Nancy Pelosi Stocks

List of Nancy Pelosi Stocks to Watch

What Nancy Pelosi stocks should we be watching? Look at $GOOGL, $AB, and $AXP to start. Lawmakers know well ahead of all investors when a bill, contract, or subsidy will affect a specific industry or stock. So it won’t come as a surprise that some lawmakers can tip off their spouses or friends when they have some juicy inside information on the stock market.

Unfortunately, many politicians have been caught in the act. Others, with much more power, have evaded justice for a few years now, but their time might come soon.

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Paul Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi Stocks

One of them is Nancy Pelosi. Her husband, Paul Pelosi, owns a venture capital firm, Financial Leasing Services Inc. Both are under fire for purchasing stocks and options at a suspiciously convenient time.

Nancy Pelosi is against a current draft for members of Congress not being able to trade on the stock market. No wonder. She is a very bad actress when it comes time to deny her (alleged) actions.

Some investors wanted to join the fun. So, Unusual Whales created the Nancy Pelosi ETF. Every single one of her and her spouse’s transactions can be found there.

So use them for Nancy Pelosi stocks. Senators’ spouses are obligated to disclose their trades in a 45-day frame. So, we do not have the exact number of shares.

However, they provide a window ($100-250k, $250-500k, $1-5M, etc.) Below, we will look at some of the stocks in the Pelosi portfolio. Some will not come as a surprise.

Nancy Pelosi Stocks

1. Alliance Bernstein Hldg. (NYSE: AB)

The first in our Nancy Pelosi stocks list is $AB. AllianceBernstein is a global asset management firm. Paul Pelosi began a position in this little-known investment company in December 2020 by purchasing 20k shares. He purchased 40k more shares in February 2021 and finally 10k more shares in January 2022.

The stock tripled in value between March 2020 and November 2021 but has struggled a bit since with reason. All its key metrics were down from one year ago in AB’s recent financial earnings. Revenue and net income were both down between 22 and 25%.

On the bright side, AB’s dividend is massively attractive. Its yearly yield is 10.57%. That may be one of the reasons Pelosi has amassed 70k shares worth over 3M of this company. On the other hand, there doesn’t seem to be any link between Nancy Pelosi and AllianceBernstein. Maybe they know something we don’t. In any case, analysts are bullish on the company.

Alliance Bernstein Holding LP ($AB) TipRanks Stock Forecast Report 3/24

2. Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL)

Next on the Nancy Pelosi stocks list is a much better-known company, Google. Paul Pelosi has a few million invested there as well. In June 2021, he exercised 40 call options at a strike price of $1200 (pre-split).

Later that year, in December, he bought ten call options with a strike price of $2000. That’s a few million in the bank. His total gain was reported as over $5M.

Despite the government’s push to stop the expansion of big tech, there doesn’t seem to be any real damage to Apple, Amazon, or Google.

It won’t surprise that Mr. Pelosi owns all three of these stocks. His stake in Amazon is between $500k to $1M in call options. More on Apple later on. 

3. American Express (NYSE: AXP)

Visa and Mastercard have a long rivalry as the best payment systems in the world. Although Amex cards aren’t accepted everywhere, their usage is rising.

Companies worldwide are adopting American Express for their payment and travel solutions.

Paul Pelosi disclosed his Amex holdings in June 2020 with a $100k investment. Hence, they are added to our Nancy Pelosi stocks list.

Later, in January 2022, he exercised 50 call options at the strike price of $80. Amex’s stock is currently $163. He more than doubled his initial investment.

Fun fact: American Express is the largest holding of legendary investor Warren Buffet. So, I would expect a lot more growth for Amex. The company is worth much less than Visa and Mastercard and is gaining international exposure.

4. Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL)

It’s no wonder that the most valuable public company in the world is part of Paul Pelosi’s books.

He’s been very active with this stock. Paul and Nancy periodically purchase call options in batches of 50 or 100. So naturally, it’s made it into our list of Nancy Pelosi stocks.

After all, Apple is a solid stock pick. iPhones aren’t going anywhere, and that technology is only getting better.

