In our momentum trading strategies tutorials we are going to teach you how to become a more consistent and profitable momentum trader. We put these tutorials into a simplified momentum trading course to make things easier for you.

Our momentum trading course is a continuation of our day trading course. In fact, momentum trading strategies are also known as day trading strategies. Momentum trading is our favorite strategy for day trading.

In this course we are going to go more in depth with day trading and show you how to ride the “momentum” of stocks. The videos in this trading course will save you a lot of money on purchasing a momentum trading course somewhere else. Save your money!

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ThinkorSwim by TD Ameritrade is our recommended platform of choice to use when day trading because their platform has awesome charting and technical analysis tools along with it. Also, they allow you to use their simulated platform during real time market hours to practice trading and you don’t have to have money in an account with them to do this!


All you need to do is apply for a real account and once they approve you then make sure to call TD Ameritrade at 1-800-672-2098 and have them add “real time data” onto your simulated account. Then you could practice making trades during real live market hours which will be critical to your trading success. Make sure to join our trading room and practice with us!

It’s important to make at least 100-200 practice trades in your virtual account first before trading with real money. Take our ThinkorSwim Tutorial course to learn how to set up you simulated account with TD Ameritrade.

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Many people have the perception that momentum trading strategies are risky and hard. We’ve heard people say that this style of trading is like gambling but this couldn’t be further from the truth. We’d argue that the more that you keep your money in the market the more you’re actually gambling because the market is unpredictable. However, investing in the stock market regardless of whether it’s stocks, options, or mutual funds, without a proper strategy is like gambling.

Momentum trading is a routined strategy that becomes more predictable the more that you become comfortable. It’s all about the technicals. Once you learn the technical analysis of stocks and learn the proper risk management strategies then you’ll know how to become a successful momentum trader.

The best momentum traders in the world only make winning trades around 60% of the time but they know how to put the odds in their favor with proper risk management strategies.

Watch our Day Trading Strategies momentum trading course video to help you get started.

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Managing risk is one of the most important aspects to momentum trading. If you aren’t careful with risk management then you could lose a lot of money. It’s important to have at least a 2:1 profit/loss ratio on every trade otherwise you won’t be able to be a successful momentum trader long term.

Watch our video on Trading Risk Management and learn how to set up proper risk management techniques when trading.

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This video goes more in depth with momentum trading strategies. There are many factors that go into momentum trading and we peel back the layers to show you what to really look for when day trading. There are several different strategies to use when momentum trading. Every trader is different. This video will give you some specific strategies to use when day trading.

Watch our Day Trading Tips momentum trading course video.

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