We created a list of oil stocks for 2020 below with various large cap oil company stocks and oil penny stocks and are the only trading community that gives you 100% free courses on how to trade them. Be careful with the price of oil because we are at very low historic levels and there are supply and demand issues around the world due to coronavirus! However, we are glad to see oil hold the mid 20's lately - that is a great sign of a potential bottom!

Alright, now we do put them on our watch lists, but only when the setups are right. (We're picky) Bookmark our watch list pages and check daily hereBecause we love our members, we also give away free courses on how to trade them. Why do we do it? Because we want to see people succeed at trading. We also post a day trade and swing trade watch list several times per week above, which, depending on how the price of oil is moving, may or may not have oil stocks on them.

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List of Oil Stocks

Below is an oil stocks list of some of the most popular oil company stocks. It's important to note that the prices will change due to market conditions and doesn't update live. PLEASE do not blindly buy any of the stocks on this list. You need to make sure you understand trading, risk management, support and resistance before every buying anything, period. 

We include a mix of oil penny stocks, small caps, and also larger cap oil company stocks for you to take a look at (not a recommendation to buy). *Pricing subject to change below. Please pull up the chart in your brokerage account to confirm current pricing. Again people, please make sure not to trade any stocks on this oil stocks list if you don't know how to trade. Join our community and learn how to trade first. Take our free courses to get more help. * We are not affiliated with nor endorse any of the oil company stocks on the lists below! Make sure to check out our stock sectors list page.

1. Oil Penny Stocks

  1. LGCY: Legacy Reserves - under $0.05
  2. PQEFF: Petroteq Energy - under $0.25
  3. GXOCF: Granite Oil - under $0.50
  4. PTRC: Petro River Oil - under $0.50
  5. CGXEF: CGX Energy - under $0.50
  6. SDPI: Superior Drilling - under $1
  7. WHZT: Whiting USA Trust II - under $1.50
  8. PNWRF: Valeura Energy - under $2
  9. EGY: VAALCO Energy - under $2
  10. PED: Pedevco Corp - under $2
  11. NOG: Northern Oil & Gas - under $2
  12. WTI: W&T Offshore Inc - under $5
  13. VAL: Valaris - under $8

2. Large Cap Oil Stocks

  1. /CL: track Crude oil futures
  2. CRC: California Resources - under $20
  3. EQNR: Equinor ASA - under $25
  4. EC: Ecopetrol - under $25
  5. SSLSasol - under $25
  6. IMO: Imperial Oil - under $30
  7. PAA: Plains All American Pipeline - under $30
  8. E: Eni - under $35
  9. ENB: Enbridge - under $40
  10. OXY: Occidental Petroleum - under $50
  11. BP: British Petroleum - under $50
  12. PTR: PetroChina - under $60
  13. TOT: Total S.A. - under $70
  14. RDS/A: Royal Dutch Shell - under $70
  15. APC: Anadarko Petroleum - under $75
  16. SNP: China Petroleum - under $75
  17. XOM: Exxon Mobil - under $80
  18. PSX: Phillips 66 - under $100
  19. CVX: Chevron Corp - under $130

3. Oil ETF's

  1. AMLP: Alerian ETF - under $15
  2. DBO: PowerShares DB Oil ETF - under $15
  3. DBE: PowerShares DB Energy ETF - under $15
  4. USO: United States Oil Fund ETF - under $15
  5. UCO: ProShares Ultra ETF - under $25
  6. XLE: Energy SPDR ETF - under $65
  7. VDE: Vanguard Energy ETF - under $90
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Oil stocks can be volatile due to things like weather as well as foreign governments. And not just that, geo politics, terrorism, and many other factors affect the price of oil and thus stocks in the oil sector commonly referred to as the energy sector.

As a result, we do our best to try and always help our members so they can protect their brokerage accounts. There's a lot of money to be made and also lost in this industry. It's all about knowing how to trade oil stocks safely.

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Ever heard this one? It's a very popular saying in the stock market, "buy the rumor and sell the news". This is especially important when trading any symbols from our oil stocks list or any sector in general for that matter. The oil stock sector carries with it a lot of "hype" and news which makes this sector extremely volatile to trade. Volatility does attract traders of all levels, and makes it fun, and challenging to trade. 

It's important to buy at support levels and sell at resistance levels. As a result, you'd be buying the rumor near support levels and then selling the news near resistance levels. Therefore, it's important to understand candlestick patterns and charts and not just purchase blindly. Read More

Oil Stocks List

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List Of Oil Stocks

An example of the killer research that SR allows access to on a daily basis. Stock shown is $XOM - one of the strongest large cap oil companies.

What Are the Best Oil Stocks in 2020? List to Watch

  1. $HES (HESS)
  2. $XOM (ExxonMobil)
  3. $COP (ConocoPhillips)
  4. $RECO (Recon Africa)
  5. $TOT (Total SA ADR)

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Oil Stocks List & Most Popular Oil Company Stocks

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