Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review: You’ve heard of the Motley Fool, right? Whether you’re into trading or investing, they’re a well-known newsletter. Today we’re going to talk about what the Motley Fool is, why you should care about this service as an investor, and what exactly you get when you subscribe to their premium newsletters. In this “Fool-ish” Review, I’ll go into the nitty-gritty about what you get as a paid member. But first, let’s talk about why you’d be a fool to pass this one up!


Is Motley Fool Stock Advisor Worth It?

We’re all looking for ideas on what to trade as well as stock picks. Motley Fool has become one of the most well known and trusted stock pick newsletters on the market. And in a world where stock picking newsletters can be a bad thing, we love that they’re dependable. Many newsletters get a bad rap because they’re penny stock picks.

And it’s usually a pumper being paid to drive volatility to a stock to help a person or company out. We wrote this Motley Fool Stock Advisor review to delve into just what they provide and whether or not you should pay for the service. With everyone offering a service these days, we want you to only put your money on something that’s absolutely worth it. And the Motley Fool is.

The Motley Fool and It’s Shakespearean Ties

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review

With the goal of making every investor happy, wiser and wealthier, the Motley Fool doesn’t disappoint. Started in 1993 by two brothers, David and Thom Gardner, the Motley Fool has surpassed all expectations. 

As you may or may not know, their name is in homage to the one character in Shakespearean literature — the court jester.

The Court Jester was the one who could speak the truth to the king and queen without having his or her head lopped off. With humor that instructed as much as it amused, The Fools provided hours of endless entertainment of the Court. More importantly, the Fool was never afraid to question conventional wisdom. Something perhaps we should all aspire to in life. Let’s continue with our Motley Fool Stock Advisor review.

What Is the Motley Fool?

Okay. So moving on to our main topic of the show today; the Motley Fool Stock Advisor review. But first, what is the Motley Fool? Basically, they’re a team of analysts that look at the U.S. market and try to pick out winning stocks for subscribers

Without a doubt, they’re most famous for their stock-picking subscription services. As a paid user, you get alerts for stocks they think will soar to the moon over the next 3 to 5 years. 

What Is Motley Fool’s Latest Stock Pick?

Since its inception, the Motley Fool – specifically their stock advisor subscription service, has consistently and drastically beaten the market. Which, as you know, is the key to successful investing. Here at Bullish Bears, we rank the Motley Fool as one of the #1 stock-picking services on our list of best stock picking services based on their 2020 stock picks’ performance.

When you subscribe to their stock-picking service like Stock Advisor, you get two stock picks a month that they think will outperform the market in the next three to 5 years. Hence out Motley Fool Stock Advisor review.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review Of Their Performance

As the saying goes, the numbers don’t lie. The reason why we like the Motley Fool so much at Bullish Bears is that 21 of their 24 stock picks from last year are up. In fact, eight of them have doubled! I’d be remiss to mention that the average return of all 24 picks is up 99% compared to the S&P 500, which was up 22%, and that’s just for 2020. 

Rewind to 2019, and you’d see that their picks are up 132% on average versus the S&P 37% gain. Having said that, ten of their picks from 2019 have at least doubled, while five have even quadrupled! Beyond even that, in January of 2020, when everyone thought Tesla was going to tank, Motley Fool picked it. 

Since that pick, Telsa soared in price 820%. I could go on and on about stock picks from the Fool that has double-digit, even triple-digit returns but do the research yourself, check out the performance on their website so that you can see exactly what I am talking about. Don’t just take out Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review at face value.

Remember, Not Even the Motley Fool Has a Crystal Ball

Now it’s important to clarify that not every single stock pick has done well. If you guys remember the Lucking coffee scandal from early 2020, that was one of Motley Fools’ stock picks. A few years back, the Chinese coffee chain Luckin Coffee was listed in the U.S. However, last April, it disclosed that its CEO fabricated the 2019 sales by about $310 million. 

Does this error surprise me? No. No one has a crystal ball to predict the market’s next step. But since the Fool’s inception, if you average out the returns of all their picks, it’s up over 500%. Let’s keep going with our Motley Fool Stock Advisor review.

