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In our free online trading courses, you will learn basic stock trading, day trading, swing trading, options trading, futures trading, and price action trading. We are rated Best Value by Investopedia. Register for a free account and get started with your trading education.

What You'll Learn in Our Free Online Trading Courses

  • Our online trading courses help you discover your trading style
  • Learn stock market basics
  • Discover the mechanics of trading
  • Learn fundamental analysis
  • Implement technical analysis


  • Register for a free Bullish Bears account
  • Passionate to discover your trading style
  • An understanding that trading is risky and most traders fail
  • Looking to invest in yourself and your trading education
  • Commitment to completing these free online trading courses


The Bullish Bears have a three-step teaching approach in our online trading courses.

  1. Discover your trading style in our beginner’s and basic courses
  2. Learn your trading style in our free online trading courses
  3. Apply your trading style in our trade rooms

You’ll discover the basics of your trading style in our free online trading courses. Gain access to our courses by registering for your free account. The process is simple. Enter your name and email below, and you’ll receive a login and password to our website. Get started with your trading education today.

Free Online Trading Courses Content

Different trading styles include day trading, swing trading, options, and futures. We break down the positives and negatives of each way to trade and the essential questions you need to answer to determine your trading style.

It’s ok if you need to become more familiar with what type of trader you want to become. Trading education takes time to learn.

It’s essential to have a realistic trading plan and set yourself up right from the start to become a successful trader. Traders that have a proven trading plan are the ones that make it long-term.

We show how to set realistic trading expectations with real-world examples based on account size and what you will trade in our online trading classes.

Many traders jump into trading without realizing what they are getting into. They might have some beginner’s luck but will only make it short-term.

We break down these pitfalls and how to avoid them and provide tangible steps to start your trading journey on the right foot.

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As a day trader, there are specific rules and restrictions to be aware of. We break down what they are and how to overcome them.

Momentum trading requires knowing how to read the charts and implementing proper risk management skills. We review price action, the most popular indicators, and how to read charts.

There are several different momentum strategies. We break down what these strategies are and the positives and negatives of each one. It’s important to realize that it takes time to learn your strategy when getting started with your trading education.

Learn the differences between buying shares and options. Also, discover the positives and negatives of swing trading.

We go over the most popular indicators, price action, and how to read charts. Charting is one of the most important things to learn when receiving your trading education.

There are several different swing trading strategies. We break down what these strategies are and the positives and negatives of each one.

Options offer a lot of benefits over trading traditional stocks. They also have their drawbacks. We go over their positives and negatives.

Several components make up an options chain. We break down calls and puts, strike pricing, and open interest.

We break down extrinsic and intrinsic values and how they affect option contracts.

The Bullish Bears eBook covers the most popular patterns and how to trade them.

Our custom-made desktop wallpaper backgrounds are invaluable study resources to help you learn price action.

We also have candlesticks courses where you can watch real-world examples of how to trade the patterns in our eBook. Check out our candlesticks course here.

What You'll Learn in Our Paid Online Trading Courses

  • Apply day trading in the real world​
  • How to swing trade in the real world​
  • Apply options trading in the real world​
  • Futures trading in the real world​
  • Apply price action trading in the real world​
  • Apply technical analysis in the real world​
  • Included: access to our trade rooms
  • Included: access to our custom-built Discord​​
  • You receive access to our scanners and tools
  • Included: access to our community​​


  • Register for a paid Bullish Bears account
  • Ready to apply your trading style
  • Going to treat your trading education like a career or profession
  • Willing to be disciplined and stick with your reliable trading plan
  • Commitment to completing your chosen trading-style courses

Online Trading Courses Description

The Bullish Bears online trading courses will help you learn your trading style. You don’t need to take every course, just the ones that follow your trading style. The best way to absorb what you learn in our trading classes is to see how it comes together in the real world of trading, which is in our trade rooms. This is where you’ll learn how to apply your trading style.

Our online trading classes are geared to teach you how to become an independent trader. The Bullish Bears team keeps the trading education process fun and simple. So join the thousands of traders who have started with the Bullish Bears! Get started with your trading education.

You're about to gain full access to...

  • Bullish Bears trade rooms and live daily streams
  • Bullish Bears custom-built Discord
  • Day trade and swing trade watchlists
  • Custom scanners and tools
  • Access to all of these trading courses for as long as you are a member

Online Trading Course Content (Paid Members)

Day trading requires daily preparation before the market opens. We teach you to scan for gapping stocks in the premarket and build a daily watch list.

You must map out stocks’ support and resistance levels and potential entry and exit areas before you trade them. We teach you to draw these levels and look for buy and sell zones.

Once you’ve scanned for the top gappers in the premarket, built your watch list, and mapped out support and resistance levels, you must be ready for live market action.

We teach you the most popular strategies and how to implement them in the real world.

