC to analyze stocks. 

As an active trader, he developed and marketed MetaStock, which promptly began winning awards. Subsequently, the company has grown to become a leader in the development of trading software.

Formerly owned by Reuters, MetaStock also offers a vast news feed service in addition to its state-of-art software. Talking about software, ​they offers one of the largest selections of software options and features that I've seen. They're equipped to meet the needs of every type of trader from beginner to broker.

You can trade stocks, commodities, futures, Forex, bonds, mutual funds, and indices. The charting software comes in two main versions, real-time and 'end of day'. In addition, the company offers data packages, add-ons, and training (watch us do trading live each day in our trading rooms).

metastock review

Real-time and End-of-day traders' needs are met.


MetaStock comes with all the bells and whistles. You get a wide array of chart types, over 275 indicators, and multiple drawing tools. The scanning possibilities with the Explorer tool are virtually limitless due to the sheer amount of data available for filtering.

In addition, they offer 18 line studies, watch lists, automated alerts, and comprehensive news feeds. Not only does MetaStock's System Tester provide powerful backtesting capabilities, but with the Forecaster you have the ability to do forecasting.

MetaStock R/T (Real Time)

If you're a day trader or require intra-day data, then this version is for you. The software enables you to execute your trades throughout the trading day in real time. Furthermore, state-of-the-art analysis tools when used in tandem with their streaming data service make a powerful combination.

Trading Alerts 8-14-19

Stock Alerts W/E 8-16

MetaStock D/C (End of Day)

The best traders don't stop working after the markets close.  They continue to run analyses and plan their upcoming strategies. Therefore, MetaStock offers an end-of-day version designed for swing traders and position traders. Note, this version cannot be used for real-time trading, but it's a great analytic tool.


This MetaStock review lets you know that data is sold separately in two different versions. Both versions of Refinitiv data integrate seamlessly with their intended charting platforms.

Refinitiv XENITH for MetaStock R/T provides real-time data, news, analytics, fundamentals, and economic reporting. Also, the streaming data is available in any time frame, like tick, intraday, daily, weekly and more. Furthermore, I want to point out that the news feeds are unparalleled, placing a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Refinitiv DataLink for MetaStock D/C offers data from all around the world, and historical data is automatically included. The data history for North America starts in 1980 for equities, mutual funds, and indices and goes back even further for futures.  

Additionally, international data is provided going back at least 5 years. There's no restriction on the number of symbols users can download, and symbols are easily searchable.

metastock review

Refiniv XENITH and Refinitiv DataLink provide comprehensive data.


MetaStock offers 49 third-party add-ons; enabling even more advanced analysis capabilities. Leading experts in trading created these plug-ins so that you could take advantage of their strategies.  

For instance, many add-ons provide buy and sell signals or may include custom indicators. It depends on the particular add-on you choose.


As of this writing, each of the 2 platforms has 3 pricing options, monthly subscription, annual subscription, or buy it outright.

MetaStock R/T goes for $100.00 /mo., $1080.00 /yr., or can be owned for $1395.00.

Meanwhile, MetaStock D/C goes for $59 /mo., $635 /yr., or can be owned for $499.

To view the MetaStock price for the data options, go to MetaStock Data.

Currently, a free one-month trial is available for any Metastock product.

The software works on PCs, but many ask is there MetaStock for Mac?  The answer is there's no official Mac version. However, many users have found they can use it with few issues on the newer Macs with the Intel processor.  

They claim they get the best results by using an application called Boot Camp. Though there are no guarantees that MetaStock will work flawlessly on the Mac.


Of course, MetaStock is not without competition. Among the more known alternatives are MetaTrader, eSignal, NinjaTrader, MultiCharts, TradingView, and TC2000.  

All of them good programs. If you're looking for a software that can scan, analyze, test results, and even forecast, MetaStock may be all you need.  

However, we always recommend that you try first, and the good news is that you can do just that with the MetaStock 30 day trial.

Scanning for stocks to trade and planning your trades are crucial steps if you want to trade like a pro. MetaStock may help you make better trading decisions.

However, to truly become an expert, you'll need training. You'll need mentors. You'll need practice. In short, you need to join the Bullish Bears community.

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