Is Motley Fool a Ripoff?

No they’re not. In fact, I am a Motley Fool subscriber. I get two new fresh stock picks a month. And as a subscriber, you’ll know that Thursdays are the most important day of the week. Each Thursday, they issue new recommendations, with fresh stock picks second Thursday. Plus, the Fool gives out newly updated stocks to buy the other Thursdays. 

Each pick walks you through the buying case for a stock, spelling out exactly why a company might be a good addition to your portfolio, as well as the potential risks. Not only do you get their new picks every month, but you also get access to all of their recommendations back to 2016. 

If you know what you’re doing as a trader, you’ll be able to use their stock picks correctly. This Motley Fool Stock Advisor review won’t help you if you don’t know how to trade. In fact, no stock picking service will help you if you can’t find support and resistance.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review Of the Tools

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite features that are offered by the Motley fool. These are tools you may want to take advantage of for yourself. Now let’s take a look at them.

Favorites Button Feature

One of the best features, in my opinion, is the Fool’s favorites button. If you favorite a stock, you’ll get an alert every time you get a new buy, sell or massive price change. Now, this definitely comes in handy when you’re busy and don’t have time to check stock prices. 

When To Sell Feature

One complaint about stock picking services is that they tell you when to buy, not when to sell. However, that is not the case with the Motley fool stock advisor; they will advise you when to sell as well. And of course, you can always do your own research, you don’t have to know. But, it’s really nice to know when they’re selling the same stocks they recommend to you. 

A Great Place to Start For Beginners

Newbies don’t despair if you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Investing seems daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The Fool has an updated list of the top 5 starter stocks for starting a new portfolio. Even though they don’t tell you what stocks to pick, you get all the tools to do your own research. You’ll have full access, 24/7, to their library full of research and reports, so you can do as much digging as you want on your own. 

Now, if you’re not already sold in this Motley Fool stock advisor review, it’s likely because you have one burning question: How much does it cost?

How Much Will the Motley Fool Cost Your Pocketbook?

Stock Advisor: $199/year

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review

For a meager $199 annual fee, you get access to the Advisor and all its fantastic features, which include:

  • Two new stock picks each month
  • Best Buys Now – 10 timely buys chosen from over 300 stocks
  • Starter Stocks – Foundational stock recommendations for new and experienced investors
  • Community & Investing Resources – access to educational materials and the world’s greatest community of investors to help you invest better

Rule Breakers: $299/year

For a steeper price of $299 per year, Rule Breakers give you high-growth stocks hand-selected by Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner. Despite the price, you’ll find comfort in the fact that they’re realized returns of 314% vs. the S&P’s returns of 106% since inception. 

motley fool stock advisor review

With a subscription, you get all of the following:

  • Two new stock picks each month
  • The team’s latest stock recommendations delivered monthly
  • Best Buys Now
  • Top 5 stocks to buy now chosen from over 200 stocks
  • Starter Stocks
  • Foundational stock recommendations for new and experienced investors
  • Community and investing resources
  • Access to educational materials and the world’s top community of investors to help you invest – better

Now, I know how we all like a deal, and that deal comes in the form of a bundle. For $498 a year, you can access both the Stock Advisor and the Rule Breakers. There’s no one size fits all investment approach, but I think you’ll be off to a good start with a Motley Fool subscription. 

Closing Thoughts

As of April 2, 2021, Stock Advisor boasts returns of over 565% compared to its benchmark, the S&P 500, returning 122%. Returns of 122% are nothing to sneeze at hence why I like investing in index funds that track the S&P However, for investors I see value in forking out the cash for Stock Advisor. 

But if the price is too steep, I don’t suggest buying it now. Save up your money first, and you can always start by purchasing index funds. Now we don’t give investment advice at Bullish Bears, but that is a suggestion. I highly recommend you do your own research, take some time, and I trust you’ll make the right decision for yourself. Thanks for reading and stay green!

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