I am waiting for Apple to diversify its portfolio and enter another industry. The Pelosis has over $2M in Apple stock. Look for that number to go higher with time.

5. Micron Tech (NASDAQ: MU)

Micron tech is a chip maker. There has been some controversy in this field very recently. Pelosi even flew to Taiwan, the world’s leader in chip manufacturing. So Nancy Pelosi has some pull in this industry, making her husband’s stock ownership in that sector controversial.

The Pelosi stake in Micron dates back to December 2021, with a strike price of $50 expiring September 16th, 2022. They are betting on a $40-70B investment by the US to produce chips at home.

This is due to tensions between China and Taiwan. If China takes over the island, it will threaten the chip supply worldwide, which is already very thin.

That industry has a lot of uncertainty, making it difficult for investors to trade. Micron’s stock is down 33% YTD and still has room to drop until we have more details on that $ 40 – 70 B on domestic chip making. It’ll be interesting to see if it remains on the Nancy Pelosi stocks list.

6. Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)

More controversy for the Nancy Pelosi stocks list! In March 2021, Paul Pelosi exercised options to purchase 25k shares of Microsoft. At the end of that month, the US Army has a $21B contract with Microsoft for AR headsets.

You can decide if Nancy Pelosi knew about this or if it was a coincidence. In May 2022, Paul Pelosi bought 50 more call options at a strike price of $180.

Despite falling short of analysts’ expectations in its most recent earnings, Microsoft is the world’s 3td largest public company.

They may not be successful with Internet Explorer, Bing, or their phones, but their Windows products are great. Furthermore, their cloud business is rapidly expanding. So, look for more growth from Microsoft.


We remain controversial with Nvidia, another chip maker. Since the summer of 2021, Pelosis has been gathering shares and call options of Nvidia. It is believed they gathered around $5M worth.

Paul Pelosi exercised some call options this June, but later in July, he sold all of his 25,000 shares of the chipmaker. The timing was odd. As mentioned earlier, the government is voting on a massive bill to produce chips at home shortly.

Many assume that the Pelosis are acting on insider knowledge, so you may want to watch Nancy Pelosi’s stocks.

8. PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL)

Enough with controversy and back to investments. PayPal is a fintech company specializing in online payments.

According to many sources, Paul Pelosi bought about $1M of PayPal in January. However, it may not be his best purchase.

The stock is down almost 50% YTD and over 60% in one year. Despite nearly $7B in revenue, the company realized a net income of $-341M. No wonder investors weren’t pleased. 

9. Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA)

We continue with one of the most loved and hated stocks on the stock market. But unfortunately, analysts can’t seem to be on the same page with Tesla.

Some believe it will crash, while others expect it to surpass the $1T market valuation. In any case, it is the leading electric vehicle manufacturer in the world.

Love it or hate it, having a stake in this company is almost mandatory for any institutional investor.

Pelosi isn’t an exception. In December 2020, Pelosi purchased 25 call options at a strike price of $500 and exercised them in March 2022. Those shares are worth between $1-5M.

You can read our analysis on Tesla right here.

10. Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS)

We conclude the Pelosi Stocks with Disney. Pelosi disclosed his first Disney purchase in December 2020 with 100 call options. Then, in December 2021, he purchased 50 more call options. The strike price was $100 in both cases. Finally, in January 2022, he exercised 100 call options. His total stake in Disney is worth between $1-5M. 

Final Thoughts: Nancy Pelosi Stocks

To conclude, Nancy Pelosi and her husband, Paul Pelosi, are very active in the stock market. Hence, our look at Nancy Pelosi stocks. Despite surpassing the returns of major indexes, the Pelosis aren’t even in the top 5 most successful members of Congress.

They lead all Democrats but trail 5 Republicans: Austin Scott, Brian Mast, French Hill, John Curtis, and Dan Crenshaw. Austin Scott has been surprisingly good at picking successful stock picks. In any case, many politicians are very successful.

Is it due to their insider knowledge, or are they that good? We may never know. On the bright side, they do have to disclose their trades. So, every day, investors can replicate their trades, although with a little time lag. 

If you want to learn more about profiting from the stock market, head to our free library of educational courses. We have something for everyone, including trading options for those with small accounts.

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