Learn how to Apply the process of day trading, including premarket, scanning, charting, building watch lists, and trading live. It takes time to learn how to apply your trading style when you are going through your trading education.

Learn how to Apply several top day trading strategies, including riding the nine ema, entries, and exit signals, end-of-day trading, shorting, and day trading options.

Gain access to the Bullish Bears custom day trading scanners and indicators.

Stocks and options make up the core components of swing trading. Each of them has its positives and negatives. We break down the positives and negatives of each concept.

Indicators are a helpful guide when swing trading. There are many to choose from, but not all are created equal. We review the most popular and how to use them when charting stocks.

There are several different swing trading strategies. We review the most popular and how to trade them with stocks and options.

Learn how to Apply the daily processes of swing trading, including charting, scanning for stocks, and different swing trading styles.

Learn how to Apply several top swing trading strategies, including riding the nine ema, bearish trading, backtest/retesting, and setting up charts.

Gain access to the Bullish Bears’ custom swing trading scanners and indicators. 

Options contracts require both buyers and sellers. We break down the positives and negatives of each of these concepts.

Vertical spreads are the umbrella of credit and debit spreads. Credit spreads are selling strategies, and debit spreads are buying strategies. We discuss how spreads are safer strategies than buying and selling naked.

There are a lot of strategies, such as debit and credits, spreads, day trading options, swing trading options and weekly contracts. We teach you how to trade these strategies in the real world.

Learn how to Apply strike price expiration dates and choose the right contract.

Learn how to day trade and swing trade options.

Learn how to Apply order execution for the most popular options strategies such as credit spreads, debit spreads, and weekly contracts.

Learn about the core concepts of trading futures. We break down both micro and emini and their benefits when trading.

Contracts are made up of tick and point values. We go over them both. Also, we show you how to read futures charts and set yours up correctly.

We go over margin and buying power requirements and how to trade the most popular strategies.

Learn how to Apply the processes of trading the $NQ, indicators, tick charts, calling your shorts, and understanding the COT report.

Learn how to Apply several futures trading strategies, including cut and reverse, opening range breakouts, and 2fer.

Learn how to Apply the 20 bar ema, trade breakouts, position sizing, scalping, and futures order entry.

Candlesticks are the most important indicator to use when trading. They make up price action, which is the most reliable trading signal. You can download our eBook and custom desktop wallpaper backgrounds, which are helpful guides when trading.

There are a lot of different candle patterns to learn, such as flags, pennants, and wedges. We show you real-world examples of the most popular candlestick patterns.

The most common reversals are spinning tops, tweezers, engulfing, and star patterns. We show you real-world examples of the most popular reversal patterns.

Learn how to “Apply “ the processes of mapping support and resistance levels and buying and selling zones.

We show you how to “Apply” real-world trading examples of the most popular patterns.

We show you how to “Apply” real-world trading examples of the most common reversal patterns.

Our live trades library is one of the best ways to see how to apply your trading strategy globally. This takes time to learn when going through your trading education.

Watch us enter and exit live day trades.

Watch us enter and exit live options trades.

Gain access to the Bullish Bears custom day trading scanners.

Gain access to the Bullish Bears custom swing trading scanners.

Gain access to the Bullish Bears custom Trade Ideas link.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Take trading courses or classes
  • Discover your trading style
  • Read trading educational books about your strategy
  • Learn how your strategy works in trade rooms
  • Interact with like-minded traded traders in a community
  • Do fundamental and technical analysis research
  • Practice trading in a paper trading account first
  • Slowly scale your way up with real money
  • Stick with your trading plan and have risk management
  • Controlling your emotions when trading is key

There aren’t any specific qualifications or degrees that you’ll need to become a trader. However, you’ll need to invest time into your trading education by learning technical and fundamental analysis skillsets. Like most careers or professions, becoming a comfortable trader doesn’t happen overnight. Study, discipline, and practice are just some of what it’ll take to become a successful trader. It’s also important to realize that trading is primarily a mental game, so being able to control your emotions is essential as a trader.

Trading courses can work if you study and invest in yourself. Trading is a skill set that can be learned over time. There are no guarantees, and no trading strategy works 100% of the time. Proper discipline and good habits will be essential to develop if you want to become a successful trader. Online trading classes will help to give you the foundation that’s needed to get started as a trader.

Online trading courses can be worth it if the education comes from a reliable company and is structured with the trader's needs in mind. Trading classes can help you overcome the learning curves of trading if you put in the effort to learn.

It can take up to 6 months to a year to learn trading, but these results are unique. It depends on how much studying and effort you put into learning your trading style. It takes discipline and consistent practice to learn how to trade.

Swing trading is the easiest to learn if you buy large-cap stocks shares. It gives you more time to be in a trade and is less stressful than day trading. Options are more complicated. However, they allow you to trade large companies without requiring a lot of capital.

