Looking for a crude oil stocks list of the best penny and large companies? We created a list of oil stocks below with various large cap oil company stocks and oil penny stocks and give you free courses on how to trade them. We include a mix of oil penny stocks, small caps, and also larger cap oil company stocks for you to take a look at (not a recommendation to buy). *Pricing subject to change below. Please pull up the chart in your brokerage account to confirm current pricing.

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List of Best Penny & Crude Oil Company Stocks

Oil Penny Stocks

GXOCF: Granite Oil
LGCY: Legacy Reserves
NOG: Northern Oil & Gas
PED: Pedevco Corp
PNWRF: Valeura Energy
PQEFF: Petroteq Energy
PTRC: Petro River Oil
SDPI: Superior Drilling
VAL: Valaris
WHZT: Whiting USA Trust II
WTI: W&T Offshore Inc

Large Cap Oil Stocks

/CL: track Crude oil futures
APC: Anadarko Petroleum
BP: British Petroleum
CRC: California Resources
CVX: Chevron Corp
E: Eni
EC: Ecopetrol
ENB: Enbridge
EQNR: Equinor ASA
IMO: Imperial Oil
OXY: Occidental Petroleum
PAA: Plains All American Pipeline
PSX: Phillips 66
PTR: PetroChina
RDS/A: Royal Dutch Shell
SNP: China Petroleum
SSL: Sasol
TOT: Total S.A.
XOM: Exxon Mobil

Oil ETF’s

AMLP: Alerian ETF
DBE: PowerShares DB Energy ETF
DBO: PowerShares DB Oil ETF
UCO: ProShares Ultra ETF
USO: United States Oil Fund ETF
VDE: Vanguard Energy ETF

Price Fluctuation With Oil Stocks

It’s important to note that the prices will change due to market conditions and doesn’t update live. PLEASE do not blindly buy any of the stocks on this list. You need to make sure you understand trading, risk management, support and resistance before every buying anything, period. 

Alright, now we do put them on our watch lists, but only when the setups are right. (We’re picky). Because we love our members, we also give away free courses on how to trade them. Why do we do it? Because we want to see people succeed at trading. We also post a day trade and swing trade watch list several times per week above, which, depending on how the price of oil is moving, may or may not have oil stocks on them.

Again people, please make sure not to trade any stocks on this oil stocks list if you don’t know how to trade. Join our community and learn how to trade first. Take our free courses to get more help. * We are not affiliated with nor endorse any of the oil company stocks on the lists below! Make sure to check out our stock sectors list page.

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List of Oil Stocks

Volatility of Oil Stocks

Oil stocks can be volatile due to things like weather as well as foreign governments. And not just that, geo politics, terrorism, and many other factors affect the price of oil and thus stocks in the oil sector commonly referred to as the energy sector. As a result, we do our best to try and always help our members so they can protect their brokerage accounts. There’s a lot of money to be made and also lost in this industry. It’s all about knowing how to trade oil stocks safely.

Make sure to register for our free trading courses below if you want to learn more and get help trading all kinds of stocks or options. We also have two free options courses that will teach you how to trade larger cap oil company stocks if you don’t want to trade oil penny stocks. Check out our oil stocks list below.

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Oil Stocks List

Oil Stocks Breakdown

Buy Low Sell High

List of Oil Stocks

Ever heard this one? It’s a very popular saying in the stock market, “buy the rumor and sell the news”. This is especially important when trading any symbols from our oil stocks list or any sector in general for that matter. The oil stock sector carries with it a lot of “hype” and news which makes this sector extremely volatile to trade. Volatility does attract traders of all levels, and makes it fun, and challenging to trade. 

It’s important to buy at support levels and sell at resistance levels. As a result, you’d be buying the rumor near support levels and then selling the news near resistance levels. Therefore, it’s important to understand candlestick patterns and charts and not just purchase blindly.

Our free courses are full of knowledge…we’re all about solid content on how to trade all types of trading strategies including, day trading, swing trading, options trading, candlesticks charting, as well as how to set up your brokerage account. All the stuff you need to learn to get setup!

Make sure to take your time and study all of the information that we provide to you as a community member. The content we provide would cost you $3,000+ elsewhere. Check out our free online trading courses for beginners.

Oil stocks are volatile because of how the sector is set up. Think about it. Where does most of our oil come from? Foreign countries. Therefore, things like flareups can happen. As a result, oil stocks can pay the price. Weather is another factor that affects oil and gas. The US also produces a lot of it’s own oil, and depending on environmental policies that amount grows or shrinks. Think about all the American companies that are effected by the price of oil, or the lack of activity in the economy, and how that can hurt the industry.

It’s a lot to focus on when trading oil futures or oil penny stocks. If you hang out with us in our live trading room you can watch us cover oil futures closely. We are always watching reports and paying attention to sentiment and economic events that will impact the price of oil and will create volatility in our trading day.

Your style of trading will depend on how you invest i oil stocks off our list as well. How much risk do you want to expose yourself to? Do you want to trade oil ETFs rather than pick a stock? Do you want to trade oil stocks, futures or options? These are questions you have to ask yourself before you get too involved. 

