Bullish Bears TradeStation Discount

Finding a TradeStation discount isn’t too hard. Finding a Bullish Bears discount and TradeStation discount in one place was impossible, until today.

Step 1: Click to Open a TradeStation Account

Step 2: Click Here to Open a Bullish Bears Account

  • No catch. Just open a TradeStation account through the Bullish Bears and get $1000 rebate on any commissions generated. Even though stock trades are free, options contracts, futures contracts and crypto do generate commission fees! 
  • This is a way to get a rebate up to the full cost of a Bullish Bears membership!
  • For example: A say you trade $500 worth of commissions in July. You will receive $100 credit to your account the first week of August. 
TradeStation Pricing July 2020

TradeStations fees as of July 2020.

You Can Essentially Get Your Bullish Bears Membership Free By Switching

The Bullish Bears are all about giving back. That is why we reached out to TradeStation to create this awesome way for our community to get an incredible trading platform and end up with a free membership. You can check out our current pricing on our stock market trading page.

Why TradeStation?

TradeStation has fast order execution, great customer service, high end technology, and so much more to offer. While other brokers are slipping on technology, and speed, TradeStation is at the forefront. 

Step 1: Click to Open a TradeStation Account

Step 2: Click Here to Open a Bullish Bears Account

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