Robb Sadler
Robb Sadler
As others have described it, Bullish Bears is a community. All sorts of people and experience levels sharing their knowledge and encouraging one another. The BB teachers / contributors each have instruction multiple times per week, and the livestreams are recorded and kept for review and taking more notes later. Overall this is the best value I have seen online. This is not a signal pushing, self-profiting pump-n-dump type of group, though there are useful signals. Bullish Bears goal is to teach you how to see your own entries, make your own decisions, and be a successful trader. I have immensely enjoyed my time with them and am looking forward to more.
Natalee B.
Natalee B.
Wow, it blows my mind how caring all these people are. You really feel that they want to help you succeed.
Ralph Grunz
Ralph Grunz
The Bullish Bears Community sets the Gold Standard for all online financial educational services. They have hours and hours of the best video training available anywhere. Actual videos of live online trading concepts recorded in real time by EXPERTS. The absolute highest level of knowledge and experience I have ever encountered. They have daily LIVE chat rooms where you can observe real traders and look over their shoulder as they teach you how they look for trade setups for options, stocks or futures. They share every detail of the trade setups and why they are taking a trade at any given level. You will learn how to acquire the skills to trade on your own and not be dependent on any "guru". Wouldn't you rather KNOW how to trade rather than to PAY someone who is here today and gone tomorrow (with your money) to BS you. You can look at fake photos of their Learjet, Lamborgini and Yacht OR do it the right way and actually LEARN how to do it yourself.
Lal A
Lal A
First of all thank you to the BB Team for the Virtual New Year's party last night going into the New Year. I would like to wish the BB Team and all the members a very Happy New Year 2022. I've been a member for the past few years and learned a lot from their mentoring and daily sessions as well as a vast treasure trove of information about trading the markets. Normally the information that is available here would be definitely in the upwards of thousands of dollars. The membership more than pays for itself. They stand by their motto "Pay it forward". I've upgraded my annual membership to their Lifetime membership because of the value it provides and they keep it more interesting. All the best to the BB team.
I joined the Bullish Bears in May 2021 because someone shared a YouTube video of a trading technique I was interested in learning since I was struggling learning it from somewhere else. Once I joined the community, there were even more learning opportunities from the video library, the live streaming, the BB Team along with the BB community. Whether your are a novice or experienced trader, there is a place for you at the Bullish Bears.
Sue W
Sue W
An extremely talented group of traders that offer a complete learning environment regardless of a person being new to trading or an experienced trader wanting to learn something new.
Bill Baker
Bill Baker
This is definitly a great website for the new or seasoned investor. The teaching is very helpful and Rose is fantastic in the futures. The rest of the crew is very helpful also. The discord room is great also everybody is ready to help you
maria broz
maria broz
Bullish Bears community is a great educational resource for all type of traders. The best learning experience for the best price. Their educational platform is worth far more than the annual fee they charge. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to learn Futures, Stocks or Options trading.
Donald Bunce
Donald Bunce
This is truly a team of people dedicated to helping their members understand and apply that level of understanding in the market. They are extremely interactive with their members. They have personally taken time to explain concepts to me over and over again until I actually understood the material. What I enjoy most; you are not learning just one system, you are learning systems and concepts to build your own way of thinking and trading! I'm truly grateful to Bullish Bears.

Bullish Bears Trading Community

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DESCRIPTION Bullish Bears offer trade rooms in our Discord. Our chat rooms include penny stocks, large caps, options, and futures We offer stock signals and trade alerts through our watch lists and Discord bots using Tradytics Swing trade and day trade watch lists with hand-picked symbols that have the best chance of breakouts. These are stocks to watch


If you’ve looked for trading education elsewhere then you’ll notice that it can be very costly.

We are opposed to charging ridiculous amounts to access experience and quality information. 

That being said, our website is a great resource for traders or investors of all levels to learn about day trading stocks, futures, and options. Swing trading too! 

On our site, you will find thousands of dollars worth of free online trading courses, tutorials, and reviews.

We put all of the tools available to traders to the test and give you first-hand experience in stock trading you won’t find elsewhere.

Our content is packed with the essential knowledge that’s needed to help you to become a successful trader.

It’s important to treat day trading stocks, options, futures, and swing trading like you would with getting a professional degree, a new trade, or starting any new career.

Invest the proper time into your Trading Education and don’t try to run before you learn to crawl. Trading stocks is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s not gambling either, though there are people who treat it this way. Don’t be that person! 


The Bullish Bears team focuses on keeping things as simple as possible in our online trading courses and chat rooms. We provide our members with courses of all different trading levels and topics.

If you’re a beginner, intermediate level, or looking for expert trading knowledge…we’ve got you covered. 

We have a basic stock trading course, swing trading course, 2 day trading courses, 2 options courses, 2 candlesticks courses, and broker courses to help you get started. Free.

Just choose the course level that you’re most interested in and get started on the right path now. Become a leader, not a follower. When you’re ready you can join our chat rooms and access our Next Level training library. No rush. We’re here to help.

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