If you want to make money in the stock market then it’s critical to understand how to buy and sell stocks. Technical analysis and charting methods are extremely important to learn. Yes, fundamental analysis is important to learn to, especially when researching oil stocks. If you want the best research tool, consider taking a look at our Stock Rover Review which is the BEST tool for looking at the fundamentals like a pro.

Charts give you the clues on where to buy and sell though. Candlesticks are the clues left by the fundamentalist traders. Fundamentals let you know if the oil company is sound. Can they keep up with supply and demand and stay in business? Do they have bad debt? This is why we say to check the company in Stock Rover…play it safe and trade or invest SOUND companies. Is there a reason to buy the dip?

That doesn’t mean don’t trade our oil stocks list. However, just because we have a list doesn’t mean to trade them. Don’t rush the process. There will always be stocks to trade and profit from in the market. Sectors will always be pumping and dumping. When you know how to trade them, you can profit off the pump and the dump.

So, it’s smart to take the time now to learn how to trade so that you will have a lifetime skill of being able to trade and profit whenever any sector moves. Don’t fall into FOMO. Speaking of hype, make sure to watch our video on how to make money with bitcoin if you want to learn about another sector that pumps and dumps like pot stocks. We always try our best to give back to the community members within our trading service

Bulls V Bears

The market is a battle of the bulls and the bears. One side is trying to push price up (bulls) while the other side (bears) are trying to push price down. That tug of war forms candlesticks on oil stock charts. Those candlesticks alone can tell you a story. Group them together and you get patterns.

Our free stock market trading courses give you a good overview of what to look for when looking to purchase any types of stocks. However, there’s more to the process and it takes time. We wish there was an easier way but there isn’t. It requires time, study and practice to be a successful trader.

You want to make a profit when stock market trading right? Well, then you need to know when to buy low and sell high. You must know where to buy at support levels and when you should take profits at resistance levels. We have advance video tutorials in our next level stock training video library to help you achieve that.

Our watch list videos our YouTube channel are really helpful on identifying support and resistance levels along with our courses. Oil stocks can be a lucrative industry. However, we want you to ask yourself when you should buy and when you should sell. If you don’t know how to answer these questions then it might be best to not buy because you could very easily lose your money.

It’s important to trade the momentum when trading our oil penny stocks list or oil stocks in general. As a trader it’s hard to trade any stock without momentum. You need price to move. When oil stocks are ripping, they will come down.

You know what they say. What goes up must eventually come back down. Because at some point traders want to take their profits. Unfortunately, many people blow up their brokerage accounts trading the penny oil stocks because they’re looking to get rich off of buying and holding cheap stocks while hoping they skyrocket.

This strategy rarely works. In fact, you’re better of going to a casino and playing the slot machines. As a result, we always advise paper trading for several months and making a few hundred practice trades first before trading with real money.

Trading is emotional. And those emotions tend to be detrimental. Hence the need to practice trading with technical analysis and patterns. All the while learning to control emotions.

Bullish Bears Watch Lists

The Bullish Bears team posts a daily watch list long with a swing trade watch list a few times a week. You’ll notice these pages above under “lists”. Our day trade watch list consists of low to high float stocks that are between $0.30-$20. Watch us trade live each day in our trade room.

These stocks are meant to be momentum trades. However, they can be swing traded if you get the proper entry. Make sure to bookmark our watch list pages and check them daily if you’re looking for other stocks to trade than just the ones on our oil stocks list.

Did you know we also offer trade alert “setups” as well as real-time stock alerts to our community members? Our setups are resistance areas that we are looking for a stock to break out of. We highlight what we’re looking for and then you decide if you’re going to take the trade.

Our real-time trade alerts are geared towards options trades on larger cap stocks. Make sure to read our alerts pages above to learn more. 

We also post morning gappers by 9:15 am each day on our Trade Ideas Review page. Those are a list of the top moving stocks in the pre-market. Many times they present potentially good intraday moves to scalp and day trade. If you’re looking to day trade then Trade Ideas is our favorite scanner to use. Bookmark our swing trade stock watchlists page.

Like many sectors when trading stocks, the oil sector responds both positively and negatively to news when it hits. We can’t stress enough how important it is to learn how to read charts though, because many of times news is foreshadowed on the charts before the news actually hits.

Learning how to read charts helps you to get the proper entry and exits when entering into a trade. This skill will help you to make money trading the oil sector as well as the other sectors.

*Make sure to check out this oil stocks list page when this sector is running with our updated large cap oil company stocks and oil penny stocks list. 

List of Oil Stocks to Watch

What Are the Best Oil Stocks? List to Watch

  1. $HES (HESS)
  2. $XOM (ExxonMobil)
  3. $COP (ConocoPhillips)
  4. $RECO (Recon Africa)
  5. $TOT (Total SA ADR)
Stock Market Community

Learn How to Trade

We like to consider ourselves the pay it forward community within the stock market. As a result, we always do our best to give back and help our community members become profitable traders. We teach how to trade the symbols off our oil stocks list above as well as how to trade all different types within our community.

You’ll learn how to become a very diverse trader if you come and join us. Feel free to ask questions, interact with other members and make yourself at home. 

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